Tips – Onion Tips

Onions are such an essential part of most kitchen and yet, they are the worst to deal with! They can make the strongest man/woman cry like a baby 🙁 Here are just a few tips to help you through and make you lives a little less dramatic 😉

"Tips – Onion Tips"

Freshening Pillows – Tuesday Tip

Do your pillows have a musty odor? We wash pillowcases frequently but never really pay attention to the actual pillow. Here is a great way to freshen up the pillows and give them an extended life! This tip is great for people who suffer from allergies or for someone who recovered from a cold or flu virus. Freshen up the pillows to get rid of all traces of virus or bacteria. From Show Me The…

"Freshening Pillows – Tuesday Tip"

Stretching the Shelf-life of a Strawberry Tip

Don’t we all just love Strawberries! Unfortunately, just a few days in the fridge, they start looking limp, losing color, softening up and overall….just not as pretty as when we bought them. Here is our tip to enjoy your strawberries a little longer and have them still look inviting. Enjoy your summer:) Method: 1. Take a ziplock bag and line it with paper-towel. 2. Put the Strawberries in the paper-towel lined pocket. 3. Take all…

"Stretching the Shelf-life of a Strawberry Tip"