Avocado & Olive Oil Eggless Mayonnaise Recipe

Mayonnaise is one of the key elements that makes a sandwich or burger super delicious. Unfortunately, it cannot be enjoyed by many people who are allergic to or do not eat eggs. The problem is solved with this delicious Avocado and Olive Oil Eggless Mayonnaise recipe. Whether you choose not to eat eggs or are looking to substitute a healthy fat into your diet, this easy sandwich spread recipe is sure to win hearts!


Avocado – 1
Garlic – 1 small clove (optional)
Salt – to taste
Lime Juice – to taste
Olive Oil – 1 Tbsp (little more or less will do)


1. Peel Avocado and add to a food processor or blender.
2. Add Garlic, Salt and Lime Juice. Process or blend until smooth.
3. While the motor is running, add drizzle Olive Oil down the shoot (lid closed) until the entire mixture is well blended and smooth.
4. Store in the refrigerator in a container with a tight fitting lid.
5. Will remain fresh approximately up to 1 week.

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0 thoughts on “Avocado & Olive Oil Eggless Mayonnaise Recipe

  1. Wow ,

    I just made this using one avocado … i added to the ingredients one indian green chilli and one dried red chilli … my plan was to make sandwiches …but i couldn’t resist and i ended up eating the whole quantity myself with potato crisps as a dip !

    Simply Scrumptious !

  2. Another name for this is guacamole (Mexican). This can also be frozen in sandwich bags in quantities of 1 or 1/2 cup, and pulled out as required. Great for when you have avocados in bulk. You can also omit the oil and/or the garlic but not the lime juice. The alternative for lime juice is lemon juice or citric acid dissolved in water. Can also add some chilli powder for a little bit of spice.

      1. This IS guacamole. Guacamole is traditionally made by mashing ripe avocados with a mortar and pestlle and salt. Lime or lemon juice is often added in today’s recipes to keep the guacamole green by stopping the avocado from oxidising to a brown colour. The juice also adds to the flvour. Recipes today can also have tomato, onion, garlic, chili, yogurt, oil and/or additional seasonings added.

    1. Egg free mayo can also be made from condensed or evaporated milk.

      There is, for example:
      1 can condensed milk (= 1 cup)
      1 tsp salt
      1 Tbsp to 1 cup vinegar ( according to your taste)
      1/2 – 2 tsp ground mustard seed (optional, and according to your taste)

      Mix all together thoroughly. Mayonnaise thickens in fridge. Store in sterile jar in fridge. Keeps for at least 2 weeks.

      And this one:
      1 cup evaporated milk (unsweetened)
      1 cup oil
      1/2 tsp salt
      1 tsp honey (optional)
      4 Tbsp lemon juice
      1/4 -1 tsp ground mustard seed (optional and according to your taste)

      Place milk in blender. Whilst blender is on gradually add oil until mixture slightly thickens. Add other ingredients and continue blending until mixture thickens further. Will thicken further in refrigerator.

      Recipe for 1 cup (= 1 can) home-made sweetened condensed milk:
      1/3 cup water
      2/3 cup sugar
      Pinch salt
      2/3 cup instant dry milk powder

      Instructions without a blender:
      On stove bring first 3 ingredients to a boil dissolving the sugar, stirring occasionally. When it is at a full rolling boil remove from heat and allow to cool slightly. Add milk powder and whisk till smooth. The mixture thickens on cooling.

      Instructions with a blender:
      Use hot tap water.
      Place all ingredients into blender, put on lid, and blend for about a minute. The mixture will thicken as it cools.

      This home-made condensed milk can be used immediately in any recipe. It will keep unrefrigerated for a day or two because of all the sugar. It will keep for 2 weeks in the fridge. It also freezes well.

      Recipe for 1 cup home-made evaporated milk:
      1 cup instant dry milk powder
      3/4 cup water
      Stir or shake to combine

  3. hello anuja

    you look very dull , what’s up ? be’se of india move or whatever it is? amazing receipe as usual. cheer up


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