Peeling Garlic and Pearl Onions – Tuesday Tip

The unbearable and frustrating act of peeling a mound of Pearl Onions and Garlic can be very intimidating…almost to the point that you “never ever” want to have Onion Sambar again! Watch the video and learn a cool and easy trick that is just makes the whole process actually fun (oops, did I say that out loud?) 😉
Thanks Elora Sharlin, for sharing this with us and our viewers!

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0 thoughts on “Peeling Garlic and Pearl Onions – Tuesday Tip

  1. Hi Hetal,

    The tip on Peeling garlic is really superb! I started with peeling a handful and then ended peeling the whole lot in one go.


  2. there’s an easier and faster way to peel garlics. just cut it in half along the vertical side and it just comes out.

  3. hi
    in our place garlic are too that time the cooking chef mix the garlic with some cooking oil and he put that in sunlight for some time, after that he peel the skin very easily by just rubbing with two hands.
    you try this also.

  4. Hi…Anuja and Hetal

    I am going to make malai kofta today itself. Just wanted to know one thing that after putting gravy on the koftas can we put it in microwave instead of oven.


  5. Hey Ladies,

    I did this yesterday with some 15 bulbs of garlic and the result was AMAZING! Nothing stuck and everything peeled away as it should and the garlic behaved very well! Today I am going to try your way of making Ginger garlic paste 🙂

    Thank you 🙂

  6. Hi…There is just a simple way as well..No soaking..No microwave..No cold water…Just cut the Garlic horizontally on the thinner side and it just peels off..

  7. Actually if you pop the garlic pods in the microwave and heat it for a couple of seconds, its as easy as peeling a banana! i used to do it before my microwave conked off. make sure you don’t burn them. You can actually hear a pop when its in the microwave.

      1. Hi,

        I too do the same. Its so much easy. The peel is almost off the garlic. It works like magic. Have been using this ever since I had bought an microwave.

  8. Lazy way and quick for garlic and corrinder.

    When garlic and green coriander is cheap buy extra [summer or in hot weather].

    Just throw the bag of garlic in the freezer. When you need to use garlic. Just break the required cloves. Two second under the water. Cut, mash etc no smell either.

    Coriander: Cut the roots and muddy parts. Chop three inches from the top the leaves bits. Wash, throw out any dead leaves , shake off the water or few minutes on the kitchen towel. Put them in the freezer bag. Once frozen they will become brittle no need to chop, just crunch them with your hand.

    The middle bit the stakes of the corridor. Wash etc as above and freeze. You can put these in the blender and mix in the food or mix when making mint chutny etc.

    1. I did this yesterday for around 100 cloves of garlic.
      The positive side is
      1.I am easly able to peel it.
      2. garlic is not sticky.
      3. At the end my garlic cloves looks siney and fresh.

      The negative side is
      1. garlic is wet so it skin stick to my fingers and its really annoying.
      2. Because it is wet it is very hard to cut the top campare to dry.
      3. my chpboard, knife and hands are wet so it makes things harder for me.

      At the end I thought to by garlic keeper.

    1. You’re right! I also like Rachael’s method. I mean who has time soaking those garlic for half an hour when you’re in a hurry!

    2. Hi Gagan,

      Yes, if you have a couple of garlic cloves to peel, the smashing with the knife trick really works well. This tip is for those who like to peel garlic in bulk and store it for quick use later. If you use the smashing trick, it smashes the garlic clove and is harder to store in the refrigerator for a long time.

  9. Good tip ladies. However, there is an even faster way to do this. I have been using a Zyliss Garlic for over 10 years and it works great for even the smallest of pods!

    1. Hi Anamika,

      Wow…I’ve seen those in the kitchen gadget stores but never expected them to work. Thanks for the tip…will have to get me one :).

  10. hi
    i would like to share with u one of my tip…
    i usually grind garlic and ginger seperately without adding any water and then freeze this paste in ice cube trays…once it freezes,remove and store in ziplock bags…whenever cooking,take one cube or break in half using a knife,either defrost it or use as it is….flavour is so fresh as it does not include any preservatives,not even salt or vinegar….i even use the ginger cube in my tea…

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