Freshening Pillows – Tuesday Tip

Do your pillows have a musty odor? We wash pillowcases frequently but never really pay attention to the actual pillow. Here is a great way to freshen up the pillows and give them an extended life! This tip is great for people who suffer from allergies or for someone who recovered from a cold or flu virus. Freshen up the pillows to get rid of all traces of virus or bacteria. From Show Me The Curry, we wish you good health.

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14 thoughts on “Freshening Pillows – Tuesday Tip

  1. hi
    if u could pls also post some of the south indian dish videos like making rasam,bisibella bath etc it would be great lot of my newly wedded frnds keep a track of ur recipies!!!
    thank u

  2. Up here in Canada, we use those dryer sheets to glide on our hair when they get static and are all over the place during the winter months!

  3. Hi Ladies, unfortunately, our internet does not allow us to watch videos, etc. from youtube, etc. I am very interested in the freshening of the pillows and wonder if you could please write it down and send it to me.


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