Puran Poli Recipe

Festivals and feasts go hand in hand. Try this delicious Puran Poli recipe for any of the joyous days of Diwali. Known by different names such as vedhmi or gari rotli in Gujarat, this sweet filling stuffed roti/rotli will be a delectable treat for your family.

Ingredients: (For 12 Puran Poli)

For Filling:

Toor Daal – 1 cup, soaked for 45 minutes and drained
Water – 1 1/2 cups
Sugar – 1 1/2 cups
Ghee (Clarified Butter) – 1 tsp
Sugar – 1 tsp ground with Saffron – pinch
Nutmeg Powder – 1/8 tsp
Fennel Seed Powder – 1/4 tsp (optional)
Cardamon Powder – 1/4 tsp

For Roti:

Whole Wheat Chapati Flour – 2 cups
Oil – 4 tsp
Salt – 1/2 tsp
Warm Water – 3/4 cup
Additional Chapati Flour or All-purpose Flour – for dusting and rolling
Ghee – for smearing over Puran Poli


1. In a pressure cooker, add drained Toor Daal and Water. Pressure cook for 1 whistle, switch off the stove and allow the pressure to come down.
2. Transfer cooked daal to a microwave safe bowl or container with a lid.
3. Add 1 1/2 cups Sugar and 1 tsp Ghee. Mix well to dissolve Sugar and microwave covered for 10 minutes.
4. Meanwhile, combine ingredients for Roti and knead soft dough. For detailed instructions, see this video.
5. When 10 minutes are over, add ground Saffron/Sugar mixture and Cardamom Powder to the Daal mixture.
7. Stir Daal mixture well and microwave covered again for 10 minutes.
8. Add Cardamom Powder, mix well and allow mixture to cool – enough to be able to make 12 equal sized balls with your hands without burning yourself. Mixture should not be cold. Use greased hands to form balls.
10. Divide Rotli dough into 12 equal portions.
11. Roll one dough ball out into a small approx 4 inch disc.
12. Place one Daal ball onto the center of the disc. Bring up sides of the dough and pinch to completely encase the Daal ball. Twist and remove excess dough.
13. Flatten the filled ball and dust with chapati flour or all-purpose flour and gently roll out the Puran Poli.
14. Place Puran Poli on a hot tawa or skillet and allow it to cook on one side.
15. Flip it over and allow it to cook on the other side.
16. Smear the hot Puran Poli with Ghee and serve immediately or keep in an insulated container until all Puran Poli have been cooked.

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40 thoughts on “Puran Poli Recipe

  1. Can I still make this recipe without a pressure cooker?? I’d love to try it

    Thank you for all your recipes!! Puran poli

  2. Can I prepare the filling day before I want to make puran poli? If I store the filling in fridge for one day, will it dry out?

  3. Hi girls,

    I made puran poli for this holi and guess what???? It was super-hit…I distributed a few to my neighbors also and there is demand for more now. Thanks to you both and of course a big thank you to Hetal’s mom. I got lots of compliments for these puran polis and I thought I should share the credit with you both….Thanks once again!!!

    1. Hi Smita,

      You are so sweet to write! Glad you and your neighbors enjoyed them…will pass on the compliment to my mom 🙂 Thanks!

  4. hii Hetal

    I tried this recipe few days back, i had a hard time rolling out the puran polis bcoz all the filling was coming out while rolling the puran polia..somehow i managed to make it though the taste was very gud but i dont know what went wrong? can u tell me why this happened.?…look forward to ur reply..


    1. Hi Sam,

      It is possible that your microwave’s power level is different than ours so that you may have needed to cook the mixture longer. It needs to be almost solid so that a spoon can stand in the middle.

  5. OMG this is a mouth watering recipe! I am never be able to make it 🙁 I have never make any kind of roti, paratha or anything that needs a roll thingy 🙁 (next time that I go to India I will get trained), in the meantime what a coincidence last week and I had this for the first time in a very popular Indian restaurant somewhere close to Silicon Valle, CA, they gave us some milk to dip the Puran poli and needless to say my little boys (and me) loved it!

  6. I was just wondering…I have never seen a metal stand that you can roll out dough on…what is it called and where can I get one? Also, I just love your recipes. I love to eat Indian food, but none of my friends do. So the only way I can get it is to make it myself. Your videos and recipes are very easy to follow. My only problem is trying to figure out all of the various daals and if they are called something else in English. I think I’m going to have to find an Indian grocery store, as I can’t find any of daal in the regular US supermarkets.

    1. I feel it doesn’t matter whether the chapati-stand is metal or wood. It is usually available in indian grocery stores. You can also use your wooden countertop for rolling like how you roll out a pizza dough. make sure the surface is clean. google different types of dals for better understanding with images.you can find all varieties of dals in indian groceries. dals find less use in american cooking;usually used to make lentil soups.

    2. Hi Carole,

      The stand is called a chakla. We got ours from India but like our other viewer has mentioned, you don’t have to have a stand like this to roll out rotis. A silpat works great as well.

  7. Anuja and Hetal Happy Diwali…..

    Hetal wishing you Saal Mubarak, Nutan Varsh Abhinandan….I’m trying my Gujarati 🙂

    Thanks to both of you for the wonderful recipes.


  8. In maharashtra, this recipe is made of chana dal and gud. The consistency of puran is more solidified.

    Basically we remove the excess water from the dal after it is boiled and this dal stock is used to make “Katachi Aamati”. It is sour and spicy and helps to cut your sweet taste while eating puran poli.

  9. Hi Hetal and Anuja!

    Wishing you and your families a very Happy Diwali. Saal Mubarak to Hetal (it’s New Year day tomorrow for us gujaratis :))

    I visit your website often and love the uncomplicated and appealing format you have. It’s a pleasure to watch your short and sweet presentations, without having to listen to excessive banter. It helps me focus on all the steps in the recipe. I recommend your website to one and all, especially to non-Indian friends, for whom having a video and a text version of the recipes is like having your cake and eating it too.

    Hetal, I would love to see you promote more Gujarati recipes. There is no dearth of mouth watering food in our Gujarati cuisine.

    Here are some suggestions – it’s all simple but delicious fare:
    1. Laapsi
    2. Kansaar
    3. Khakhra (different varieties)
    4. Baaflo (made out of green mango and enjoyed as a wetting agent with khichadi or as a refreshment in summer)
    5. Paatra
    6. Dahi ma vaghareli rotli
    7. Baafela muthiya / talela (fried) muthiya
    8. Bhakhervadi
    9. Gughra (especially for Diwali days)
    10. Makai no chevdo
    11. Dhekhra (it is a Surti item)
    12. Dudhi no halvo
    13. Bharela ringan nu shaak (Gujarati style)
    14. bhinda ni kadhi
    14. Tuver na daana ni kadhi
    15. Vadi nu shaak

    C’mon Hetal, with your wonderful culinary skills, you can educate the world about the joys of Gujarati cuisine before it gets buried under the equally tasty north and south Indian fare. Get mom to the rescue, if needed. I have seen you mention a few times that the recipe came from your mom (with wonderful results, of course).

    That’s all for now. Keep up the good work, Anuja and Hetal, and you will soon be just as well known as Rachel Ray or Rick Bayless!!

    Happy Diwali, again!

    1. Hi ND,

      Happy Diwali and Sal Mubarak to you and your family as well! Thanks for your list. I’ll keep it as a go-to list when I’m thinking of Gujarati items :).

    1. Hi Sam,

      Yes, you can. You have to layer sheets of parchment or wax paper between each one and store it in a freezer style ziploc bag.

  10. Happy Diwali and Happy New Year..

    I am going to make this today for my family. I follow the same as yrs. The only thing I do not add salt in flour bcoz its sweet. GR8.

    Thanks for sharing

      1. Thanks Hetal. Happy New Year to both of u.

        U should also put recipe for Lilva Kachori.U r gujju so u know it very well, I hope. Looking forward to it.

  11. Hi Anuja n Hetal,
    Wish u both a very Happy Diwali 🙂
    I really love all of your recipes and I love watching your show tooo. I have a request, can u please upload a video of Pooran poli which is made out of jaggery and channa daal? I wud be glad if u do so.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Soak jaggery in luke warm water. wait until it melt and add to the daal. for chanadal – soak atleast 8 hrs.(accoring to US weather). and then dry it and make a paste in a grinder with a very little water which u use to soak daal. Rest is the same.

      Hope this will help you. I make chadal puran poli with jaggery very frequently.

  12. Even though toor dal is the traditional way, my mom makes Puran puri with Chana dal and it’s the best Puran puri there is!! The great thing is no one can tell that it’s not toor dal and easier to work with.

    1. hi, i always watch you videos before cooking any meal, thank you guys…. i have a questions my pans give me trouble while cooking i have used non stick but they wear out can you pls tell be which ones to buy here in the usa.

      1. Hi Seema,

        They have new “green” pans that are non stick but are not like the older teflon type pans. We really like them.

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