Tip – StainFree Plastics

This happens to all of us, getting embarrassed by all the food stains on our plastics! Here is a simple, no-frills trick that works like a charm! Thanks Gurvinder for this awesome tip.

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0 thoughts on “Tip – StainFree Plastics

  1. Wow! That’s great. I tried and it really works. Thanks for sharing and giving this great tip to all of us.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. I enjoy your videos of recipes and tips very much! I have a few tips of my own here – In my family, we prefer not to use plastic containers to store food for a long time at all. We are all compelled to take lunch in them because they provide better sealing than metal containers of course. But I do not like to store food in them in the refrigerator for too long. Also the habit of storing food in plastic containers and even microwaving in them is not a healthy idea. Instead I use only lead free glass containers or Pyrex glass cookware to store and heat in microwave. Also the tip suggested about exposing them to sunlight may need to be further researched. I have read that ultraviolet rays of the sun degrades plastics and may not be safe afterwards to store food. Some plastics are known to cause cancers. Indian food has acidity in some form- either lemon juice or tamarind, which also can act on the plastics over time, causing pitting and some of the material to seep into the food itself. Another tip is to make sure that your food grade plastic containers DO NOT have the following numbers printed on them – #s 3, 6 or 7. These are usually found at the bottom of your plastic boxes with a triangle around them. Any other number is food grade. I am not an expert, but I have read about them over the years and I just use these precautions within my own family.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. Even I feel the same way about plastic containers. Actually for lunch I use “Thermos Sipp Stainless Steel Food Jar”. They keep the lunch hot, so no reheating required. Plus they work great for schools too and they are not plastic. They are a bit expensive but I am happy about them.

  3. I wish we could have used you tip but here in Singapore hardly get the sun and most of the times its raining or cloudy and damn humid….

    any way keep up the good work you guys are awesome

  4. First of all, I would like to say, that, you ladies are awesome! I love all your recipes!! I love your explanations, while cooking as well, as in why to do this particular thing! I am newly married and have never cooked before in my life. After coming to the US, I started following your recipes and I think I am not bad at cooking!;). I did prepare Kaju katli recently and it turned out to be great! All thanks to you ladies, You ladies are the best! keep up the good work with explanations!;) Cheers!

    1. Hi Vahora,

      As the container is empty, we don’t think there is any danger of harmful substances getting into food. Even if you were to wash the plastic container in the dishwasher, it would undergo extreme heat during the drying process. However, this is only our opinion so you are free to do additional research on the subject.

  5. The same is true of haldi stains on clothes…Just wash them with regular SOAP- not Detergent, the stain turns red. Then rinse it well with water & dry it in the sun, the stain evaporates. The haldi stains are a breeze to remove. It is the tomato stains that are the worse offenders. Any way of getting them off the plastic dabbas? I just line my dabbas with saran wrap or press & seal & keep the food covered with a layer of that to protect the dabba & the cover. Wouldn’t recommend aluminium foil for that will not work well with acidic foor in storage.

  6. This tip works not only for dabbas but for clothes too …. if you have haldi or red chilli pwdr stain on your clothes, it too goes away if you put it in sun. But clothes have to be wet for the stain to go away if you put dry clothes in sun then it doesn’t work.
    My father-in-law’s shirt was stained with pickle oil in luggage …… all the stains went away after drying it in the sun.

  7. I’m amazed at how simple this is. As simple as it could get! Great tip, thanks Gurvinder & SMTC for sharing.

    I usually clean any white/transparent stained plastic – my containers & chopping boards as well as steel utensils, with some baking soda + lemon juice + hot water mixture. Works great, but I’m definitely going to try the sun next time 😉

  8. Your tips are really wonderful!!
    Can you ladies please post videos for basics like tomato ketchup and pizza sauce. I love all your recipes.

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