Recipe Book Giveaway

Holidays are here and everyone is looking for recipes and dishes to make for parties, gatherings, potlucks.
Tell us about ONE recipe from that you have made for a party or a get-together and it was just a phenomenal success.
What did you like about the dish or what do you think was the best part about the recipe? Your feedback will help others decide on the perfect recipe for this holiday season.
Tell us for a chance to win a copy of Shubhra Ramineni’s “Entice with Spice”.

Though we’d love everyone’s feedback, the book giveaway is only open to US or Canadian residents only.
– 1 book will be given away at random
– winner will be announced 1st December 2012
– to be eligible and notified to win, please enter your email in the email field of the comment box

Happy Holidays Everyone!

WINNER: Comment # 25 – Angie (picked at random) Congratulations!
Thank you everyone for all the beautiful, funny, sweet and touching responses. We loved reading through each and every one of them.

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0 thoughts on “Recipe Book Giveaway

  1. Butternut Squash with Kala Channa!!

    I first made this for a neighborhood pot-luck dinner and it was a WOW. Everybody was interested in what spices were used (Panch Phoran), and the dish was the star of the dinner. So I’m making it again this afternoon, for tomorrow’s family Thanksgiving dinner. This is a perfect dish for this time of year, with its fall colors and seasonal vegetable. And it also works for an American Thanksgiving — it is Indian food, and probably as exotic as the food brought by American Indians all those years ago.
    * * *
    Thanks again so much for your wonderful blog. I just wish that you’d get an intern to translate all your pressure-cooker recipes for use in pressure cookers that don’t use the “whistle” method of timing. Pressure cookers are gaining in popularity, and so is Indian cuisine — THAT would be a cookbook that could rival any on the market, and would have a long selling life, too!

  2. Hi Ladies,

    You guys rock ! I love the way u folks say the measurements and use the way u cook…fabulous….My all time favorite recipes of ur is “Kulfi” Our style Indian ice-cream dessert. Its one of the must/mandatory item in our menu for all the party that happens in our house.
    I wish u both “Good Luck n Success” in making different style of food.
    ~Happy Cooking…Keep Rocking!!!

  3. Hi there! I use your recipes all the time. I’m married to a Punjabi Indian man and I love to be able to cook the foods that he loves and that he grew up with. I’ve tried several Indian recipe sites but he only loves the recipes that I cook from your site. I am the gori wife who loves Show Me the Curry recipes!!! Thank you for your help with my cooking!! 🙂

  4. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    I love all your recipes..And tried out many of them.
    But the one me, my family and friends like the most is “Broccoli with Besan Subzi”.
    This is very unique way to make kids to eat broccoli which is very good for health..Love the Garlic test in it..

    Please keep posting recipes like this…

  5. I only recently tried Indian food for the first time and I absolutely fell in love. While talking with a friend and telling her about how much I crave Indian food now, she told me about this website and how she learned how to make authentic Indian food that even impressed her Indian parents, who were initially skeptical when she said she found the recipes on a website. So my sister and I decided to try to make the chicken pasanda and it turned out PHENOMINAL!! It was really easy to make and even my parents, who generally are not very adventurous eaters, fell in love with it. I’ve made it several times since then.

  6. Hi,you guys really are showstealers!!! All your recipies are so simple…without any fuss. The first one I tried was kalakand,it was for my daughter’s birthday party. I had to cook for around 60-70 people and spending time on the dessert (sweet) was last thing on my mind. That was when I came across your kalakand recipie. It was hardly time consuming!!! And I was sooo surprised by the result… I had some silver foil which, I used to decorate on the top with the pistachios and badam.BINGA!!!my dessert was ready:) No one would ever believe it was homemade. Thanks for you guys…This kalakand has become sentimental to me that I made it for my son’s first birthday too 😉

  7. “Paneer Masala Bread” is the ONE recipe that I made for a get-together and everyone loved it.

    For get together and holiday season, you tend to make sweet, so first thing I liked it was it was salty. Even though the recipe first I read it seemed very tedious. But when I started to make it, it was far much easier than what I had thought !

    The best part of the recipe was the aroma my house was filled it while I was baking this bread. Very nice aroma and seems like it was festive time !!

    Thanks Hetal and Anuja for this awesome recipe 🙂

  8. Hi SMTC team wish you a very happy favorite food is pani puri whan i heard that we will be going to Canada my first question was what about my pani puri? thanks to you guys from your recipe i tried to make puries and it came out perfect ,i think that was one of the most happiest moment or u can say an achievement for a person like me who cant even make normal puries properly. this happened only because of you Hetal and Anuja and of course your team.the another think which i made was Quinoa pulao being a nutritionist i was aware about the nutritional facts but was not getting any interesting recipe to cook it,again thank you you for making this pulao a part of my and my patient’s (specially vegetarian as its very good vegetarian source of protein) regular meal plan.
    “A good teacher can make a difficult subject interesting”.this is for u Hetal and Anuja
    .keep on posting easy and interesting recipes for us . Thank you and All the best.

  9. Dear girls:

    I am a girl from Peru, South America, and I’m married to a marvelous Indian man and have an amazing and loving Indian family.
    Before getting married, I had never cooked, not even yummy Peruvian food (I used to be a busy single attorney with no knowledge, need or interest in cooking), so the fist cuisine I have learnt after marrying was Indian food, vegetarian Indian food to be more precise.
    I am so happy to share with you that my husband had certified me as “Indian chef” and it is thanks to you.
    I had prepared almost all of your recipes, even the non-vegetarian, substituting it with paneer, mushrooms, tofu or simply with vegetables. We had tried all your deserts too. I make masala in bulk, my own paneer, dahi, vegetarian meat (seitan), etc. that is a big deal for me, a person with not previous knowledge of cooking, who can feed her family with amazingly tasty food. And the best part is that I do not even have to learn the recipes, it is always a pleasure to cook them while watching you…
    Easiest for a party: coconut barfi, butter paneer, chole bhature or rajma, quinoa pulao, for the kids: potato stew from Kerala, eggless dates and wallnut cake and panna (raw mango drink)… love you guys, keep the yummy food recipes coming!

  10. Hey ladies,

    Let me start by telling how much I have been in love with all the recipes in your website. I have been following it closely for past 3 years and I must have tried almost ALL veg dishes!!
    One dish that is always a hit at all the parties is the veg biryani! I have always received amazing compliments on that!
    Also the banana nut bread has been the BEST bread that I ever made!! Everyone lick their fingers out!
    From a NO-COOK to a great one, it has been an amazing journey following your recipes and receiving great compliments from hubby and guests alike! They are all super impressed!!
    Love you!

  11. You girls are doing an awesome job putting these videos together. Love your presentation since both of you are candid yet professional at all the time!!

    I made Peda & they turned out so delicious!! Lot of people started following that recipe after they tried them.

    Keep up the good work 🙂


  12. Hey Hetal and Anuja – I have tried most of your recipes and the I would say it was the molten lava cake that happened to be a hit. I had made it a couple of times and it came out so well every time. I have tried reducing the amount and also doubling/tripling it. It is a great make ahead dessert too. The chocolaty goodness was something that I would try as often as I could.

    Happy Holidays from Arizona!

  13. Chicken Curry In A Hurry! It’s one of our favorites and I make it regularly. Since we are vegans I use a prepared substitute called Gardein chick’n and since that is fully cooked this recipe is even faster to prepare. Tastes like I worked for hours!

  14. I made Chocolate Burfi this year as a diwali giveaway gift to all my friends and family. All of them just LOVED it. Sent some for my in laws in India too, through a friend and they just couldnt stop praising it. MY Father in law called me to tell me how much he loved it nd was very intrigued to know how I had prepared the two layers of the burfi. After eating it, my friends now call me the “Mithai Queen” 🙂
    My id is

  15. I made Chocolate Burfi this year as a diwali giveaway gift to all my friends and family. All of them just LOVED it. Sent some for my in laws in India too, through a friend and they just couldnt stop praising it. MY Father in law called me to tell me how much he loved it nd was very intrigued to know how I had prepared the two layers of the burfi. After eating it, my I am called the “Mithai Queen” in my friend circle 🙂
    My id is

  16. Dear SMCs,

    Congrats !!! great, dedicated , passionate work being continue with such a adorable fashion. we have to been keening following your stuffs and its crisp and neat. if at all comment we would like hear more from our cultural food may be based on theme or state or color what ever. or some kind of series that can be hooked and searched. there are lot great videos drilling down to right category to find out whether an item is there ot not is kind of google.
    i sure you gals can rock on.

  17. Hi..Hetal and Anuja.
    I feel very Fortunate to find your recipe videos…i made alot of recipes..but for the one i genuinely got appreciated is GOBI MANCHURIAN..i made for my husband’s potluck at his office…many of his colleagues asked for the recipe..and even his senior manager came to his desk and told him how delicious was Gobi Manchurian..
    And later that day hubby has been awarded as the best it just doubled our joy..
    All thanks to you both..
    Looking forward to see more n more recipes

  18. Hi Ladies,

    First of all I would like to thank to of you for bringing SMTC in our life, when we are very far from our home and Mom to learn the new recipes. Thank you very much for being with us in our kitchen.
    Once I made Vegetable biryani on mu hubby’s B’day, initially he was saying, why are you putting so much effort in a biryani and too that Veg one. He thought that Biryani means non-veg only but when I served that veg biryani…….he was speech less. He said that I never had that delicious biryani, every masala, vegetable, rice everything has it’s own taste in this.
    From that day he never go out for biryani, he love this veg one.
    Not only my hubby but on if his friend, he is from Hyderabad so he knows about that typical Hyderabadi Biryani, he is also a big fan of that. Now in every potluck or gathering I always asked for that biryani only.
    What I really like about that recipe is every this has it’s own flavor, multiple steps but easy to coock and great for party because It warms till 2-3 hrs after baking as well and moreover it itself a full meal, no need to cook anything else.

    Thanks for everything.

  19. First off thank you for all the trouble you go through in putting up each recipe. It is greatly appreciated!!!
    The one recipe I have made soooooo many times is the “Tres Leches” cake!!!! It is a sure hit every time I make it. My mother-in-law in explaining to some one who had never tried it before said in gujarati “aa aapdi Rasmalai jevij cake che” .. translated .. this is a cake that taste just like the Indian dessert Rasmalai. I look forward to reading your posts every week. If you are ever here in the Seattle area please do call on me .. will be happy to host you and make Tres Leches for you :).

  20. Kadhai Chicken is my favorite recipe I have made from Show Me the Curry yet. My mother and I made it for Shabbat dinner Friday night a few weeks ago for our family and it was a great success! Everyone loved the flavors and spices. We were eating the leftovers for days. We don’t have very much experience with Indian food and we love that the recipe came with a video so we could make sure we were doing everything right. My favorite part about the recipe is that although there are many ingredients it is very simple to put together. I also like that you can make the dish as spicy or mild as you desire by deciding how many green chilies to add. The low fat option of using evaporated milk instead of cream is nice as well for those wanting to watch their weight. Thank you for all you do, and keep the recipes coming!

    Nicole from Valrico, FL

  21. The best part about your recipes are they are easy to follow and do not have exotic ingredients that are hard to find. For Navratri Puja , I made your Chocolate Burfis !!! I was initially hesitant whether they would come out as well as yours in the video. But low behold, they not only looked professional , but also tasted delicious. This is one easy recipe you want to make for your friends and family. Everyone loves chocolate and its so easy to impress your guests and family with this easy recipe. You can even add some hazelnut or badam to the chocolate and it will be a chocolate dry fruit burfi !! One recipe you must try 🙂 .. Happy Holidays, everyone 🙂

  22. Let me just say how much I love your site. After I married an Indian I had no clue how to make the food he was used to. I learned a few things on my own, but this site and the wonderful recipes (and especially the videos) really helped. My kids prefer the dessert recipes, chocolate burfi and gulab jamun in particular, but my husband loves the curries. Thank you!

  23. I make nan khatai ALL the time for my friends at work! The love it, and it’s so simple and easy, I always have the ingredients on hand. I also love to make Anuja’s mom’s chicken prasanda, my husband can’t get enough of it.

  24. Happy New Years to you Anuja and Hetal!

    I’ve been following your blog for over 2 years now and I have made so many items from your site! Both of you ladies have taught me so much! I am a visual learner, and watching you make these different dishes instead of just reading the recipe from a book was so helpful. I am so confident in my cooking now that I am able to entertain up to 40-50 people for a dinner party! This was something I was never able to do before. You’ve made desi food easy to cook and if I can do it anyone can.

    One of my family’s favorite recipes of yours is the methi malai mater and I make that with your naan or tandoori roti and brown rice and sometimes your simple daal fry recipe.

    I also have the book, The Healthy Indian Diet, which has really inspired me to make more Indian dishes because of all the health benefits. It’s really changed my perspective on Indian food all together!

    Keep those videos coming! Thanks for everything!

  25. I made phulka for a friends movie night. We cook and eat together before we watch a DVD. I didn’t warn them about how it puffs up so it was like doing a magic show!

  26. Dear Girls,
    I have always been intimidated about cooking as growing up I was not encouraged to and so did not even make tea till the age of 25.

    But with you too,you make everything so simple yet so delicious that is seems and looks easy and it really is not that hard to get that mouthwatering, as if you have been at it for hours effect:)):

    Your instructions are detailed and precise so i know what to expect.

    I had make malai chicken kababs for a party.. i could adjust the amount of spice differently without making a whole separtae portion for children and adults in a jiffy…
    They turned out awesome and were gone in the blink of an eye!! THANKYOU!! THANKYOU!!

    1. Ditto! I had always been intimidated by cooking as well. Never cooked a whole year after getting married. Then health wise wasn’t doing so great, so looked up recipes online and yours was the only site which inspired me to actually go into the kitchen and start cooking. You make it in a easy manner. Thanks to you my Health has improved quite a lot.

  27. Hey STMC team! I made ur strawberry short cake for our wedding anniv and it jus turned amazing. The best part abt it was that it had no eggs and it was certainly a feast to a non egg lover like me. Also I tried your other recipes like paneer pinwheels, blueberry muffins and pizza for our get-together party. I like the way you explain why we do a particular step like coating the blueberries with dry flour etc. The measurements r perfect too.
    Keep going!

    ~ Priya

  28. Hey,

    I have made a lot of your recipes, but the best one was mirchi ka salan. It was appreciated extra ordinarily, one of my frnds even said, “mirchi ka ye bhi ban sakta hai meko pata hi nai tha”.

    It’s fun, to cook your recipes.

  29. Dear Anuja and Hetal – you have been my go-to authorities for fast, delicious Indian food for years now. As a non-Indian who didn’t grow up with an Indian mom or auntie to teach me technique, I depend on your videos for great visual how-tos to access the nuances of foods I love. You always teach me something new!

    Your Poha Chivda has become a mainstay for me. I love crunchy snacks and this is one of the best. I love how easy it is to vary flavors from batch to batch. I like making it “green” with cilantro and chili, or earthy and brown with chat masala. I’ve also introduced it to most of my friends. For parties, I like to put bowls of it around the room. One time a friend was munching on it as we talked and suddenly stopped to say “What *is* this? It’s totally addictive!” I sent her home with a baggie of chat masala to experiment with. Another friend has mailed her father on the gulf of Texas poha chivda “kits” and a link to your page because he loves discovering interesting food from around the world but can’t access much in his area.

    Thanks for everything, Ladies! Keep it up!

  30. Hello Ladies, I have seen each and everyone of your videos. My family likes Indian dishes and I have found a few recipes here on your site. The first Indian dish I made came directly from you… Chicken Korma. My favorite. The whole family loved it. You made it so simple to cook that I had to use your recipe. I was not disappointed in the dish. It was so wonderful but mostly it was easy to make! Thanks

  31. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    Thank you so much for making cooking easy for my American born kids. Your recipes are wonderful and easy to follow. We really appreciate the large variety of recipes to select from.


  32. Hi Anuja and Hetal,
    You guys are awesome. In all my numerous Internet searches your website proved to be the best. Not intending to flatter you guys but u do deserve flattery. I have made most of your dishes. As a matter of fact I just made poha from your website. And it was good. I am a catholic so getting authentic Indian receipes was difficult till a friend recommended your site. I will be making most of my dishes from your site for my Christmas party at home. I made chicken passanda, chicken 13 too almond with malai matter and spinach raita for my baby’s christening party and it won me a lot of complements from friends and family. Believe your receipes are so good that I am ashamed to say I don’t want to share your website with anyone. just. Kidding I will share, if asked. Good job and keep the receipes coming. Going to try the walnut barfi for my Christmas sweets too.

  33. I love cooking with you two! I am not Indian so the videos are so much help!
    I love the samosas. I made for a group of 10 and everyone loved them. I think the lemon added a special taste which does not always come out in those made in the restaurants. I did have one indian couple at the gathering and they gave it two thumbs up as well. They disappeared quickly which is always the best compliment one could get.
    Thanks so much for all the wonderful food!!!

  34. Hi Anuja and Hetal,
    Thanks to your blog, I can actually cook now! Before getting married, I had never seen the side of the kitchen.. but now, because of your blog, the easy recipes and the way you put it across, I enjoy cooking. One of the recipes I made from your blog was the Kaju Khatli and it was an absolute HIT! The guests I gave it to didn’t believe that it was not one from the store and it is one of the recipes which I have been asked to share ALWAYS! It is also so quick to make that most of the potlucks I attends, I take this with me and it has become such a favorite amongst the groups that I am actually demanded to get this when I attend them. Thank you so much! You have made my life easier, better and tastier 🙂

  35. Hands down your recipe for foccacia–I love that it’s (almost) a one pot recipe+ the part where I can prepare it in advance (while it rises in the oven I get enough time to actually get ready for the party and not have to slave over the stove till the last minute—major bonus!)

    It also looks amazing and smells even more amazing while baking. And for some strange reason, everyone in the desi community here just loves it. I’ve adapted this recipe to work with what I have at hand–goes great with pesto and with my signature spinach-artichoke dip.

    A winner all around–thank you!

  36. I have made Gobi Manchuria ALL the time as an appetizer for most of my parties or potlucks. This recipe is just outstanding. What everyone likes about the recipe was the sauce and of course the crispiness of the cauliflower in the sauce. For me, the best part of the recipe was the sauce and the fact that you can substitute anything for the cauliflower. Happy holidays to your guys’ family.

  37. Hi Anuja and Hetal, first of all kudos to you gals, your recipes are fantastic. Every recipe has been HIT at my home and among my friends. Well, I remember when my husband told me that he is inviting his 2 Russian friends for dinner and I had to plan the menu. I was shocked as I was going to make food for non-Indians for the very first time. I visited and surfed a little bit and selected following recipes: Butter Chicken, Butter Paneer, Baingan Bhurta and Naan. The best part is it was a snap making all the recipes and I was done in 2 – 3 hours. This is what I like about your recipes that most of the time consuming recipes are so easy to prepare. The dinner was total HIT. My husband’s friends had to ask ( literally beg ) for the recipes especially for Butter Chicken and Butter Paneer and I had to give them your website.

    I thank you for making such a great web site which helps a novice like me to cook better and make my family happy by the end of the day. I wish you and your family Happy Holidays.

  38. Made your coconut burfi for diwali party…it was a huge success and when I shared the recipe everybody’s jaws dropped that it was so simple and 3-ingredients. thanks for posting these wonderful recipes.

  39. Hi ladies,
    For sure you are doing a wonderful job. I had a Diwali party and I made veg patties for appetizer and spinach and cholay for main course from your site. and it came out amazing.
    Thanks and keep it up.

  40. Hello to the both of you from Toronto, Canada.

    Mine is a very funny story (to me)

    I am pure “GORI”, my husband Jutt Sikh (cuts his hair) anyhow….

    When we invite people over 99% of the crowd is from India, north and south sides.

    They all ask who made the food? My husband replies my wife did! They all reply ACHA!, but they look at me like I picked it up at the Daba! Later in dicussion I tell them where I learned how to cooked such authentic meals. Voila! there is your SHOW ME THE CURRY website, helping out those are just begginning and those that are already seasoned cooks.

    I appreciate all your recipes like Kala Channa, to Cabbage Subzi to Sambhar. They all turn out great. I am partial to Paneer so I follow those very closely and everyone enjoys.

    I am going to make the Puran Poli because it seems to be a very simple recipe and by now I can whip out a Paratha like nobodies business.

    Thanks for making this “white girl” a success with her family in Canada as well as showing off some stuff while in Dehli with her in-laws. If you think being an Indian girl has alot to prove try being a white girl! and gaining that “acceptance” factor.

    THANKS for the therapy….

    Faye in Toronto

  41. Masala Cornish Hen.
    It was just a phenomenal success.
    This is right time make this dish.
    This is the right replacement for Turkey.
    For Indians the taste of chicken is better than Turkey.
    Each and everyone the just liked & enjoyed this awesome dish during this Thanksgiving weekend, last year.

  42. Wish you both and your families too Happy Holidays guys.Your recipes are incredible and always a hit with a crowd.And sorry to say that but I always take the credit on your behalf :)And all thanks to you ladies out there who put in so much effort and time to create such lip smacking recipes.I have tried a lot of recipes from your site.To name a few …Paneer pinwheels,Stuffed Jalopenos,ragda pattice,Quesadillas,poha chivda,veg korma,bottle gourd kofta and many more :)Ufff the list is endless.Would like to mention that the black bean dip is always on my menu as it is always a hit no matter how many times i make it :)Also tried your coconut barfi this Diwali and my hubby took it to office and his mail box was flooded with mails from both desi and videshi colleagues thanking for the sweets especially the coconut barfi and asking for the recipe too :)All thanks to you guys for posting such amazing recipes.All the best !!!!

  43. Happy New Year to 2 of the awesomest gals on blogosphere!! Where do I start with my love for SMTC?? Every recipe I have made turns out yummy. I have made so many of your recipes and all have received rave reviews, Kalakand, Chocolate Burfi, Vegetable Jalfrezi, cakes, breads, etc, etc… Everyone has their favorites – my boys love the desserts, while my husband enjoys the rest… You explain each recipe with such simplicity and clear presentation that making it becomes less intimidating. The last time, I made Vegetable Jalfrezi for my husband’s 40th birthday, it took center stage (Thankfully I had make extra because it was one dish everyone went back for 2nds and 3rds.) I am so thankful to both of you for creating such a great site for passionate cooks and for your dedication to cooking and your fans.
    Great job. Looking forward to trying more of your recipes.

  44. Hi Hetal and Anuja, I would like to congratulate you on the great work you have been doing.I made kalakand for Diwali to share with my colleagues in office.( Each one of us had to bring in one sweet to share with everyone else in the team). My Indian colleagues knew how much effort it takes to make kalakand , so they were in awe that inspite of my busy schedule i was able to bring in such an awesome tasting sweet.It did equally well with my american colleagues as well. One of my american colleague just couldnt stop eating, she ate like 4 pieces which she told she was saving for her hubby ( who she told loves indian sweets).So I stole the show on that day and the next day I was geneorus enough to point them the link to quick and yummy kalakand.;-) Kudos to you guys…You are an awesome team.

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