Penne Pasta, Italian Vegetarian Recipe

This great Vegetable Penne Pasta dish is a sure fire hit with the whole family. The colorful vegetables (peppers, onions, artichokes, basil) and their different textures in the dish make it very appealing and inviting. The part that we love the most is that it is not masked with heavy sauces and it allows you to enjoy the true flavor. Pair it with some Garlic Bread and you are off to a great meal… Prep…

"Penne Pasta, Italian Vegetarian Recipe"

Desi Fondue How-to Video

Fondue is originally a Swiss creation in which cheese is melted with wine or beer in a communal pot and served as a dipping sauce with bread or vegetables. This recipe was submitted by Rachana Gandhi and offers a “Desi” twist to the popular appetizer. Serve it for your next get-together!

"Desi Fondue How-to Video"