How To Pick A Good Lime – Tip Tuesday

So do you know how to pick the best lime in a bunch? It’s very easy, if you know how. Watch this quick video and learn some Grocery Store Tips.

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3 thoughts on “How To Pick A Good Lime – Tip Tuesday

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  2. I mentioned the bit about eating the leftovers from the inside of limes and lemons to a couple of friends. That suggestion was met with furry and scorn to say the least; “Don’t you realize that could damage the enamel of your teeth?” OK, I get it. IF you ate enough of it I suppose it could. Here is an alternative. Why not add these bits to your glass of water instead of slices of lemon or lime? You’d get the same refreshing flavor and still not waste a major portion of your citrus.

    Ever thought of doing the very same thing with oranges?

  3. Want to extract as much juice from the limes (or lemons) as possible? Roll and press the lime between the palm of your hand and a hard surface four or five times. Zap each one separately in the microwave for NO MORE than ONE minute. Let they will be warm and puffy so let them rest a few minutes. Cut them in half across the equator and use a reamer to get the most juice out. Don’t have one? No problem. Insert the tines of a dinner fork into the lime, squeeze down and gently turn at the same time. You be surprised how much more liquid you will end up with.

    You’re not done. Use a micro plainer to get the “zest”. It can be dried and stored. Then turn the lime inside out, sprinkle with bit of salt and use a paring knife to peel out the leftovers for a nice sour but refreshing treat.

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