Introducing Allergy Free Recipes on SMTC is very proud to introduce Mangala Deshmukh. Mangala Aunty will be joining our team and help us and our viewers with Allergy-Free recipes. We have had some phenomenal feedback from viewers who have to deal with this and we are seeing this becoming more and more common. Please feel free to ask questions or give your input about recipes or tips. This is an open discussion and you as our viewers are a very important part.
Welcome Mangala Deshmukh!

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83 thoughts on “Introducing Allergy Free Recipes on SMTC

  1. Hi
    Thanks…I had watched this video 10+ yrs back and luckily have found it again. Backe then I could not get the gums in India but now it’s easily available in iam planning to try it
    Can you please also show how we make rotis with this flour…does it require any special prep for kneading like warm water etc like we usually do with jowari rotis

  2. Hi Anuja and Hetal,

    My son is allergic to Gluten. We are vegetarians from Chennai. Being in India, getting Amarnath Flour, Xanthum Gum etc is a big challenge. Is there a possibility if we can order these products through you so that you can send the same to us.

    Thanks and Regards

    Jayashree Ravi

  3. My daughter was told to eat gluten free, dairy free,sugar free, rice and wheat free diet by doctor for 5 weeks and being an Indian vegetarian in Canada it is very difficult to find or prepare recipes for her.She likes dosa’s and rotis but now she is struggling to find food. Hope to see substitute recipes in your site soon.

  4. Hi,

    I was looking for Gluten free products/recipes, and I found this amazing website. Thank you so much for introducing gluten-free recipes. I will definitely try the gluten free flour to make chappatis.

    I just wanted to ask one thing. I’m allergic to milk but I love eating cornflakes or oatmeal for breakfast but now I avoid eating it because of milk. Is there any substitute for cornflakes or oatmeal that I can have that is equally nutritious for breakfast but gluten free. Please suggest.

    Thanks alot

  5. Hi Mangala Aunty,

    Do you have recipes for gluten free vanilla cake, gluten free bread and gluten free pizza.

    Kindly Share.


  6. Hi,

    Thanks for introducing the allergy free recipes to your wesbite. In my family, we are allergic to Gluten, Dairy, Peanuts, Colors and Preservatives. Can’t wait to try the recipes as they are posted. thanks!!!!

    Kareema From Barbados

  7. Hi Hetal/Anuja
    Thank you so much for introducing
    allergy free recipe. As my baby is suffering from severe allergy so I was desperately looking for allergy free recipe. I really appreciate you guys for introducing this. I can’t wait to cook for my baby.

  8. Mrs Deshmukh!!!!! Delighted to chance upon you on You Tube. You brought Aziz & Maggie and Mr Polly alive to us. Remember you every March 17th 🙂 Maya

  9. hey i hav gluten allergy and you guys hav been such a help the flour that is gluten free is available but is there an option of not using xanthan gum…i like the taste though of the chappatis…doc says after six months of gluten free diet i vil be able to gain weight could you guys please post receipes gluten free and also more nutriosist i wud really be thxful coz i feel dizzy all the time n lak energy
    rgds sadia

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