King of Street Food – Paan (Betel Leaf)!

Paan is sold in small corner-stores as well as some fancy shops all of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and neighboring countries. The “Paan-walas” stuff lots of different things into a pan and it is enjoyed as a mouth freshener as well has some digestive properties to it as well. There are a lot of flavors of Paan – the most common being the “Meetha Paan” ( my favorite and that’s I ordered), Sada Paan (Plain Paan minus the Gulukand) and many many more. I consider Paan as the King of Indian Street Food!

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10 thoughts on “King of Street Food – Paan (Betel Leaf)!

    1. Not sure where you are located but if you are in US, you get dry katha/choona in Indian stores with which you can make paan anytime at home by mixing few drops of water. Gulkand also does not spoil in fridge for a long time.

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