Coriander (Dhaniya) Chutney

Coriander, aka Cilantro or Dhaniya, in Hindi, is a very commonly used garnish in South Asian Cooking. It is only natural to then go a step further and also use it to make Coriander Chutney. Versatile with a very fresh and light flavor, is used as an accompaniment and to spice up the meal or snacks. There are many different types of chutneys and even more recipes. This particular one pairs best with pakodas, samosas, dhokla amongst many others.

Prep time: 10 min


Cilantro/Dhaniya/Coriander – big bunch
Jalapeno – 5-6 or to taste
Bell Pepper – 1
Chat Masala – 1/2 tsp
Roasted Cumin Powder – 1 tsp
Lime/Lemon Juice – 1.5 tsp or to taste
Ginger – 1″ pc
Salt – to taste
Oil – 1 tsp


1. Add all the ingredients (except Oil) into a blender and blend to a smooth paste.
2. Keep pushing down the chutney to help with the grinding process.
3. Add the Oil right at the end for a fnal whirl to preserve the green color.
4. Store in the refrigerator or freeze till ready to consume.

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0 thoughts on “Coriander (Dhaniya) Chutney

  1. I have a Hamilton beach food processor and a blender (two separate devices) in Canada. Both of them don’t seem to be doing the trick to make a very fine smooth paste. Which appliance (grinder or mixer/ grinder) for this chutney and other Indian style cooking?
    I can’t find Sumeet or Preethi anywhere. Any western brand please?

    1. Premier makes a good grinder… you can find it online. Vitamix is a western brand that literally pulverizes anything you put into it. It is a bit pricey though.

  2. Hi, can you suggest a good blender for making chutneys and stuff? The one I got from India has conked. It is the Preethi chefpro mixer grinder. Do you know of a blender here in the US that will offer similar functions? Thanks a bunch!

  3. I made this coriander chutney using jalapeño pepper and froze it. When I used it a week later, it was not that spicy even though it was very spicy when I made it. Can you tell me why does this happen?
    I like spicy chutney and would like the chutney to retain its spiciness after a week or even later.

    1. Hi Kamala,

      Sometimes, the act of freezing reduces flavor in certain foods. If you are looking for spicy chutney, we suggest that you use serano peppers or thai chilies. Jalapeno tends to be on the milder side (though you will get an occasional spicy one).

  4. Hi Sri, A+H + everybody,

    I recently made my first Chaat Masala (could not find in stores in Germany). I don’t remember where on the net I found the recipe (but it was from an Indian lady who claimed it tasted just like her mum’s), and since it is the only one I ever tried, I have no idea whether it’s authentic.
    HOWEVER: Even though, not being used to it, I had considerable problems with the unique taste (particularly the sulfuric smell when you add it to anything wet – had to hold my nose so as not to loose appetite :-)) it is now one of my most frequently used masalas!

    In case s.b. would like to give it a try, here’s the recipe:
    3 tbsps cumin seeds
    1 tbsp coriander seeds
    1 and a 1/2 tsps fennel seeds
    4 tbsps raw mango/ amchur powder
    3 tbsps powdered black salt
    1.5 tsps freshly ground black pepper
    1/4 tsp hing/ asafetida
    1.52 tsps ginger powder
    1 tsp dried mint
    1.5 tsps ajwain / carom seeds
    1/4 tsp chili powder, extra hot
    – Dry roast whole spices + grind everything into a powder.

  5. Hi,

    I would like to know which brand and where do you get your spatula’s and pans.I am having a cooktop could you please help me in getting good pans suitable for that.

    Thanks in advance…

    1. Hi Radhika,

      We have all kinds of pans and all kinds of brands. Sometimes, it is better to pick and choose a style of pan that you need rather than buying a set with things that you don’t need. Some good and reasonably priced stainless steel brands are Tools of the Trade and Farberware. We got our non-stick wok style pan from Bed Bath & Beyond.

      1. Thanks Hetal…thats a great help…will try to find some. Since iam new to this country..i was having hard time with utensils.

        Thanks again.

        I am also looking for some easy snacks which can be made once back from office. Could you please help me in this.


  6. i make green chutney just with coriander leave,green chillies,ginger,salt little cumin seeds and lemon,
    but my chutney tastes bitter is it connected with the stock of the leaves or…. please help me

  7. Hey
    I was wondering….If we had to use nuts
    And do we have to use Jalapeno and Bell Pepper
    By the way what is Chat Masala

    1. Hi Angel,

      Some people do use nuts for added texture. We used Jalapeno and Bell Pepper for extra body to the chutney. Chat masala is a blend of many different spices.

  8. Hi,
    I love ur recipes. I need a tip for organizing spices. I am from Pakistan residing here in U.S. and we have a big variety of spices like you to use in our cooking. Actually it is about the same as you.I want to ask for a suggestion what kind of containers we can use or available in the U.S. Market here that you prefer. Which serve the purpose of storing these spices in the kitchen cabinets and also look nice I can easily organize and store
    I m waiting for it response.

    1. Hi Saadia,

      We have small spice jars that we found in IKEA. You can find a wire rack from Walmart that lets you organize the spices in a way that you can see each jar and reach it even if it is in the back of the cabinet.

  9. Hi,
    i want to buy something from your online store but i live in sinagapore.will deliver it and what must be the minimum purchase order?reply pls

    1. Hi Parul,

      You can buy jalapenos in Cold Storage !! Its normally in the same shelf/rack as ball peppers/capsicum !!

      1. Hi Deepa,
        thanks a ton.very very u also live in Singapore?if u know from where can i buy KitchenAid’s (brand name)thing here?pls reply.regards

        1. Hi Parul,

          Yes, I live in singapore. You can try tangs orchard or tangs vivocity, i have come across kitchenaid products there. But best place for more wide variety of kitchenaid products would be Mayer…!! I only know two Mayer outlets in Singapore, one at Great World City and another at IMM.


      2. Hi Deepa,
        really helpful and again future if i need some guidence i will ask u as i m new to singapore and donot know anybody here.really very very happy to find u as the one and only indian friend.i m Gujarati and live near Orchard Road.

      3. Hi Deepa,
        do u know where can i find yellow squash in Singapoe?if u know Hindi or synonym words in English which r generally used by store pls let me reply.thanks and regrds.

  10. Hi,

    I think your bitterness problem might come from the coriander being ground for too long. The heat produced by the blender and the grinding can make some ingredients very bitter. Never had the problem with coriander, but it happens often with garlic, and I had trouble with mint at least once. Hope this helps.

    Thanks to both of you Ladies for your wonderful website. I’m promoting it as much as I can.


  11. I tried this chutney. The bell peppers give a great variation in taste.But,one problem is my chutney is tasting a little bitter. What could be the reason,any idea?

    1. Hi KR,

      The only thing we can think of is the Bell Pepper. Sometimes the white part of the pepper is bitter and contributes to a funny taste…we make this chutney all the time and have never had this problem 🙁
      Hope you are able to salvage it…

      1. I have made this chutney 2-3 times and once without the bell pepper too. Still I have this problem.
        Just to let you know, this problem persists irrespective of the recipe that I follow to make it. I am guessing that it has something to do with the cilantro.

        1. yep this happens with me too….I can never make a good cilantro chutney so I have given up…..I only make Tomato Cilantro chutney 🙁

  12. Hi,
    I want to try this out but my blender is not an Indian one. It takes a long time to grind chutneys. Can I first boil the cilantro leaves for 3-4 mins on a gas top or a microwave and then grind it? My blender grinds only processed foods. I dont have a food processor either

    1. Hi There,
      Cooking the cilantro will ruin the fresh flavor that is so beautiful in this recipe. There are a lot of blenders that are good and yet fairly inexpensive – it will be a good and worthwhile investment and make you life a lot easier.

  13. Hi. Another silly ?. Bell pepper is really expensive these days, can this chutney be made without green bell pepper.
    Also, if adding peanuts and/or garlic, does the chutney stay fresh after freezing.
    I got carried away and bought lots of cilantro (5/$1), so I am finally going to try this recipe and freeze the chutney. BTW, great tip about using oil. thnks!

    1. Hi Rupal,

      The bell pepper is there for the bulk and to give the chutney some texture and body. You can leave it out or use extra jalapenos (if they are not too spicy). The other option is to use a very sour peeled green apple (Granny Smith apples are very sour)

  14. I usually make chutney with two bunches of dhania. I cut the leafy part for chutney. Instead of wasting the stems, trim the ends, grind it in the blender and pour into an ice cube tray. Use the cubes either in dals, or any gravies to give a nice flavor.

  15. I have a hell of a problem making small quantities of chutney. It seems to take forever. I noticed in your video that you push the food stuff down the sides of the blender. I have to do this constantly and still do not get a fine paste.

  16. Another Variation with this chutney:

    Add 2 table spoon of Yogurt and again blend it. This is very good with the different stuffed parathas.

  17. hello hetal and anuja,
    nice recipe! im dying to make some for myself….
    My blender is not grinding well these days:-(. got to replace it ,i guess. is there any other way to make chutneys? like mortar and pestle:-) etc

    hope my question does not sound silly!!!


    1. Hi Karunya,

      No question is ever silly. Technically, years ago, people did use mortal and pestle to make chutneys so it is definitely possible. The texture of course will not be the super smooth one we’re used to with a blender. Even the type of mortar you use will affect the outcome. Some stone ones that have a rough surface work the best. Your other option would be a food processor if you have it. Again, the texture will not be smooth as a blender.

  18. I am not able to blend the mixture into a paste. I have Hamilton Beach’s 10 speed blender. Even after pushing the mixture down every while and grinding, I end up with very coarse paste with large chunks remaining. Could you please suggest a better option.Thanks

  19. Hi hetal and anuja
    i made this chutney yesterday came out very nice but added few extra chillies and now it is very spicy,what can i do now?
    i made it in large quantity also..i dnt want to throw it me.

    1. Couple of suggestions:
      -grind some more Cilantro and add it in.
      – make another batch without any chillies and mix the 2.

  20. Thanks Hetal and Anuja for this recipe… This is a great recipe for people who are allergic to peanuts or any nuts!

  21. My kids friends who are allergic to peanuts can now eat chutney sandwich made this way…
    Thanks ladies for this recipe!

    No allergens!

  22. Wonderful idea!!!

    My version is a small onion,g. chillies,salt,red chilly,a spoon of sugar and of course dhania.

    1. I make mine almost the same 🙂
      Garlic, green chillies, salt, some lime juice, some sugar and roughly chopped dhania.

  23. Hi Girls,

    Great Recipe! Slight variation from how we make it in India (Mumbai to be precise), what we do is dry roast ground nuts and add it instead of the bell pepper and green chillies instead of jalapenos for that additional kick that you mentioned, an onion and two pods of garlic adds a wonderful flavour. I am going try your recipe today, it seems much more faster than the Mumbai version and great tip about the oil and the ice cubes!!!

    Great Going!!!

    1. Just to piggy back of what Shweta said, we also add nuts, peanuts to be exact. You can add them whole in the blender or crush them a bit first then add to the blender with other ingredients. We also add 1-2 cloves of garlic. It adds great substance to the chutney.

      Great tip about the oil, I always wondered what I could do to prevent the discoloring. I will try it next time I make it.

      1. By the way, the ice cube method can also be used with Pani of Pani Puri. If you make a lot, pour the remaining in an ice tray, once they’re frozen, remove from tray and put them in a ziploc bag. When you need to use them, take out as many cubes as you need and let it defrost. Great time saver.

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