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    1. Baati means bucket in English. It is the bucket style container they use to serve. Because they make dish name fancy way like Paneer Balati , means they will serve paneer curry in container like bucket (Balati)

  1. you guys have come all this way only thru sheer hardwork & determination. kudos to your aspiration as your website has very good recipes & presentation. so don’t get offended if some woman posts negative comments on your web page. you are doing good work, keep it up!

  2. Hi Hetal and Anuja,
    Hope (or I can say I am sure) your cooking show over the weekend was a success!!! Hopefully we can get to see some photos or now that you are really good at taking videos (the poland one for example) maybe we can see some video clips of the event.Looking forward to that.

    Also one request , if you could please give a recipe for milk masala powder with the measurements as you of course always do, it would be really helpful. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Anu,

      Our cooking class went really great. We really enjoyed meeting some of our SMTC fans! We will put milk masala on our list to do.

      1. Woo hoo I am so glad to get a response from you, I know it may sound crazy but for me you are celebrities and imagine getting a reply!! Just checked out your cooking class event on FB, I am really glad that you had mostly non-desi students because in this way you are reaching out to others and giving them a taste of our cuisine (I like the way you think outside the box). Also you both even dreaming and trying to be on Food network is in itself commendable! Please continue to dream big and keep trying and then as you know sky is the limit! Ok enough of my jabber 🙂
        Your staunch supporter

  3. Hi Hetal,

    There are some people who can never see the nice things, they always have to add something negative in their comments….so the best thing is to ignore them.

    U guys are doing gr8…jst continu….:):)

    1. Hi Mythili/Meera/ha/sd,

      We realize that we cannot please everyone and also that this is a free world. If you feel that this website is not up to your standards, there is no need to waste your time writing comment after comment. There are many “free” websites out there for you.

      Btw…we are guests of Central Market and therefore do not receive any payment for conducting this class. The $50 is a price that is set by them for providing participants a kitchen to cook in and food.

  4. unfortunately I cant be there as well !

    but pls. send us the pic / videos for the exciting gethering you’re going to have !

    Good luck !

  5. hi hetal/anuja,

    How sad i can’t be there, as I am in Toronto. Any idea of having such event in Toronto?

    Anyways this event of yours will be a bigggg hit though.

  6. Hi Hetal and Anuja

    How sad i can’t be there … anyways .. you guys enjoy .. and also the girls who would be coming … wow …. have funnnnnn …. Pss .. Pss … Is there any chance of SMTC putting up such things near my house … Germany ??? hee hee …

  7. Hey,
    you just posted this video..and I am probably the first one to see this!!
    Its sad I can’t come…as I am in Melbourne 🙁
    but goooood luck for the event..I am sure it will be a hit!!

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