Shallot/Onion Chutney Recipe

Need a super quick chutney recipe that tastes great with idli, dosa and many other things? One of the best parts about eating Dosa or Idli are the variety of yummy accompaniments. This is another one that is served alongside the coconut chutney or the molgapodi. Try this no-frills Onion Chutney recipe that is also known as Ulli Chamandi. Its originally made with shallots but red onions also work well.
Oh, also, we were not kidding when we said quick, it really is!

Ingredients: (All ingredients are to taste)

Shallots (Red Onion can be substituted)
Red Chili Powder
Coconut Oil (approx 1 Tbsp for every 1/2 cup of Shallot pulp)


1. Grate Shallots/Onions using a fine grater. Finished product should be of a pulp consistency.
2. Add Salt, Red Chili Powder and mix well.
3. Heat Coconut oil until it starts to smoke, remove from heat and allow to cool down. Add to grated Shallots and mix through.
4. Serve immediately.

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0 thoughts on “Shallot/Onion Chutney Recipe

  1. I greatly enjoy your cooking show and you are both so pleasant! I have a tip to avoid “tears” while dealing with onions and it really works for me,”Chew gum, whenever you slice or chop onions” Try it out and it can go into your Tip Tuesday!
    Wishes you every success!!!

  2. I’ve tried ALL the other methods for avoiding onion tears, but the ONLY fool-proof method is……….

    Swimming goggles!

    They’re not pretty, but they keep out ALL the onion fumes and when you’re done, just pop them back in the drawer for next time. No pain and the onions don’t win the war! ;o)

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