Turnip (Shalgam) Curry

If you’re running out of interesting vegetables to try out, Turnips (also known as Shalgam) just may be your next great pick! Often overlooked in the vegetable aisle, Turnips are loaded with lots of vitamins and minerals and low in calories and carbs. Feel free to enjoy this root vegetable curry with chapatis or rotis or add a little extra water for a great curry to have with rice. Try this delicious Shalgam Curry and…

"Turnip (Shalgam) Curry"

Tindora Poriyal | Ivy Gourd Fry | Tendli Subzi

Tindora Poriyal is usually a dish that is cooked at home and not a dish you will find in restaurants. What we love is the simplicity of this dish – the vegetable is the focus and since there are not any spices, we can really taste the vegetables and enjoy them. Ivy Gourd also known as Tindora, Tondli, Tendli, Kovakai, Dondakaya, Kovakkai, different names in different regions. Tindora is a vegetable that reminds me of…

"Tindora Poriyal | Ivy Gourd Fry | Tendli Subzi"

Butter Chicken | Murg Makhani – Restaurant Style

Murg Makhani, literally means Butter Chicken! Synonymous with Indian Food, Butter Chicken is world famous and rightly so. The “Butter” or the “Makhani” part in the name of the dish, is for two reasons, the fact that it has butter in it but also because the gravy is smooth like butter! Butter Chicken or Murg Makhani, is primarily made in Northern India and Pakistan and associated with ‘North Indian Cuisine”.

"Butter Chicken | Murg Makhani – Restaurant Style"