Eggless French Toast – Sweet & Savory

Sometimes it is very hard to replicate the texture of eggs but here is our version of Eggless French Toast that just can’t be beat! Try the sweet version for the sweet tooth or the savory one when you are just in the mood for something a little “not so sweet” 🙂 Enjoy!

Prep Time: 10 min
Cook Time: 10 min
Makes – approx. 5 slices


For the Batter:
Besan/ Chickpea flour – 1/2 cup
Rice Flour – 1 tbsp
Baking Soda – 1/8 tsp
Fine Sooji/ Semolina – 2 tbsp
Yogurt – 2 tbsp
Water – 1/2 cup

For Sweet Version:
Sugar -1 tbsp or to taste
Vanilla Extract – 1/2 tsp

For Savory Version:
Salt – to taste
Roasted Cumin Powder – 1/2 tsp
Garam Masala – 1/4 tsp
Black Pepper Powder – to taste
Green Chillies – to taste, finely chopped
Cilantro – to taste, finely chopped
Red Chili Powder – to taste

Oil – for cooking
Bread – 5 slices, cut


1. Sift the Chickpea Flour with Baking Soda and the Rice Flour.
2. Add Sooji, Yogurt and Water and mix.
3. Mix in the ingredients for either the Sweet Version or the Savory Version.
4. Heat a griddle or a skillet and drizzle a little Oil.
5. Cut Bread Slices and dip in the batter (on both sides).
6. Place on the hot griddle and cook for a couple of minutes.
7. Drizzle a little Oil on the top-side and flip the toast.
8. Allow the Toast to cook on the under-side for a few minutes.
9. Once done, remove and serve hot off the stove.
10. For Sweet Version – serve with powdered sugar or maple syrup.
11. For Savory Version – serve with ketchup or chutney.

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0 thoughts on “Eggless French Toast – Sweet & Savory

  1. Hi ladies!
    Tried this for lunch today and it was tasty.I served it some spicy tomato chutney and that combo worked well.Thanks for all your innovative culinary ideas and please do keep them coming:-)

  2. Hello ladies!
    Hey is there any substitute for the rice flour??
    They don’t sell it anywhere around my house and i wanna try them without messing them up!

    Waiting for an early reply! :p

    I really love your recipes. So quick & simple! I’m a try-hard cook but thanks to you guys my family has come to appreciate my cooking!
    Thanks so much!

  3. Hii…It looks like a quick and easy recipe.
    So I can find all the required ingredients for egg-less french toast in my pantry except the rice flour. I don’t use it much. So is it an essential ingredient? Or it can be skipped or replaced?


  4. Thank you both of you for posting this recipe.I will try this out …I was searching for an eggless French Toast recipe since long..

  5. Thank you ladies for wonderful recipes. This eggless toast rock.My eight year old loves it so much.We are vegeterian and this toast recipe is great.Just like google means to search , smtc means to cook. I didn’t know about this upuntil I went to school of my 11 year old to giver her lunch.The cafeteria lady stopped me and asked me ” Ms Desai I loved that toast that Nishka shared with me other day ” I said thank you and I will give you recipe and she said no don’t worry I do SMTC !!! I said what!! She said we all cafeteria ladies know SMTC AND We are big fan of those 2 wonderful ladies.When we don’t know what to cook for Nishka( NIshka is the only vegeterian in her school)we
    do SMTC.
    SO thanks for being an important part of my daughter’s life – nourishment.

    1. Hi Sangita,

      WOW! Thanks so much for your message. We are constantly blown away by how far and wide our audience is and your message just proved it once again. We are glad that your daughter is able to enjoy vegetarian food at school and kudos to those wonderful cafeteria ladies who have taken such an initiative to make your daughter’s life easier. Please say thank you and a big hello to them for us. 🙂

  6. thanks a lot for your wonderful recipe.we are vegetarians and enjoyed your egg less french toast a lot. can you please tell from where to buy a griddle like yours? is it gas or electric….? can we make dosai and other things i’m from sri lanka.. please reply.

    keep up your good work..

    1. Hi Kumari,

      The griddle is electric but we usually don’t make dosa on it as we have a cast iron one for that. This type of griddle is available in most of our department stores here in the US. You may be able to find one online…just search for “electric griddle”. Be sure you get one with the right voltage.

      1. dear Hetal,

        thanks a LOT!!! I felt so happy to see that you have given me your valuable time to reply..with your buzy schedule.

        Appreciate your work a lot. keep it up!!!! love you guys…!!

  7. The toasts came out just like the ones on your video! We loved them, they are a good alternative to regular toasts that we got bored of! Appreciate your eggless recipe as we are vegetarians! You are awesome twosome!

  8. I just love you guys!!! Recently I was looking at gluten free chapatis and your recipe made my kids so happy and made me relax as they were missing rotis and ur recipe was perfect and my kids are enjoying gluten free chapatis with so much like wheat chapatis and thanks for all recipes. I just love to watch your recipes thanks a ton!!!!

  9. I think this recipe is truly great as I donot eat egg, never did it strick me to use this formula before, one can varify with certain imagination if need be.Thank you both/

  10. I made the savory and sweet version and could not decide which one I like more 🙂 My husband and I enjoyed both versions a lot. Thank you for wonderful recipes.

  11. Anu,
    You cna safely omit the Sooji if you do not have it.
    I have done ti so many times like that.

    I add very finely chopped onions too in my version and that gives a nice crunch….
    though I call it non-fried bread pakoda then 🙂

    Nonetheless, its a great recipe…

    1. thanks lavi for ur reply. I did end up making them y’day without sooji and they turned out great. Will try it with chopped onions next time… 🙂

    1. Go ahead and use your dosa tawa…I’ve made real french toast on a tawa and it comes out well…so my guess is that this will turn out good too.

  12. I got a great recipe for roasted cinnamon nuts, however they have used egg white. What can i use to replace the egg white? Or, do you have a recipe of your own?

    Thanks a lot.

      1. True, but I assume the flax seed if for making baked goods rise or soft like an egg would do. It’s different with the nuts tough because you don’t need them to be soft or to rise. So I don’t think that would be it but I could be wrong.

    1. Hi Pinal,

      Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer for you that we have tried. Maybe you can try an egg replacer available at the store.

  13. Very good recipe. Thanks for sharing this . Normally we make bread bajji at home and oil consumption will be more. Here no problem. Good recipe. Thanks for sharing with us.Today tried it and tasted very well.

  14. I’ve tried these before and the bread becomes too soft and rubbery very quickly. Toasting the bread very lightly ( in an oven if you have one) takes of the excess moisture and keeps the french toast crispy for longer.

  15. Hey Hetal & Anuja,

    Thanks for this yummy vegetarian version of the French Toast!

    Loved your griddle also! Looks like electric one! Where did you get it from?

    Thanks and Happy Holidays 🙂 !!!

  16. Looks very yummy n easy to make..cannot wait to try…

    also can I get a recipe for ‘PAV’?? (for pav bhaji or vada-pav)

    Thanks 🙂

  17. nice recepi, will defenetly try it out and just curious to know where did u buy the swifter? where u swift all the flour together. let me know. thanks

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