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  1. thanks for the link Pam.
    Can you suggest if I can make any kind of papadums as kitchentantras shows me frying and not the papadum express. pls provide link and how to cook them as it sounds interesting.

  2. Thanks for the info here. Those papadums from your pan, look nice! I used to do do exactly that, as me and the kids are crazy about our papadums and chutney or dips in general. IF I make a curry, we’d have to microwave 1 at a time and sometimes fry them like mum used too or lightly like you are doing there.
    Until, we found the Papadum Express microwave tray and now it’s 6 at a time sometimes even 8. We have no fat or oil either as we are not fond of that taste. In the papadum express tray, we get to add many assorted types like chilli, pepper or even lime all at the same time. huge huge time saverrrr. I real like the lime ones yummyyyy. getting hungry now. haha
    We pour the curry rice or salady salsa type and eat eat eat … watch movie etc. it takes only 1 minute or two.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. http://kitchentantras.com/how-to-make-papads-in-microwave/#comment-43240

    Thanks for the info here. Those papadums from your pan, look nice! I used to do do exactly that, as me and the kids are crazy about our papadums and chutney or dips in general. IF I make a curry, we’d have to microwave 1 at a time and sometimes fry them like mum used too or lightly like you are doing there.
    Until, we found the Papadum Express microwave tray and now it’s 6 at a time sometimes even 8. We have no fat or oil either as we are not fond of that taste. In the papadum express tray, we get to add many assorted types like chilli, pepper or even lime all at the same time. huge huge time saverrrr. I real like the lime ones yummyyyy. getting hungry now. haha
    We pour the curry rice or salady salsa type and eat eat eat … watch movie etc. it takes only 1 minute or two.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I think other website proprietors should take this site as an model, very clean and fantastic user friendly style and design, let alone the content. You are an expert in this topic!

  5. Hey Ladies..
    thanks for the tip above.
    I need a solution to the cleaning of the pan after frying puri’s or pakoras …oil gets so much stick to the pan..its hard to wash. Even i clean..when i touch the pan…it remains sticky.
    I searched all the tips in your website but couldn’t find anything related this. Would appreciate if you guys have any solution to this and let me know.

    1. Hi Simar,

      For stainless steel pots and pans, we like to use AJAX powder and a scouring pad. Of course you will have to use some muscle and scrub hard :).

  6. hii Hetal,anuja…i am suscribed to yr site..i even get email updates…however wenever i try to login to yr site it says wrong username/password..wen i tried to suscribe again it says user already suscribed..please help..can u unsuscribe me n let me do it all over again or maybe u cud just reset my password(however im sure its the correct one)…thanks a million…love u 2

    1. Hi Liji,
      If you are getting the emails, you are subscriber already 🙂
      The username and the password are for adding in comments. The “login” that you see on the top right of the page is for admins only 🙂
      Thanks for your support and feedback and hope that clarifies the doubt 🙂

  7. This is a method that I use and it works great, especially if I have serveral people over for dinner. After heating my oven to 350-400 using the top broiler element, I quickly and lightly brush the papads with water using a pastry brush. I set as many papads in the oven on a rack that is set in the middle of the oven. I watch through the window for the papad to get a little bubbly then quckly flip them with tongs and let them get bubbly on this side too. Be careful not to walk away from the oven for too long, they will get dark brown very quickly. The toaster oven is good for a couple; but I also burned up a toaster oven after walking away from it. They cook so very fast!!

  8. Papads can be roasted in a simple pop-up toaster also. Depending on the size of the papad, you may have to flip the papad (upside down) to roast the entire papad.

  9. I am retired. I am innocent of any cooking till I came across your website. Now my wife and children are looking at me with awe. Within a short span of time i became an expert cook. They are wondering why i did not reveal my expertise in cooking till retirement. Only i know the secret. Chicken biriyani, various subzies, simple tips like making curd, curry leave fertilizer (even my neighbours are wondering why only my curry leave plants are booming). Hats off both of you. Keep doing the good work.

    Regards and thanks

  10. Here is an address for CAST IRON Utensils in India.
    Suraj Foundary founded in 1974.
    Phone (91) 562 403 3252
    Mobile (91) 989 7021524.

  11. Hello Indu,Reply to yr posting on 13th April…..
    I am more then sure you could easily get pure Cast Iron utensils in India, they are not coated, I am not from India but I do surf alot on the net & found Bombay Limited.Com very smart & export quality, they will reply to your emails & lead you onto other sites if they fail, try google for next option..
    Good luck & happy shopping. Regards Daisy.

  12. Hi,
    Every body need to be greatful for this site. All of us got married and do not know how to cook. This ladies are teaching us not to just cook but make it best so everybody happy in the house. People for no reason are getting cancer and here you are finding issues on nonstick. I am greatful to both of them because my husnabd is happy that I am good cook(he do not know from where I am making it)and I am very happy. I am showing my daughter just study and all this site are here to help you in life. Thanks Girls.

  13. Hi Daisy,
    I want to know more about CAST IRON pan. R they ceramic coated?What is an anodised cookware?Where can I get them in MEERUT U.P. INDIA

  14. HI Hetal and Anuja,
    I leave a question on Paniyaram(Savory) video that where can i buy green color pan. I know you gave me answer but I could not see your answer because in that video i can see only right half comments. please fix it so i can read it.


  15. thank you guys for this wonderfull tips
    oh my god now i’m worried abt the non sticks………..
    but all i have is non sticksssss…………
    tell my hubby to buy me some iron coated ones………….

  16. Best is to buy CAST IRON pan which I have bought, a little expensive but believe you me it goes a long way & alot safer.
    If you can , try to use cast iron utensils.The food generally taste better & cooks faster as the heat retains.
    Good luck & enjoy your cooking.

  17. Hi everybody,
    its very easy to roast papad on a gas flame & i fold it like that too when still hot.It is true that microwave oven & non stick utensils r harmfill for health.I will like to know about titanium coated &diamond coated cookwares.

  18. Thanks for this great tips!
    I noramlly place a cooling rack in the oven, heat it up to high and then place the papads in the oven (on the rack) until cooked. Very easy, and requires no oil at all.

    1. Yes, Angelica, but the oil flavors the papad and has a very distinct taste hence the tip 🙂
      We have talked about using the stove-top and the microwave in previous video but like your oven tip. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  19. Thanks for the great tip Hetal and Anuja 🙂 … I usually “fry” ours in the microwave, but I like the way you can shape them if you do them in the pan… cool idea 🙂

    Love everything you do!!! 🙂

  20. Hi Hetal and Anuja. Thanks for the great tip. I will pass it on to my mom. Love your recipes especially the cilantro zuchini. Its my family’s favorite. Its quick and delish!

  21. Hello girls! Your website has taught me a lot…thanks so much! However,I would like to say that i agree with Rina…non-stick pans can be very harmful for health if not used in the right way like when you heat them up without any fat medium they can be potentially hazardous!
    Otherwise, i love the little tips you keep on giving while demonstrating and your smiles make all the difference :-))

  22. Hi Hatle, I been showing your recipe videos for past 2 years. I have made so many dish that you guys showed. Thanks. I have one question. I want to know how many time can we reuse the oil that we use for frying? please let me know.

    Thanks, Nita

    1. yes, today morning I was making jalebies from smtc (came out par….fect) and this question popped up in my mind..How many times can we use leftover oil
      from deepfry again?? Please, reply-this is my 1st

      1. Hi
        As far as i know, the oil/gheee which has been heated above smoking point, as in deep frying, should be reheated after getting cooled. This is because it disintegrates into trans fat.
        so try using only as much oil as required and plan such that u use the most of it …like deep fry chips etc when making soemthing.

      2. Hi there,
        Regarding reheating and reusing oil – you have to make the call but here are a few things to keep in mind:
        – frying usually takes the temperature to a high level and the fluctuation of the oil temp. is not good. Organize your frying to fry in a day or two.
        – Fry the sweet stuff first and the things that don’t mess the oil and then the messier and smelly stuff.
        – If the oil has become cloudy and has an odor – get rid of the oil.
        Hope that helps.
        Best thing would be to use as little oil as possible so your don’t feel bad about trashing the oil at the end.

  23. Try this. Use a light oil cooking spray can. Spray on both sides and use either of the pan / microwave techniques. Works well.

  24. haha i had no idea you could do these in oil. i was introduced to them being microwaved with no oil, just about 1.5 min in the microwave, flip, another 30 sec and its perfect. Will have to try one this way now

  25. Hi,yes normally i use the micro,but my microwave died last week.Yesterday,when i was making dal,i just held the papad above the gas flame,but it singed the edges too much,so i’ll try this method in the wok.Thanks so much!

  26. Hi guys,

    I’ve been following your recipes for the past year or so and it has helped me learn a lot about Indian cooking. (I’m not Indian). Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know about something, in case you didn’t have any idea about it. I notice that you often use non-stick (teflon) coated pans. These pans when heated release all kinds of toxic fumes into the air and are harmful for humans to breath. Actually they are even deadly to certain small birds. They are definitely convenient and easy to handle, but they are harmful to your health if used everyday. Just do some research on teflon coated pans and you’ll find an abundance of negative side effects of it. Just wanted to let you guys know this.

    1. The teflon coating has been associated with the increase in hypothyroid in occurrence. In fact just like diabetes, this problem too is now being diagnosed at younger age, in fact even children as young as preteens. The research is something that general public doesn’t really look for. They are distracted by the hype & publicity of the various manufactureres, both of the coated utensils & the pharmaceutical companies. Personally, I have don’t use non-stick in my home, haven’t used it in about 25 years. i cook in the cast iron or the pyroceram or pyrex. The biggest advantage, i find with iron pots is that the food does get some iron in it, providing dietary iron. But even bigger benefit, I find is, all the “weight lifting I have to do just taking the pots (empty or filled) from the storage to the stove to sink, you build your muscles, bones, & also burn up at least some of the calories before you even begin to eat. :)None of my pots weigh less than 20 pounds. The skillets I bought a set of 3 for &10 at KMart may be 15 yrs ago. The pyroceram corningware too works wonderfully for all the indian cooking, as does the Vision ware.

      1. thnx Plato1
        This is so informative. I used to always wonder about Teflon coated cookware…

        What kind of a pan do you use to roast chapatis and dosas?

      2. Hi Plato1,

        Do cast iron pans “act” like non-stick pans, what I mean is can you cook foods using less oil in them?

      3. Teflon can produce fumes that can be toxic to birds if heated to the point where they start to smoke. Otherwise there aren’t any consistently proven health effects to using teflon. The thing is that one study which shows a link is refuted by other studies of the same compound which show no link. The study that people have been talking about is flawed in a couple of ways. First off – they didn’t actually measure the TSH levels in the blood of the study members. They asked the people if they had a thyroid disease or if they have ever been on medication for it. Since self reporting is problematic on many levels (people often don’t understand what thy are being asked or what medications they are on or even what diagnoses they have been given) that’s a problem area of the study.

        So what they showed was that there is a correlation between people with a certain level of chemical in their blood and a reporting of thyroid disease – not that actually existence of disease.

        Other studies which measured thyroid levels directly did not show this same correlation.

        Does this mean that the first study might not be true? No. That’s not how science works. However, the preponderance of evidence indicates that there is no link between teflon usage and thyroid disease

        Also, it’s not like cast iron is necessarily safer. Elevated levels of iron intake can be bad for men (that’s why you don’t find it in male vitamin supplements) and can dangerously exacerbate men suffering from Hughes Syndrome (thick blood disease).

        I’m not saying that to say you shouldn’t use cast iron – only to point out that if you look hard enough everything ends up being dangerous for someone.

  27. Hi
    It can be done in microwave too… no oil n no issues… comes out well n crispy in minutes….
    Just my opinion.

  28. Yes I too oil my papad just a little bit and put it in microwave for 30 seconds and its done to perfection..!! also my husband don’t like “fried” taste of papad so I roast his papad without oil in microwave for 30 seconds and it comes out perfect..! We even roast our “mathiya” in microwave.. we both love mathiyas but don’t like to fry them, instead roast them..

  29. Very good tip. I too fry and roast papad on a paper towel in the microwave- that way, don’t have to use a skillet.

  30. An innovative tip indeed. To make it easier one can rub very little oil or ghee (clarified butter)on papad and cook in 40 to 50 sec in microwave with the same result.

    1. Sorry to be a party pooper guys, but microwaving is even more deadly than teflon pans. It can actually change the chemical structure of foods. There is evidence that it contributes to heart disease, obesity, cancer and a host of other modern day diseases. I think the best option would be to do the papads on a stainless steel pan with a minimum amount of oil. It may slightly, but that only means that cleaning up the pan will be a bit more difficult. We really have to move away from teflon pans and microwaves.

      1. If these are all so bad for us, then why are they not banned yet? I think some of us worry a little more than required.

        1. I wouldn’t rely on or wait for government bans before I decide that a product is dangerous. There are many products that are known to be very hazardous to our health (take cigarettes or phthalates for example) but are legal ($$$ often carries more weight than health & safety). There is significant scientific evidence on the use of many chemicals commonly used today that are linked to insulin resistance, obesity, diabetes, cancer- the whole gamut, but aren’t banned. I don’t know much about the adverse effects of microwaving or teflon pans, just saying that I wouldn’t use government bans as my gauge 🙂

        1. If you want proof, do some of your own research on the net. Mercola.com is one place to start. There are hundreds of studies being suppressed by makers of these non-stick pans. There are even law suits against them.

      2. I know this is late but the idea that microwave ovens change the chemical structure of food isn’t actually based in science. Okay, let me rephrase that – *any* time you heat food you are changing the structure of that food in someway. Heat may cause proteins to contract or cell walls to breaks down or cause sugars to caramelize. That’s the point of applying heat to food – to change it.

        Now, microwaves works by exciting water molecules in food. The waves are of an appropriate length to bounce against the H20 molecules and make them vibrate – As they vibrate they heat up (actually vibration and heating are the same thing at this level) and in turn heat the molecules next to them. They do not, in anyway, radically alter the composition of the food or cause the food to become toxic or dangerous. All you are doing is applying heat. It doesn’t heat food in the same way as say, frying or boiling, but that’s due to how the heat is applied. Heat is heat and that’s all that it is.

        I think some people hear microwaves and think ‘radiation’ and automatically assume that’s bad and evil. Of course, heat is radiation (infrared radiation) and so is light. The radiation you need to be concerned about (ionizing radiation) cannot be generated by microwave ovens. It’s physically impossible.

        Also, your source, mercola.com, is widely dismissed by the scientific community (of which I am a member) as being filled with unsupportable pseudoscience presented with distinct biases in order to promote an agenda.

        Personally, I don’t expect to change your mind. I’m just hoping someone else who reads this might find a scientifically based point of view more convincing.

      1. Hi Claudia,
        It is such a quick and yummy soup – just love it. We also love how the flavor of the canned tomato soup just goes up to another level 🙂
        Glad you enjoyed it!

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