Simple Syrup

Simple Syrup is really as simple as it’s name. It just can sometimes get confusing due to the many different applications. Here we simplify it and take the confusion out of it making it even more simpler!

1st type: for drinks (cocktails and mocktails)
1 part Water
1 part Sugar

2nd type: for diluted drinks (lemonade, ice tea etc)
2 parts Water
1 part Sugar

3rd type: (moisten cakes)
3 parts Water
1 part Sugar

1. Combine the ingredients and bring to boil on medium heat.
2. Allow the Sugar to dissolve completely.
3. Take it off the flame and allow it to cool
4. Store in a clean dry container or a jar.

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0 thoughts on “Simple Syrup

  1. hi Hetal / Anuja,

    I really love your reps. and the professional touch of presentation in all ways.

    which syrup will be perfect for making regular Sharbat ?


    1. Me too! I don’t understand when I read about 1 string or 2 strings in making syrup. I don’t have a thermometer and really don’t have interest in getting into technological methods of candy making in order to make syrup for indian desserts! Surely past generations had their methods without thermometers! Could you share this with us, please?

    1. Hi kp,

      You can use our thin pizza crust recipe to make calzones. Just layer the bottom with cheese and top with any ingredient you want, then fold the crust in half and seal the edges. Don’t put sauce as it makes it soggy. You can serve the calzone with heated pizza sauce on the side.

  2. I know I am really moving away from this recipe, but this is a current one,hence I guess my request will be taken note off!!!!!!
    I am so interested in the Black Whole Urad dal, but you have not shown one,you have one but it is not of the whole black one, my reason for asking is, it is such a fabulous dal but oh ! boy not easy to make it like the Gujarati type.I would really like you guys to show how to make it.

  3. Hey ladies,

    You have taught me a lot. Love your recipes.

    Can you please include slow cooker …recipes too! Thats the way to future.

    Keep up the good work:>

  4. Another great practical tip ladies – but can you clarify how parts are measured: by weight or volume? Obviously 1ml of water weighs 1g, but the density of sugar is different.

    I tend to use a 1:1 sugar / liquid ratio for syruping cakes, but drastically cut down on the amount of sugar in the cake itself. Freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice are great water substitutes for drizzle cakes.

    Also, what’s the preferred ratio for Indian mithai? It’s coming up to Diwali and I’m planning on making jalebis, jamun and chumchum, and using the leftover syrup in barfis. Can’t wait 😉

    1. Hi Milady,

      We almost always use volume as opposed to weight because we realize that most people do not have kitchen scales at home. Syrup for Indian mithai is always a little tricky as there is a “thread” measure involved.

      1. Thanks Hetal.

        I spent some time peeling and chopping a huge post-Halloween pumpkin this afternoon and am now wondering what to do with it all….it would be great if you could show us how to make syrupy petha!

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