Penne Pasta How-to Video

This great Penne Pasta dish is a sure fire hit with the whole family. The colors and the texture in the dish make it very appealing and inviting. The part that we love the most is that it is not masked with sauces and it allows you to enjoy the true flavor. Pair it with some Garlic Bread and you are off to a great meal…

Detailed Recipe for Penne Pasta and Garlic Bread!

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6 thoughts on “Penne Pasta How-to Video

  1. Taste test is done. Super delicious. Will have for lunch after picking my daughter from school. Hope she likes it. Fingers drossed.


  2. Hi Hetal,
    Can you please guide me on buying Italian seasoning. which one i need to buy & from which shop. Appreciated your all receipies.

    1. Hi Swap,

      Really, you can buy any brand of Italian seasoning. Most of them have the same combination of spices (herbs). McCormick is a pretty reputable spice company.

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