Recipe Rehab Talent Search

Recipe Rehab is looking for the next great YouTube chef to appear on their TV show, currently airing Saturday mornings on ABC. Watch our healthier version of a Asian classic! Do you think we have what it takes be the next Recipe Rehab chefs show? If so, please visit the link below, watch the full video and leave your comment on their Youtube channel.

Vote for ShowMeTheCurry on Recipe Rehab!

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0 thoughts on “Recipe Rehab Talent Search

  1. Hello hatal I just love to say u guys doing so good I m cooking lover and I cook deferent food I m flowing now each recpie from u . Make some Punjabi recipie.good luck .

  2. Namaste Anuja and Hetal,
    Another winner! Everyone at the Thanksgiving dinner I was invited to enjoyed these beans. Experimenting on my part is in the offing; thin slices of thick-cut boneless pork chop will be my first “beyond the recipe”. I can’t thank the two of you enough for this amazing site.
    Your fan, Rich

    P.S. – Do you ever do cooking demonstration and seminars in the Los Angeles area? I WANT to sign up to attend if you do.

      1. If you guys wanna be the star with your schezwan bean recipe, you guys will get it. It’s more of chinese bean and it is very good

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