Butter Paneer or Panir Makhani How to Video

Butter Paneer (lovingly known as Panir Makhani) is not only a very well known dish, but is absolutely scrumptious and can have you salivating just by thinking about it. Try out this recipe in all it’s rich glory, or if you prefer a healthier version, you can use some of our fat and calorie fighting tips. Enjoy!

Detailed recipe for Butter Paneer

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0 thoughts on “Butter Paneer or Panir Makhani How to Video

  1. When I made this with homemade paneer, the cheese completely disintegrated. Any tips on making paneer that will hold up to the gentle stir frying action of a dish like this? I used the paneer recipe from ShowMeTheCurry.

    BTW – it was still DELICIOUS 🙂

    1. Hi Ben,

      The trick to prevent paneer from crumbling is kneading it like dough before setting it. Also, 1 tbsp of all purpose flour (added while kneading) will help the paneer gel together and not crumble as much.

  2. Hey Hetal/Anuja,

    I made this dish for my friend’s baby shower dinner party few weeks back and guess what? It was a superhit…. Thanks guys!!


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