Peeling Garlic and Pearl Onions – Tuesday Tip

The unbearable and frustrating act of peeling a mound of Pearl Onions and Garlic can be very intimidating…almost to the point that you “never ever” want to have Onion Sambar again! Watch the video and learn a cool and easy trick that is just makes the whole process actually fun (oops, did I say that out loud?) 😉 Thanks Elora Sharlin, for sharing this with us and our viewers!

"Peeling Garlic and Pearl Onions – Tuesday Tip"

Pineapples (How to Pick and Cut)!

Don’t be intimidated by pineapples! Many people will see a pile of pineapples at the grocery store or farmers market and will pass them by because they are not really sure how to pick a ripe one or even how to cut it. We’ll show you exactly how to pick a ripe pineapple and how to cut it. You will soon realize how much better fresh pineapples are than the ones from a can! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++…

"Pineapples (How to Pick and Cut)!"

Avocado Tips

Avocados are relatively unknown in Indian cooking but all that goodness and wonderful flavor should not be left out of any cuisine or by anybody. It is now known as the best good fat you can get. Learn to select, peel and pit an Avocado. try the tip on how to store it for a few days without it losing the beautiful color… Enjoy this gorgeous fruit and it’s unique buttery flavor!

"Avocado Tips"