0 thoughts on “FoodSaver G3H (V4865) Vacuum Sealer Review

  1. Thanks for this review! As a single working woman, I do let a lot of food go to waste because I can’t possibly eat it all. I wish I could just buy the amount that I need but that’s impossible. This is perfect for me! My Foodsaver is on its way and will be delivered on Monday. Woohoo!

  2. Hi Hetal & Anuja,

    I am a big fan of your recipes. Though, we do not actually know each other, I feel I have a connect with you both because of these videos.

    I have just moved to Bloomington, Indiana for studying MBA. I have few questions or queries regarding living in USA. If you guyz can help will be really great.

    You can just mail me your personal ID, so that I can ask questions that I have.

    Thanks a lot for the help.

  3. Well done Hetal, this really appeals to the lazy-girl in me! Looks like a great option for preserving fruit and veg (critically strawberries and cherry tomatoes!) so I can limit my grocery shopping trips. I wouldn’t consider buying one without the zipper bag accessory you have demonstrated though.

    I have to say that I gulped when I saw the price….although there is a comp to win one available to US citizens only (that counts me out!), closes on the 11th Aug 13. Good luck!


  4. Ohhhh, how I wish I hadn’t just bought an earlier version of this! *grrr* I can’t justify spending more money now, but I surely would have loved to have all the extra features this one offers. Kudos to you, Hetal, for highlighting all those features in such a great way. :o)

  5. I love using my food saver for leftover pizza! You can also use it to seal potato chips bags to keep them fresh! Sealing food in their containers is the best!

  6. Hi Hetal,

    Interesting gadget! Thanks for presenting it. On a separate note, I am curious about chapathi makers. Do you have any experience with these? It seems like it would make life easier, but I haven’t seen you guys use it on SMTC. I have seen all types of tortilla makers and such online, but don’t know if it’s a good brand (I’ve heard some people say their rotis came out like papad). Any suggestions/comments/feedback regarding roti-makers would be great!

    1. Hi KB,

      I have not personally tried chapati makers. I have tried a tortilla maker and in my opinion, the chapati texture turns out like tortillas (chewy, stretchy) and not soft like chapati should be. They do work great to make pani puris, though :).

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