Quick Fix Veggie Burgers

Every once in a while we just love the convenience of a ready-made veggie burger patty but then if you are not going to enjoy it, what’s the point? Ever wonder why they can’t make those store-bought burgers taste good? How can we fix that and add some flavor to them so they can be enjoyed? Here is a great why to spruce up that ready made burger patty and give it the oomph that is lacking, making the burger “devour-worthy”! Enjoy the ordinary, ready made, store bought burger and take it to a new flavor height!

Prep Time: 3 min
Cook Time: 5 Min
Serves: 1


Olive Oil – 1- 2 tsp
Onions – 1/4 finely sliced
Mushrooms – 1-2, sliced
Salt – to taste
Garlic Powder – 1/4 tsp or to taste
Italian Seasoning – 1/4 tsp
Crushed Chili Flakes – to taste
Frozen Store Bought Burger – 1
Cheese Slice – 1
Burger Bun – 1
Mayonnaise (any flavor) – dash, to taste
Avocado – few slices (optional)


1. Heat Oil in a skillet.
2. Once hot, add in the Onions and mix till the Oil coats the Onions.
3. Add in the Mushrooms and the Tomatoes and Green Chillies (optional).
4. Mix and add in the dry seasonings – Salt, Garlic Powder, Italian Seasoning, Crushed Chili Flakes and mix again.
5. Once the the veggies and the spices are all mixed in, move the veggies to the side and make a hole in the middle (big enough for the burger).
6. Place the frozen burger in the center and allow the burger to cook.
7. Keep moving the veggies around to make sure they do not burn.
8. Flip the burger when it is slightly brown from the bottom side.
9. Allow it to cook from the flip side as well.
10. Once done, flip it one more time and place a slice of cheese on top.
11. Pile the veggies on top of the cheese.
12. For the assembly, toast the Burger Bun a little.
13. Spread some Mayonnaise and place the burger on the bun.
14. Add a few slices of Avocado (optional).
15. Enjoy the Quick Fix Burger.

1. Add or omit any of the ingredients and tailor make it to your taste.

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0 thoughts on “Quick Fix Veggie Burgers

  1. Hetal and Anuja,

    I keep meaning to lave comments on all the wonderful recipes I’ve tried from your site.

    I love this burger idea. When I first started trying to work more vegetarian recipes into my diet I tried a few of the store bought burgers. I kinda liked them, but they’re far from spectacular. This recipe doesn’t just take them to the next level, it elevates them a few levels!!!

    I altered your recipe quite a bit to fit what I had on hand, and the spices I was in the mood for. I left out the tomatoes, and added bell peppers, garlic, and ginger. For spices I went with mustard seeds and chaat masala. I meant to add the red pepper flakes but forgot them. That would have made the burger even better. With the veggies and spices I think I could have left out the burger patty and wouldn’t have missed it. 🙂

  2. Hii Hetal and Anuja….

    I have been watching ur every recipe…i love ur simple and tasty recipes…also like the way u present it…
    so lovely…and i wonder how do u find so much time to do all this …i really like u both a lot…keep doing the work…all the best…

    my request is can u show me some healthy recipe for my 11 month old son…will be waiting

  3. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    This is great quick fix. My husband loves it every time he eats.. Earlier we used to eat plain burger but now we are enjoying…

    Thank You so much for the quick fix recipe…

    1. Hi Pooja,

      Thanks so much for writing to let us know about our Indian viewers…it made our day! We will put veg momos on our list to do. Thanks again.

    1. Hetal, i tried this…it was fantabulousssssssssss. Very delicious, guess what i just had couple of patties in my freezer, don’t have burger buns handy; but i have had bread loaf. Thought of ur recipe and i made it. It was superb.

      My husband loved it and he asked me to make the same along with ur black bean burger with bread 🙂 Thanx hetal & anuja for giving us YUMMY ideas which we can in-corporate with our daily life. Great ! Please share us more like this.

  4. Hi Hetal and Anuja,
    It looks mouthwatering. Can I add green bell paper in it? I was wonder that cooked green paper going to change it taste?

  5. Yum ,yum!! I can eat burgers at any time of the day and this recipe makes me want burgers right away 😉
    As the recipe was going on, when mushrooms were added, I was wondering if mushrooms are necessary and before I could even finish thinking Hetal mentions that mushrooms are optional. You gals read my mind!! 🙂

    Gonna make this tommorow for bf.

    Thank you

  6. Hi hetal &anuja,
    fabulous recipie..wanna try it..bt wnt 2 ask u smthin that hw 2 cut cheese slices in equal size frm cheese block?? Or do u get singles??? It might b a silly question bt I really never tried..alwayz bought shredded ones..

    1. Hi Renu,

      We buy the cheese from the deli counter at our local grocery store. You can buy as much as you need and you can tell them how thick or thin you want the slices to be.

  7. Another winner, H & A. Love your recipes.

    And as a seasoned “2nd principle cook”, my take on making frozen burgers more palatable, is to make Phylly Cheesesteaks. I cook and crumble the burgers with the usual fixings needed for PC, and you have a meal ready in less than 10 minutes. A second recipe that kids will love is to make Veggie Sloppy Joes.

    Keep up the good w.

  8. Hi,
    Nice work.. Regarding spreading the word about SMTC, I have already recommended your website to my sister & friends in India. It’s a great site for budding chefs 🙂

    Do keep up the good work!! Any plans of u guys conducting classes in the Bay area,CA?

  9. Hi Hetal and Anuja, Looks really yummy. Gonna try that very soon. I surely will let my friends know about your website. I visit your website almost every day!! Just love it. Keep up the good job! 🙂 It would be great if you can show how to make tomato and broccoli soup and also more rice dishes. Please add this to your long list! Thanks.

  10. Hello Ladies,
    wonderful recipe..just loved it.

    i have prepared almost all the dishes that are on your website. specially for the potlucks, and the best one is veg biryani. each and everyone liked it and now, all are huge fan of you guys. we all wait eagerly for the new recipes.
    Just a request..
    want to prepare Karanji for GANESH CHATURTHI.
    Can you please post the recipe [with the video].

    Have a gr8 Weekend

    Thank u

    1. Hi Jaanu,

      Thanks so much for your support! We will definitely put karanji on our list but unfortunately cannot guarantee it will come out by Ganesh Chaturthi. Thanks.

  11. Hello ladies: I have tried this recipe and loved it. We eat veggie burgers and normally are very dry. This recipe makes the burgers moist and yummier!! Thanks a lot as always…

  12. Am not a burger person…but this makes me want to try one for sure :):)…it looks scrumptious :)…..

    I recently introduced your website to couple of my cousins…and they are just loving it!!!

    Keep up the good work guys…u guys r awesome!!!

  13. Hi
    It Really Looks Yummy:) thanks alot,what abt the results of the competition u were in?
    Hope u win:)

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