Chicken 65

Submitted by: Kranthi Devineni


1 lb chicken
1/2 cup yogurt
A pinch of ajinomotto (optional)
2-3 tsp soya sauce
3-4 tbsp corn flour
2-3 green chilies
1 tsp ginger-garlic paste
Salt to taste
Red food coloring
Oil for deep frying


1. Mix the chicken pieces with yogurt, salt and cook the chicken until the pieces are tender and all the water evaporates. Keep the chicken pieces aside.
2. Mix ajinomotto, soya sauce, corn flour, ginger-garlic paste, red coloring and salt in a bowl and marinate the cooked chicken pieces. Marinate for 4-5 hours.
3. Deep fry the chicken pieces in oil and drain.
4. Also deep fry the sliced green chilies and decorate on the top of the chicken pieces.

ShowMeTheCurry Notes:
This is a very popular chicken dish and has a simple yet amazing flavor.

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0 thoughts on “Chicken 65

  1. hey u guys , u both doing a really great job. tried many dishes of urs and the gobi manchuri!!! my family went mad my sis added paneer , gobi, mushrooms and what no and was amazing.
    but now i have a small request can u please post a video for the chicken 65 please. I tried doing it but the marination was too dry and the chicken wasnt coated well:( a disaster
    please help me.
    Thank u
    Najah 😀

      1. hey hetal and anuja.. hope u guys are good .. just wanted to tell you dat im still waiting for your chicken 65 recipe(video) 🙁

  2. There is more that you might want to consider after you fry the chicken as below

    Put some of the fried oil in a pan (like 3 Tbl Spn).
    Add green chillies, fry for up to 1 minutes.
    Add curry leaves and let them sputter for about 20 secs.
    Now add add some yogurt(50-75 grms) fry for about 1-2 min.
    Now add into it a paste made out of one half cup of water, cilantro, lots of mint leaves, chat masala, some cumin powder and salt to taste, reduce flame to low and cook till the water is absorbed and chicken is tender.
    Then increase the flame to high, stir vigorously, so that the masala does not stick to the bottom, till all the water is completely absorbed.


    1. hello, Tamir patel i have a request can you please explain ur recipe in detail for chicken 65. I cant understand when and how did u add the chicken. Would be realy kind of you thank you

  3. Can you tell me how long we have to keep the chicken in yogurt or just mix the chicken in yogurt and cook it

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