Hyderabadi Lal Gosht

Try this super simple yet delicious recipe for Hyderabadi Lal Gosht (Mutton) submitted by Ifra, one of the SMTC Community members. Thanks Ifra!!

Prep Time: 10 minutes plus minimum 1 hr marination
Cook Time: Approx 30 mins
Serves: 4


Mutton – 1 pound (1/2 kg)
Yogurt – 1 cup
Ginger Paste – 1 tsp
Garlic Paste – 1 tsp
Red Chili Powder – to taste
Garam Masala – 1 tsp
Turmeric Powder – 1/4 tsp
Coriander Powder – 1/2 tsp
Cumin Powder – 1/2 tsp
Bay Leaf – 1
Whole Cloves – 4 to 5
Whole Peppercorns – 4 to 5
Green Cardamoms – 4
Cinnamon Stick – 2″ piece
Mint Leaves – 2 handfuls, chopped
Cilantro (Coriander Leaves) – 1/4 cup, chopped
Green Chilies – to taste, chopped
Salt – to taste
Cumin Seeds – 1/2 tsp
Tomato Sauce – 2 Tbsp
Fried Onions – 1 cup
Water – 1/2 cup

For the seasoning:

Oil – 1 Tbsp
Black Cumin Seeds – 1/2 tsp
Green Chilies – to taste, slit
Curry Leaves – 1 sprig


1. Wash and drain Mutton.
2. From the ingredients list above, mix all of the ingredients from “Yogurt” to “Fried Onions” in a medium size mixing bowl.
3. Add washed and drained Mutton and mix well to coat evenly.
4. Cover the bowl and allow the Mutton to marinate for minimum 1 hour in the refrigerator.
5. Remove Mutton from the fridge and add it to a pressure cooker.
6. Add 1/2 cup water, mix well and pressure cook for 1 whistle. Reduce the flame to a simmer and continue cooking for 20 minutes.
7. Wait until all of the pressure is gone from the cooker before opening lid.
8. Continue cooking if you prefer the gravy to be less liquidy.
9. Heat Oil in a small skillet.
10. Add Black Cumin Seeds and allow them to sizzle.
11. Add Green Chilies and Curry Leaves. Mix well and add seasoning to the Mutton.
12. Serve hot with rice or naan.

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48 thoughts on “Hyderabadi Lal Gosht

  1. For Sabitha’s query – plz add one tsp of either corn flour or flour to one cup curds. Mix it well & then add to any dish U desire for preventing the curds from breaking.

  2. Hi Anuja and Hetal:

    I have 2 questions:

    1) Can goat be substituted for the mutton?

    2) Do you think this would come out good in a slow cooker/crock pot? It seems like it would be a good recipe for that kind of cooking.

    Love your site and your Youtube vids which I just subscribed to.


  3. Made your recipe with fresh chicken. Turned out great but too much liquid because of US chicken and fat free Mountain High yogurt. Scooped out some of the gravy and served it with baked chicken (or tofu) nuggets immersed in the gravy. The baked nuggets soaked up the spice mixture and made for a great second meal entree that tasted superb the next day! Thanks ladies for your great website recipes.

  4. hi Anuja/Hetal,
    This recipe looks wonderful. I have question regarding he number of whistles. Since I usually leave for up to 8 whistles for the type of mutton I use to be soft, I was super stuck when you have used only 1 whistle. So, my question here is
    1) For any type of mutton is it only 1 whistle ?
    2) If yes, I’m ok else if No then how am I expected to do the same as I understand that for many whistles the ingredients itself will lose taste.
    Kindly, guide me.


  5. Hi Hetal and Anuja,
    I would like to thank you guys for all the recipes.
    This particular one forced me to write this comment here. I just made this dish, and am actually eat it while im typing this. It is brilliant… or atleast its one of the dishes which has come out really well at my end.
    It would be great if you could also forward my best wishes to Ifra.

    Keep up the gud work. πŸ™‚

  6. Dear anuja and hetal thanks a lot for the wonderfull curry tried making it at 3am after coming back from work and it came out really well since i dont knw how to cook my husband really enjoyed eating cos he is a hyderabadi he was very happpyyy thanks a lot for helping me n saving me from hearing my husband praising his mom every time:)

  7. Hi…
    I tried this recipe and it tasted just too yum..thank you. It will be kind of you if you can show some cake recipes which i can bake in a microwave as i don’t own an oven..

  8. HI there

    Sorry but I didnt like this at all. I followed the recipe exactly but it turned out far too acidic for me. I have no idea how to fix it if its fixable at all. I am in Australia so perhaps our curries are a bit more westernised by the restaurants here.

    Thanks anyway

  9. Hi I have just finished marinating my mutton but mine looks a lot dryer than yours. Should I add more water to cook?

    thank you

  10. Hi,

    What pressure cooker do you use and where would you recommend to buy it in States. I bought a Hawkins Futura but it doesn’t work – at least not like how yours or my mom’s works (mom owns Prestige). Appreciate your response – as I really want to try some of the dishes in this site exactly the same way as you guys do it πŸ™‚


  11. Hi Hetal & Anuja…

    U r doing a goog job. I hav prepared many dishes with ur help. Thank you so much.

    But i hav a question…
    Everytime whenever i prepare a dish whether it be veg & nonveg biryani or any other dishes with curd, the curd will break while cooking. I dont know y it happens can u plzz tell me.

    1. To prevent the curds from breaking add one tsp flour or maida with one cup curds & mix well and add it to any dish u cook with curds. This will prevent the curds from breaking or curdling. U can also add corn flour . Use either corn flour or flour NOT both together.

  12. hello girls,
    thank you sooo much for your wonderful recipes. I am going to try this recipe for 5 lbs of meat. should i use everything else(spices and all) 5 times more? I mean , I know I should but it sounds so big of an amount. Please reply fast. I will be cooking it for my in-laws….scared. πŸ™‚ thanks.

  13. That is awesome, next level cuisine. Yeah, IÒ€ℒll do that again.
    Followed the recipe to the letter but did’nt use a pressure cooker. It looked different than the photo but the flavour was outrageous. I used mutton on the bone and made it a bit drier.
    Many Thanks

  14. HI, Anuja, Hetal,

    do you use tomato sauce (ketchup) or tomato paste (canned tomato puree) for this recipe? I am trying it with one tbsp of each..:-)

  15. Love it! Thanks for making it not so scary for a white girl to cook some tasty Indian!! I’ve made a couple of your recipes now for my authentic Indian friends, and they were quite surprised πŸ™‚ – that it was so good and I cooked it! πŸ™‚

    One question, if I use a pressure cooker without a whistle, how will I know how long to cook it – or would it be a certain amount of pressure?

    thanks so much, keep the recipes coming pleeaaase !!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Melissa,

      This is one question that has been a problem for us. We both have only used whistling cookers so are not sure of the timings for non-whistling ones. Sorry couldn’t be of help.

    1. Hi Mits,

      Fried Onions are available in Indian grocery stores. They are onions that have been fried until they are crispy and brown. They work great for biryanis as well and are a big time saver.

  16. this recipe looks really great, but i cant afford mutton.
    It costs 20Γ’β€šΒ¬ (30$) for 1 kg at my place. =(
    How much do you pay for it in america?

  17. hi ladies
    i just love ur recipes and i m a big fan of your tips.
    i have a request.i have a slow-cooker(crack pot)which i dont use much,so if u can show some slow cooker recipes it would be a real help.thanx.

  18. Hi Hetal and Anuja,
    I have a question regarding the pressure cooker. I have a large Alumunium pressure cooker ( IMUSA) which I bought in Target. This pressure cooker design is bit different. When it cooks it always sizzles and the steam goes away . So there is never enough pressure built up for whistling. As a result it never whistles. I suspect we need to put more water for boiling . I just don’t know how much water to use. If you use water as suggested for other pressure cookers it usually evaporates leaving the mutton or chicken very dry and if you put more water it will take ages to boil . Do you have any experience on this? Can you recommend how to adjust cooking for this?

  19. hey hetal & anuja

    I really appreciate ur dedication and hardwork towards making ur cooking videos. it s nice to hear that u ppl try out couple of times before showcasing it. Ur diligent! u ppl are not like other cooks who are very clumsy in their videos. Ur presentations are very simple and sweet. keep up ur good work

    Sandhya, chicago.

  20. Hiya, I just want to say you guys are great πŸ™‚ your methods are so easy to follow and they turn out as you see it.

    Regards to the recipe Ò€œHyderabadi Lal GoshtÒ€ just wanted to know what can I use instead of the mutton, and how long would I cook the substitute, as I am a veg

    Many thanks



  21. Hi,
    Tried this recipe..smelt awesome and tasted good too..love the flavours.However, My gravy wasn’t as thick as yours even after cooking it open and neither was it red like the one shown here.Could it be excess water though I followed the measurement exactly, since I made it with chicken.Also if we use fresh onions do we chop them or grind them?

    1. Hi Anuradha,
      You probably did everything right. Here are some things that could have changed the look and the texture:
      – chicken is white meat, mutton is red meat (giving a more dark appearance)
      – the color of the tomatoes (fresh vs canned)
      – fried onions add a lot to the color
      – in the USA, chicken are plumped with water so when cooking, they let a lot of thier own water go, hence cook differently.
      Hey, if it smelt good, looked good and tasted good…don’t worry!Enjoy;)

  22. Hi Anuja n Hetal,

    The Above recipe and the preparation method you have shown is exactly the same procedure as we marinate the mutton/chicken for the Hyderabadi biriyani to which we later add the half cooked basmati rice on top of the prepared mutton layer. And that tastes yummy indeed! Do show the hyderabai biriyani preparation on your website too! Thank you!

  23. Hi Hetal n Anuja..

    Thanks for taking an effort for sharing this video with SMTC viewers. Im glad that many of them have tried the recipe n liked it.. Its really a simple aromatic recipe… Hope u guys enjoyed it.. will try n share more recipes with SMTC.

    Thanks to all !

  24. hi anuja and hetel, keep of the excellent work. I have a problem yaar, I am planning on trying your lal gosht recipie, but i don’t have a cooker i never used one lol..I just would like to know how long i have to cook this on a stove, and how much water more needs to be added and what heat setting it needs to be on

    Thank you so much

  25. Hello Hetal and Anuja
    Made this recipe recently with chicken…It was yummy..My kids loved it…It was so easy and quick…chicken took barely any time to cook…and the house smelled so good with all the good spices and mint…will definetly make it again and again…thanks to Ifra too…

  26. Shivani:
    Yes, this can be substitued for chicken and it works wonderful. The only thing that would vary would be the cooking time. Chicken cooks a lot faster.

    We have a very yummy recipe coming for Valentine’s day! Look out for it and Happy Valentine’s to you:)

    We are really overdue for Shrimp recipes, will put it on our list. Thanks for the feedback.

  27. Hi Hetal & Anuja,

    Thanks for the recipe it came out very well. Could you please put up some recipes for coming Valentine’s Day.

  28. Hi Hetal n Anuja,

    Thanks for the wonderful recipes.
    Please let us know if we can use the same recipe to cook chicken.
    Please…please answer this.

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