Reinforcing Buttons – Tip Tuesday

Every time you loose a button and promise yourself you’ll fix it, then just get lazy or find better things to do. Remember this simple trick that can save you all that aggravation and headache. Save that button and save the headache!

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0 thoughts on “Reinforcing Buttons – Tip Tuesday

  1. Thank you for this great tip. You both are truly an awesome pair for giving these oh- so- useful tips. Besides nail polish, how about dabbing some fabric glue on the thread and letting it sit for 72 hours before washing the garment?

  2. It is very nice tip, but one thing I don’t agree is on the Kids shirts, if they chew the buttons they will chew and swallow the nail polish, hope you will agree with me too!
    Yours is awesome site…Thanks for sharing it with everyone.

  3. In my laptop I put volume on very low even though I can properly hear your video sound. I think there isnt any problem in your videos.

  4. Thats a great tip!!!
    never thought of such a use of nail-polish!!

    and yeah, about the sound, i also felt they are not loud enough!!

  5. I just had a suggestion for you guys. I watch all your videos and have made a lot of the daal recipes – I had never cooked Indian food before but now I’m doing it every week. But every video I watch I have to turn the volume way up on my computer to hear because the volume in the video is so low. Maybe you could make your videos a bit louder?

    1. I agree with Sam, the videos’ volume is too low even when I have it on high. Please make it loud enough for us to hear all the ingredients, direction and tip you suggest.

  6. hi anuja and hetel,
    yesterday i tried your banana nut bread recipe and the texture of cake was awesome even though i used wheat flour, but as i used 1/2 cup of sugar for 2cups of wheat flour, sweet was not sufficient,so next time i will double the sugar quantity and check it out.expect swetness cake came out awesome.can u guys tell me a tip on how to get back the shine for blackened aluminium pressure cooker.

    1. 1) Use Cameo Aluminum and stainless steel cleaner, It works best. just take 1 or 2 teaspoon cameo into cooker and rub it using scotchbrite. Do this after every use of your pressure cooker.

      2) or In pressure cooker take some citric acid with water and boil it for few minutes.

      Let me know does that work for you or not?

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