Homemade Yogurt & Homemade Greek Yogurt Recipe

Yogurt making is not rocket-science but it is science and very simple science. Yogurt /Curd or Greek Yogurt can be made at home very easily and at a fraction of the cost and to your taste. Follow the steps, make it at home and you’ll figure out how simple it is.


Milk – 8 cups
Starter – 2 heaping tbsp


1. Boil Milk on a medium high flame, stirring occasionally to avoid burning.
2. Once the Milk comes to a boil, reduce flame to a simmer and cook for another 5-6 minutes.
3. Turn off the stove and let the Milk cool down to lukewarm.
4. Once it’s lukewarm, add in the starter and mix well.
5. Transfer into container(s) to set the yogurt.
6. Keep in a warm place and allow the yogurt to set.
7. Setting time may vary depending on the size and material of container, climate and how warm you keep it.
8. We kept it in the oven, with the oven lights on but the but switched off, for 8 hours.
9. Transfer the Yogurt to the fridge and allow it to firm up for atleast a couple of hours and then it’s ready to serve.
For Greek Yogurt:
1. Take a Paneer Cloth, wet it and squeeze the water.
2. Spread it over a jug (if you want to save the whey) and pour the Yogurt into it.
3. Make a bundle and tie the opposite ends and hang from a ladle.
4. Allow the Whey to drip out until the yogurt is reduced to half. It will take upto 2 hours.
5. Open the parcel and transfer the Yogurt to a container and store till needed.

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