Phulka or Roti How-to Video

Phulka, Fulka, Phulki, Roti are only some of the names given to this. We at ShowMeTheCurry will refer to it as ‘Phulka’. A staple in most Indian households and enjoyed on an everyday basis. The look my kids get on their faces when the Phulka balloons up and the ‘Wow’ each and every time! Small pleasures in life!

Detailed recipe for Phulka

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0 thoughts on “Phulka or Roti How-to Video

  1. I followed your receipe for Microwave kandivi recipe. But when rolling the batter some of them were breaking and not rolling up well. Can u tell what went wrong.

    1. Hi Meena,

      If the batter is not spread thin enough, it has a tendency to break while rolling. Maybe you can cook it a bit less next time so that you are able to spread it thin on the foil.

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