Dum Kebab (Indian Meatloaf) How-to Video

Looking for an easy, no-frills recipe that is simply delicious? Try this Dum Kebab recipe, our version of Indian meatloaf. The beauty of this versatile recipe — mix all the ingredients and bake! Cut it into small pieces and serve with a toothpick for a no-fuss, make ahead appetizer. Cut it into larger pieces and use it as a stuffing in pita bread for a filling lunch. So many possibilities!

Detailed Recipe for Dum Kebab

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0 thoughts on “Dum Kebab (Indian Meatloaf) How-to Video

  1. may I use citric acid in eggless chocolate cake recipe instead of white vinegar ? and how much quantity against 1 teaspoon baking soda.
    please inform me …… thanks

    1. Hi Nilesh,

      We have never tried it but don’t think it will work. Citric acid is really sour and may alter the taste of the cake.

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