Chapli Kebabs

Chapli Kebabs are by far one of the easiest and the tastiest kebabs to make, so anyone that has a fear of making Kebabs, throw them right out of the window. These are super easy, with minimal work and a quick marination, and you can have these Chapli Kebabs on the table in no time! The Beef can easily be substituted for Chicken, Lamb or Turkey. These are perfect as appetizers or as a meal,…

"Chapli Kebabs"

Paneer Bhurji | Panir Bhurjee | Scrambled Paneer Subzi

Who does not like Paneer? And what better way to have Panir than this particular Paneer Bhurjee Recipe! We love the versatility of this dish, and as the name suggests, it can be had as a Subzi (side dish), or in a Naan / Chapati / Paratha roll or for breakfast, on a toast, use it as a filling for samosas…the list is endless and the options, priceless!

"Paneer Bhurji | Panir Bhurjee | Scrambled Paneer Subzi"

Homemade Sauerkraut

Why make Sauerkraut at home, you may ask? Besides being so much cheaper and fresher, sauerkraut has a ton of health benefits that you may be missing. If you haven’t explored the amazing flavor and health benefits of sauerkraut, now’s the time! Simply put, sauerkraut is fermented (and pickled) cabbage that is an immunity boosting, gut biome repairing, vitamin C and antioxidant packed probiotic than will rock your world. Cabbage is one of the most…

"Homemade Sauerkraut"