Tindora Pickle

Some pickles do not require weeks of prep work and we love those kinds. The big plus point of making pickles at home is that we know exactly what ingredients go into making the pickle and for a lot of people, we can control the heat and the salt. I love that we can use seasonal vegetables and showcase them. Needless to say, they are fresh and I love they fact that this one still retains the crunch. Here is a great recipe shared with us by Kinnari. This Tindora Pickle has everything going for it…the taste, the color, the ease of making it! In short, it has stolen our hearts:-)
Just watch the video and you’ll be drooling as well…


Tindora – 3/4 lb (350g)
Salt – to taste
White Vinegar – 1 Tbsp
Oil – 1 Tbsp
Pickle Masala – 3 Tbsp or to taste


1. Wash and wipe the Tindora before cutting it.
2. Put the cut Tindora in a bowl and add in the White Vinegar and Salt. Mix well.
3. Cover and leave set aside for 1-2 hours.
4. Uncover and add in the Pickle Masala, mix and make sure the Tindora is well coated.
5. Add in the Oil and mix again.
6. Transfer to a bottle or a jar and store in the fridge upto 10 days.

1. Use a clean, dry bottle or a jar to store the pickle.
2. A great way to make sure that the bottle/jar is dry is to use a hair dryer and blow into it for a couple of minutes.
3. Change the vegetable or add in a few others for a wonderful variation.

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How to make fresh vegetable pickle,

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30 thoughts on “Tindora Pickle

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  2. Hi Hetan & Anuja,,
    Thank you so much,,I have tried so many receipes from this website & I love it …Thank you so much,,
    since it is Mango season can u show us some receipes like Keri no ras or Mango lassi…I know it but i want to see how you guys w’d put it together.
    your big fan

  3. please mention the pickle masala ingredients.i don’t know whether it will be available in my area.tell the recipe.or we can just use chilli powder.

    1. Hi Akhila,
      Here are the ingredients:
      Chilli Powder
      Methi Seeds (powdered)
      Sesame Oil
      Khuria (Mustard Seeds without skin)
      Enjoy 🙂

      1. 😉
        I made this tindora pickle and it was so tasty.
        I also tried the same recipe with carrots and that came out fine too.

  4. Hello Hetel and Anuja,
    I love to cook and literally live in my kitchen! And I absolutely am the biggest fan of Gujarati food. Can you give the recipe for your sweet but spicy niboo achar (the kamquat).I remember eating this at every meal as a teenager at my gujji friends homes. It is by far my most fav achaar 🙂 And also how do you make your authentic gujji tea masala?
    Many Thanks for sharing.

    1. Panchporan masala is diffetent. Pickle Masala is the ready mady combination of masalas used for making pickles.

  5. Hello Ladies…..
    Very nice recipe indeed….will try it soon… I had a question….Can I try the same concept with raw mangoes….please let me know….thanks in advance……

  6. This is a great recipe!Please advise where I can get the Pickle Masala from.Is there any particular brand that you used in this recipe?


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