soya bean ki subzi(nutrela chunks)

Submitted By: Meenakshi Sharma


1- pkd of soya chunks
1 -big red onion
1- cinnamon sticks
2-green elaichi
1-black cardamom
1tbs- ginger garlic paste
salt to taste
1/4 turmeric powder
red chilli powder to taste
2 Tsp-chicken curry masala( i always use MDH)
3 cups of water
3 -tbs oil(vegetable or canola oil)

1. In a medium pan boil 2 cups of water with 1/2 tsp of salt when water is boiling add soya chunks and half cover the pan you’ll see soya chunks gets double in sizes.
2. Take out the pan from the gas and strain all the water from the pan squeeze all the water from soya chunks.
3. Put oil in a pressure cooker when oil gets hot add all the whole garam masala.
4. Add sliced onion fry till it chnges it’s color like pink.
5. Add ginger garlic paste fry about 1/2 min.
6. Add all the masala and fry well about 1 min.
7. Add soya chunks in the masala and fry for about 2 min.
8. Add 1 cup of water and close the lid of pressure cooker.
9. Turn the gas in medium low. After 1 whistle, turn off the gas and wait 10 min.
10. Serve this sabzi with jeera rice or roti

note- soya chunks are very good source of whole protein .you can find soya chunks in every indian store.

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34 thoughts on “soya bean ki subzi(nutrela chunks)

  1. I tried the recipe with regular tarka masala (Ginger,Garlic,Onions,Tomatoes) & I added Peas along with Soy Nuggets. Let it simmer in a pan. You only need 1 pan for this. Came out perfect. Thanks as always.

    1. I want to learn how to prepare vegetable chops of Soyabean s (Largetick (one with a stick inside). These are normally found in marriage parties.

  2. How big (in weight) is this 1 – pkd of Soya Chunks?. My market has two sizes of Nutrela and one size of Swad brand.

    1. You can use Coriander Powder,Cumin Powder and a little bit of powdered fenugreek (methi). You can also add in a little bit of Garam Masala and you should get the same effect.
      Hope that helps!

    2. You can use mix of red chille powder, coriander poweder and turmoric powder. Also add poppy seeds past. This will make greavy awason.

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