Recipe Book Giveaway

Holidays are here and everyone is looking for recipes and dishes to make for parties, gatherings, potlucks.
Tell us about ONE recipe from that you have made for a party or a get-together and it was just a phenomenal success.
What did you like about the dish or what do you think was the best part about the recipe? Your feedback will help others decide on the perfect recipe for this holiday season.
Tell us for a chance to win a copy of Shubhra Ramineni’s “Entice with Spice”.

Though we’d love everyone’s feedback, the book giveaway is only open to US or Canadian residents only.
– 1 book will be given away at random
– winner will be announced 1st December 2012
– to be eligible and notified to win, please enter your email in the email field of the comment box

Happy Holidays Everyone!

WINNER: Comment # 25 – Angie (picked at random) Congratulations!
Thank you everyone for all the beautiful, funny, sweet and touching responses. We loved reading through each and every one of them.

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0 thoughts on “Recipe Book Giveaway

  1. I have been making recipes from your website for years but the best one I recently made were the crepes, I tried many different toppings with it, spinach and cheese, egg and cheese, nutella, apple with cinnamon sugar. Catered to everyone’s taste in the family. Even my hard to please 11 year old. Thanks once more for this wonderful website and lovely recipes.

  2. Dear Hetal and Anuja I have always really like your recipesI make indian food regularlyand finished product is always amazing Ihardly ever tweak your recipes. My sister and I love Indian food when ever she visits me I always make her a thali meal she always goes crazy for your palak paneer recipe ( your paneer recipe is te best paneer recipe I’ve found) and aloo gobi. Last time I made the latter with roti, Gujarati daal and cucumber raita and it was a total hit!! Her two year old daughter absolutely loves when I make chole with your recipe. Thanks for all the wonderfull recipes and tips!!

  3. Hi Ladies,
    I have been making so many of your dishes for the get togethers at my home or to potlucks and have always got compliments on them. I can definitely say the ease in which I have made the dishes and all the credit should go to you both for the step by step instructions on the videos. I recently made the eggplant raitha for a potluck and there was not one person who did not appreciate the dish. Everyone of the ladies present wanted the recipe. I did not take any credit but referred every one to your website. I am a great lover of cooking variety of foods and seeing and enjoying the looks of my family when they eat and appreciate my efforts. Thank You, Thank you, Thank You a million times. Vazhthukkal(Means Best of Luck in Tamil).

  4. Hi Hetal and Anuja. I have been watching your videos for quite sometime. They are very straightforward and delicious each and everytime. I always look at your website, before making any dish and just for example made your dosas. They came out excellent and so professional. For me, the reason I love it is my son was born premature and he just loves all the parantas that you have taught me to make. By this method, he is able to eat vegetables in his diet. Thanks so much for teaching me how to do this.

  5. One recipe that I make over and over again is your seekh kabab recipe. I use all kinds of ground meats, and they all taste amazing. People can’t believe I make them at home. And the trick with the knife sharpener is SO clever. Love it, love it, love it!! Thank you for making Indian cooking look and feel so do-able. I will never be able to replicate my mom’s cooking but she now says the same about my cooking. 🙂

  6. Also,ihave made Gajjarhhalwa in the microwave.again for the same reasons-easy,affordable and canbe mad in large quantities.

  7. I have couscous salad numerous times.It is fast,easy and delicious. It can be made in large quantities with ease!It is a hit with even people who love desi khanna only!so a crowd pleaser!

  8. Kulfi..

    Super easy make ahead dessert ..that tastes like a real indian kulfi .. i made it during this year’s Diwali gettogether ..and everyone was surprised that it was all home-made. Each and every person in the party asked me for the recipe.
    Kudos to you ladies!

  9. Hello Hetal and Ahuja,

    Your recipe are fantastics.I made kaju katli and microwave peda of yours on Dashera. Everyone likes it. It’s yummy.
    I got lots of complimets. And as from that day i got sa many request.
    Keep it up!!!

  10. Fruit and Nut cake!

    I will not take any credit for it since it was my friend who actually baked the cake for her daughter’s second birthday. But it was huge hit at the party. Here’s the thing, cakes smothered in frosting generally doesn’t appeal to adults. For a change we relished a cake loaded with dry fruits and nuts minus the frosting/icing- Just perfect for a small gathering.
    And kids didn’t seem to be on a sugary-high ….

  11. Hello Hetal and Anuja….

    I just love love love trying out your recipies…They are really very good….I was asked to make dessert for Halloween potluck and I made RASMALAI just the way you said it…It turned out great…Thanks a lot…And happy holidays…

  12. Hi,

    Happy holidays hetal and anuja.I made besan burfi from your site,and I loved the way you showed procedure to make at home instead of buyingfrom shop.

    I love your other recipes like mango ice cream,tofu paratha etc.


  13. hi hetal anuja ,,i mada al most all yr recipes and its abig hit all time,,i amde tiramasu almost 10 times for parties and poeple just loved it including all americans too,,i alse made these dishes more than 10 times like veg egg cesserole,kheer,mango pudding,biryani,n all just loved it,,,,thanks so much

  14. Hi,

    I made Tiramisu using your recipe for our Diwali party and it was such a hit. The only change I made was I used mascarpone cheese with cream cheese in 3:1 ratio insted of just chream cheese. Everyone has been asking for the recipe and I am being a brand ambassador for your website, telling everyone how wonderful your recipes are, ALWAYS!!


  15. Khaman! It took some planning ahead, but it was worth it! It was delicious! Your recipe for Khaman was easy to follow, and it turned out just as good as when my Indian friends make it. It was a big hit! Thanks.

  16. Hi Anuja and Hetal,

    First of all, thank you very much for providing us such a wonderful website with delicious recipes.
    I made Pedas and Kaju katli for Diwali party.
    Both the deserts are so easy to make, I could finish preparing both just in half hour while my little one was asleep. It tastes Marvelous and rich in Presentation.
    All my friends liked it. One of them said “It looks Professional”. Kids took Pedas one after the other even before starting the meal.
    Thank you once again. You made my day…

  17. Hi Hetal and Anuja,
    I love your recipes they are so easy and different. My family loved the Mexican lasagna a lot.Even my kids who are picky eaters loved it.
    I made it for a party of 15 and it was a great hit. the best part about it is it is a one pot dish,with,the beans, different veggies and the tortillas. best part was I could assemble the whole thing for 15 people in less than half hour and pop it into the oven and tada a main course is ready in no time.

  18. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    For this Diwali Party, I had to make an appetizer and made Ragda Patice for about 40 people. No wonder adding the sambhar masala to the dish took it to a different level.

    Thanks again for the wonderful recipes and all the hard work you gals are doing. Happy holidays.

  19. Hello Hetal and Anuja,

    First of all, thank you for all the wonderful cooking videos.
    I go to your site, at least once a day everyday to see if something new got posted even though i know it gets posted around once a week 🙂 I love all your recipes and videos. You explain them in such an easy and simple way that makes us confident to try these without any hesitation.

    I recently made Rasmalai for the dessert when my brother-in-law visited our home. They came out very good and yummy. He liked them so much and commented that they are as good as the restaurant ones.Not to mention, my husband liked them very much as well. the dessert was a big hit and i owe my thanks to you for presenting the recipe in such an easy and lovely way.

    Thanks again. Happy Holidays.


  20. I have tried few recipes of yours, but my favorite is quick Kalakand, easy to make and everyone loved it. Thanks for the work you do.

  21. Veg. Khatis were a huge hit. They are easy to serve and eat, and are almost familiar to Western tastes (in my instance, California / Texas food) because they look and feel like burritos. But they are so incredibly flavorful – its an immediate surprise, because everyone is acclimated to a blander taste coming from the burrito look and feel. These explode.

    They are portable, re-heat well, can be split into appetizer portions.

    Thanks Hetal and Anjua, Happy Holidays to both of you, looking forward to a SMTC California Culinary Tour someday.


  22. Masaledar aloo wins hands down! I have made it so many times and every time its a hit every single time and i like the idea of having a field day with all the masalas at home throwing in whatever i like and it turns out to be yumlicious!:)

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