Chocolate Burfi (Barfi)

Chocolate Burfi is the perfect little dessert for the holidays, Indian festivals, parties or as a hostess gift! The part we love about this barfi is that it looks like you have worked really hard and spent a lot of time on this item, but no one needs to know the truth! The fantastic presentation and yummy taste…get ready to amaze yourself!

Prep Time: 5 min
Cook Time: 10 min
Setting Time: 2-4 hours
Makes: approx. 30 pcs.


Instant Dry Milk (Milk Powder) – 5 cups (approx 365 gm)
Heavy Whipping Cream – 1 pint / 473 ml
Powdered Sugar – 1.25 cup (approx 150 gm)
Chocolate Chips – 1/2 cup
Unsweetened Cocoa Powder – 1 tsp


1. In a deep microwave-safe bowl, mix the following: Instant Dry Milk, Powdered Sugar and Heavy Whipping Cream.
2. Mix very well.
3. Cook in the Microwave for a minute at a time, taking it out every time and mixing it very well.
4. Ours cooked for 8 minutes.
5. Every microwave is different, look for the mixture fluffing and folding in. Keep and eye on it and make sure it does not spill over. Stop cooking once the mixture is folding in.
6. Mix again and pour 3/4th of the mixture onto a greased (or lines with wax paper) baking pan or thali.
7. Spread and level out the mixture.
8. To the balance of the mixture in the bowl, add in the Cocoa Powder and Chocolate Chips while it’s still hot.
9. Mix till all the powder is mixed in and the Chips have melted.
10. Pour the balance of the mixture to form a top layer.
11. If you want to make swirls, use a butter knife and gently bring the white part of the mixture up to form swirls.
12. Allow the Burfi to set and solidify in the refrigerator (min 2 hrs).
13. Cut into desired shape.
14. Store in the refrigerator and serve at room temperature.

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0 thoughts on “Chocolate Burfi (Barfi)

  1. Hi hetal and anuja
    How r u…..ya pls do lot of icecream varities childrens r more fond of icecream i do mango ice cream as show but pls do more of ice creams varities so that we can learn thank u………..

  2. Hi Anju and Hetal,

    First time to comment here. You have an awesome website. I tried the chocolate burfi last night and it came out very good. Initially, I was kind of doubtful to try it as a few of your readers had some trouble in getting the final output. However, I trusted your instructions and followed it exactly. The final product turned out exactly like yours. I will be serving this for my New Year eve party. Will keep you posted on the feeback my friends would give.

    Thanks again for the wonderful recipe. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

  3. Love this recipe. And its super easy to make. I made it for the holidys and everyone loved it.

    Thanks you guys. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Hetal, Anuja,

    I had your chocolate burfi at a friend’s place and loved it. She referred me to your website and I enjoyed watching the video as well. I tried making your recipe with half the quantities, but I didn’t get the exact same result as my friend’s. It was flaky and not easy to cut, but the taste was good. Will try once more with the exact amount of ingredients. My question for you is, my husband does not like chocolate, so I’d like to make it in some other flavor, do you recommend any other layer than chocolate. Can I add mango puree to it? or ground pistachios, or any other flavors. Waiting for your suggestion. Thank you…the recipes are awesome. Our whole family enjoys watching your videos, especially my 6 year old daughter who finds it quite entertaining and says its better than Food Network!

    Waiting for your reply. Thanks again.

  5. Did you use unsweetened chocolate or semi-sweet? Is the cream 35%M.F.? The one I have says 35%M.F whipping cream in a carton. Should I use the powder milk by cups or weight, i have read some problems with that.thank you,

    1. Hi
      Anuja and Hetal didi probably used semi-sweet choco chunks and you can use any cream but if the consistency isn’t thick, you can add milk powder more.

  6. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    The burfis came out AWESOME! I used Walmart brand milk powder and heavy whipping cream. Didn’t do the chocolate version. The first batch I did, I added lime green coloring.
    For the second batch, which I did a day later, I very absent-mindedly added regular granulated sugar (not very big granules) instead, but also added rose essence and pink coloring. the pieces actually were so easy to cut!
    I have frozen them for use in a week’s time. Hopefully they’s retain the texture/taste after thawing…

    Thanks again!

  7. awesome chocolate burfi…thanks a lot for the recipe…its a huge hit…my hubby hogged on the burfis…so did my friends…they loved it

  8. hi hetal and anuja,

    as i write this comment i am sitting waiting for the choco burfi to cool and set…..i just wish it comes out awesome……i followed ur instructions to the T….but i used 4 cups istead of 5 and i think it shud work coz if i ahd sued 5 cups then the whole stuff wud have become real dry….i thot lemme first try 4 cups and then add the 5th if the batter is kinda loose but it turned out fine….i will let you know how it turned out

  9. Hi Hetal & Anuja,
    Tried this one and it came out very good although i had to put it in the MW for 11 mins and it was a little granulated but it was good and i had some silve foil i got from india which i put on top of it and the result was just amazing!
    Thanks a lot for all your fabulous recipes. also tried your kadhai chicken and it was also very good.

  10. Hi Anuja & Hetal,

    I tried making the burfi yesterday but IT WAS A DISASTER ! I was soooooooooo upset….I wish I could get the kind of consistency your showing in the video. My measurements were all exactly the same as yours. I used 5 cups of instant skim milk powder and 473 ml of heavy whipping cream. My measuring cup is the one that I bought from Walmart…ok..this was my result….
    1. I didn’t at all get the pouring consitency like yours…
    2. By every minute in the microwave my mixture was getting thicker & thicker
    3. As you suggested the mixture did not fluff up and fold in
    :(((…plz tell me what went wrong….but only good thing was that …the taste was awesome..:)

    1. Hi Vrinda,

      Sorry to hear about your disaster:(
      We guess that either the Instant Dry milk is different and that is causing issues or that the microwave is cooking at a different temperature…

      We have used the Walmart brand of Dry Milk and Whipping cream, you can try that next time and atleast we will know that those are not the problem areas.
      Let us know the feedback once you give it another shot! Hopefully we will find a solution!

  11. Girls,

    Thanks for wonderful service you are doing for free.

    I tried your resmalai with home made paneer. It tured out really awesome.

    Can you show us how to make SOFT rasmalai using cottage cheese or ricotta cheese? I tried rasmalai using these cheese. It tured out either hard or rubbery.


  12. Hi hetal And Anuja
    Sorry for keep asking you questions
    I once again went to aldi to check for Heavy whiiping cream
    The store does not seem it i have also checked various other stores and dont seem to find it
    Please can you tell me if there is a subsitute as we all love chocolate burfi adn would like to take it to our journey
    Please can you answer
    Thanks ur doing a fab job 🙂

      1. You will definitely find in Giant as they have Giant Brand Heavy Whipping cream and also giant brand non-fat instant dry milk powder.

    1. Hi Haj,

      The heavy whipping cream can be found in the dairy case – next to Half and Half, milk, soymilk, etc. Walmart definitely carries it.

        1. Hey Haj,
          You can use any cream probably I know that as I used Amul Fresh Cream, and the burfi turned out as wonderful and edible it should be.

  13. Hi Hetal & Anuja,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe.Just wanted to know about the chocolate chips you have used is it sweet or bitter ?

  14. I am going to try as it looks really yummy! Can i use low fat cream and low fat skim milk powder instead to cut the fat and calories? Would the results be the same? I am planning to do in a couple of days but i need to know before i buy the ingredients.


    1. Hi Romina,

      The milk powder we used is a non-fat version. We have not tried the low fat cream so cannot give you an accurate answer. Sorry.

  15. Hey Hetalbhen,

    This recipe was a hit!!!! I made two batches in the last 5 days! Only thing I would suggest is to make sure you let it chill in the fridge for a 5 to 6 hours to make sure it is firm when you cutup pieces! (Major brownie points with the aunts this weekend =0)

  16. Hi im asking you another question
    My mum has bought all the recipes need except heavy whipped cream
    We did go to the supermarket but have not seen heavy whipped cream.
    They are only whipped cream and it is not in a carton
    Will that do?
    Btw thanks for answering my chocolate chip question

    1. Hi Haj,

      You need heavy whipping cream, not whipped cream. Not sure where you live, but our local grocery store carries the cardboard cartons of heavy whipping cream (in the liquid form) in the dairy case (with milk, half and half, etc). Hope you can find it.

  17. Hey Anuja:
    For the dry milk powder, did u mean 40 oz(considering 1 cup = 8 oz). If that is the case, then it will be more than 365gms isnt it? because a 12 oz pack is coming to 340gms.
    please let me know.

    1. Hi Madhu,

      When we say 5 cups, it’s volume and not weight. We do that because we know a lot of people do not have weighing scales at home.
      So you need 40 oz of milk powder in volume and what is written on the box is by weight.
      Hope that clears any doubt!

      1. But see, all milk powder brands are not the same in density. For me (Brand: White Rose) 5 cups by volume came to 450 grams in weight. So 4 cups would’ve been closer to 365 grams.
        The barfi was still edible so thanks anyway for your simple and superquick recipe!

        1. Hi RKB,

          Thanks for pointing out that different brands of milk powder may weigh different. We always use the same one so were not aware of this.

  18. ur website is simply amazing and u both r too gud. I love all ur recipies.going to try chocolate barfi..fingers crossed. Cud u pls post the recipe for kalakand.dnt want to search any other website..

    1. hi alpana…
      here r 2 kalakand recipes for u( sorry i dont have the traditional one)…

      1) steamed kalakand-

      paneer(preferably from cow’s milk) – 1/2 cup
      milk powder – 1 cup
      powdered sugar – 1/2 cup
      yogurt(shoudnt be sour) – 2tbsp
      ghee – 1tsp
      cardomom powder – 1tsp
      kewra essence – 4-5 drops

      mix together all the ingredients in a bowl to obtain a dropping consistency. grease a plate with ghee and pour this mixture onto it. place the plate in a pressure cooker (dont forget to remove the whistle) and steam cook for about 12-15 mins over low heat. remove it and allow to cool…cur into desired shape…garnish with dry fruits…n serve..

      2) microwave

      milk pwdr – 9 tbsp
      curd – 2 tbsp
      ghee – 4 tbsp
      condensed milk – 150 ml
      elaichi powder – 1/4 tsp (garnishing)
      pista powder(optional)- for garnishing..

      mix everything together (except elaichi n pista powder)…mix all well…
      m/w for 2 mins….take out…mix well again…
      m/w for another 2 mins…take out…mix again…
      lastly microwave for 1 min…mix well…pour in a greased thali…leave in refrigerator to set…cut in desired shape…


  19. Hi Hetal and Anuja,
    First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR AND HAPPY DIWALI..the sound and the video quality is much better then before..I tried the cho. Barfi and it came out very tasty although i had to put mixture in microwave for 11 mins.. also my burfis has granules that you can see, i dosen’t look that creamy and smooth the way it shows in ur video..can you plz. advise where did i go wrong?? again taste wise it was fantastic but it was hard to cut since it was little sogi in beginging and then it has lots ofvery tiny chunks in white part of burfi..also if you can add easy recipe for thick and hard SHRIKHAND just like in India i will appriciate it..thank you tc

    1. Hi Jigna,
      The only thing that we can think of is that different brands of milk powder may react differently. We used Kroger brand.
      We are glad you enjoyed it!

      Will put Shrikhand on our list!

  20. Hello Hetal And Anuja,

    A very Happy Diwali and Prosperous New Year For both of you.
    Wonderfull recipe..I just loved it.For diwali i prepared Pedas and belive me my friend loved it soo much.. peda is my hubby’s favuorite dish now.I prepared it so many times and it stayed all time hit in my house..Thanks for such a gr8 recipe and simple as well..
    I saw this recipe after diwali, but definately i will try it in near future..
    Thanks again:)

  21. hi hetal&Anuja
    nice to c ur recipi..want to try it out …..last time i made peda but my microwave ur microwave s different it wen flop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we r living n dubai may be there s difference in the microwave anyway i ll chk this ….


  22. Your recipes are easy to follow and they turn out good. I am going to try this recipe for Diwali.

    However, one suggestion- sound on the video are low even if I have it on high. Both of you need to speak a little louder. Thanks.


  23. Anuja di,

    Sorry for filling ur page with my comments & queries.
    Im so upset. 🙁 yest i went and got all ingredients. I just had milk powder. And i presumed that u use the measuring cups that are available in US stores. i have those from dollar store. And i took 5 cups of 1 cup measurent cup…i mean that i used that which reads 1 cup..235 ml. So, i took 5 of that and for sugar, i took 1 cup + 1/4 cup measurement.
    And need i mention abt the outcome? I better not.. 🙁
    And ya..i did see those gms measurements next to cups in ur video /text after i kept it in fridge.

    Can u advise me which cups i can use?


      1. Anuja didi,
        I really dont know what to tell about the consistency of the mixture…didi. It did take more than 8 mins looks granulated though and i never achieved that pouring consistency like yours when u poured it out of the MW for it to set. 🙁
        Didi, have u seen those measuring cups in dollar store? Those in the kitchen section..under those laddles. In that..i took 1 cup measure cup and took 5 cups of that…i mean…5 times i put it in my milk powder packet and took the milk powder. Do u think im okay or am i making a wrong measurement?

      2. Hi Priya and Anuja,
        I think similar thing happened to me. I used 5 cups (8 oz cup size) non-fat milk powder (Brand:White rose) and 1 pint heavy cream. The problem is 5 cups did not equal to 365 gm(which you mentioned in your recipe), it was ~450 grams (I used 5 small packets of milk powder, each ~90 grams). And the consistency, as Priya mentions, was quite thick, and it did not flow at all. It never quite rose and folded in. It was more like a loose dough. And it was getting drier with every extra minute in the microwave, so I still went ahead and set it to cool. And thankfully the barfis are not too bad, just extra flaky. Maybe not good enough to gift, but good enough to eat. 🙂 So in retrospect, 4 cups of milk powder (which would have made it closer to 360 grams) would’ve been perfect.

        Anyway, thanks for quick and easy the recipe!

        1. hey RKB,
          i was also trying to tell them the same thing. 🙁 5 cups were no way equaling 365 gms.
          Okay..ill try some time with 4 cups of milk powder and let u know.

  24. Hi Anuja and Hetal,

    Since Diwali is on the corner,i was trying to make your ras malai recipe but am confused can saffron be excluded from the dish or can we use mccormick spanish saffron.

    Please please help me to prepare my favorite dish.

  25. Hi Anuja n Hetal,

    i want to make this barfi today for diwali but i dont have whipping cream, can i use milk instead or i can make rabdi of milk…? please please answer quickly so that i can start, i will really appreciate.

    thanks a lot,

    1. Hi Sonal,
      Heavy Whipping Cream is the fat from the milk and Rabdi is milk boiled down…they are 2 different products. In all honesty, we have never tried and don’t know if it will work!
      If you do decide to do that, pl. do let us know the outcome.It will be very helpful to us and our viewers.

  26. Hi Anuja, Hetal

    I got “Mava” powder from the Indian store. Can it be used in the same way as milk powder in this recipe?

    Thanks again for sharing these yummy recipes 🙂


    1. Hi Shivani,
      Mava is full fat and we use non-fat milk powder and in some of the previos recipes where some viewrs tried to switch, it did not work. We, ourselves have never done that so really don’t know what advice to give you.
      If you do decide to do that, pl. do let us know the outcome.
      Sorry, for not being much help!

      1. Hi Anuja,

        I did try out your gulab jamun recipe with Mava instead of milk powder and they turned out to be perfect!

        Will definitely let you know when I make the chocolate burfi 🙂


  27. Hi Hetal and Anuja

    That was so superb. Wow .. and its sooooo easy …
    I loved the way you made the swirls. Am going to try that soon.

    Also your video quality is really nice and bright.

    Happy Diwali to both of you and your families.


  28. Hi Anuja & Hetal,
    I usally make 5 traditional Diwali sweets like ladoo,karanjia,shankerpale etc.I’m a chocolate lover,so this recipe really excited me.I haven’t tried it yet because I have a question.Is powdered sugar same as castor sugar?
    I really love your improved video.Audio & video is of better quality now.
    Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful yet easy & practical recipes.God bless you both.
    I wish you both & your families a very happy diwali
    Sincere fan,

  29. can we heat the mixture on slow heat in anonstickpan?the cmbination of milkpdr and cream seems to be agood substitute of khoya/mawa.HAPPY DIWALI!

        1. Hi Arti,
          Though we have never tried it but think it is possible to make this on the stove-top. Our suggestions would be to use a heavy bottomed pan and make sure you keep stirring it and please stay close it it!

  30. Hi

    lovely recipe…..cant wait to try it….


    n “HETAL WISHING U A HAPPY N PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR….. bahu badhi sweets khao…….dont worry abt diet…..lolz

    thanks for recipe
    niky patel

  31. hi hetal and anuja,

    thanks for the wonderful recepi. will surely try t out. wish you happy diwali for both of you and ur familes.


  32. and yes…i forgot to mention….i did try this recipe and believe me..its superbly delicious, yummy….when i quitely put the piece on my hubby’s dinner plate…he ate that and afterwards asked…hmm u mom sent this from india…..Di’nt she?….i was like…no i amde that…and i cant explain the expression on his face…..he was shocked…thanks to u both for that wonderful expression of appreciation on my hubby’s face…

    A very Happy Diwali and a Very prosperous new year to u both and ur families…

    God bless..


  33. U guys r amazing…i am posting this message for the first time but i am ur regular visitor….i am fan of this website…thanks very much..u r the savior for persons like me who knows nothing about cooking and yet can make the first class cuisines…

    keep posting,

  34. Hi Hetal and Anuja


    Fantastic receipe. Looks yummy, can’t waint to make them.


  35. Oh..God…i totally forgot to mention. The sound quality and the visual quality is awesome. 🙂 Definetly got to mention it. I really respect u since u take our suggestions seriously and work on it. Thats so sweet of u…

  36. Di,

    Ek aur doubt. my Microwave says input 1800 W and output as 1000 W..
    Its a whirpool micrwave..
    Is yours the same power?

    1. Hi Priya,

      Ours is 1.55 Kw. But we did mention what you should look for as an indication to see when it is done. It needs to fluff up and fold it or cave in. At that point, stop cooking.

      Hope that helps and Happy Diwali!

      1. Ya Anuja di…i noticed that when u stressed on the consitency. Just asked to get a easy way out.
        I will have to put a chair and see it 🙂
        Thanks didi for your lovely recipies……. they are totally awesome!!

        And happy diwali to u too!! Diwali ki hardik Shubh kamnayen. 🙂

  37. Hetal di,

    Can i make it without chocolate? I mean…just white burfi or add some food colour to make different colours ?
    Do u think it will taste good?


  38. Hi
    My mum loved your recipe and shes eager to try it out.
    She was just concerned about one thing which is:
    Instead of chocolate chips can you making chocolate (cooking chocolate) and break them into peices for the chocolate topping?
    Waiting for a speedy reply or my mum will burst with excitement

  39. Hi Hetal & Anuja,

    Yummy receipe! Can’t wait to make it however had one question, How do you solidify this burfi – just leave it at room temperature or do we have to refrigerate and then cut in desired shape?


    1. Hi Namrata,

      If you live in a cold place, it’ll solidify on the counter but we are always in a rush…so just put it in the frige for a couple of hours and it’s ready to cut!
      Happy Diwali!

  40. hi Hetal & Anuja
    yummy choclate burfi.Thanx for such a mouth wondering receipe for choclate lovers.thank u so much.

    Happy Diwali to both of u and ur family members.

  41. Dear Hetal & Anuja,
    Love your chocolate Burfi receipe. Thank you for such a easy & yaummy receipe.
    I would like to request a receipe for Kala Jamun, If possible.

    Thank you,
    Priti Patel

  42. This recipe looks absolutely wonderful. I was wondering what I can take to my cousins house after they gave me so much Diwali food, but I think this will be a wonderful gift for them.

    What size baking tray did you use? In the video it looks really small. Speaking of video, your videos recently seem much clearer visually…..good job.

    Thank and Happy Diwali to both of you and your families.

    1. Hi Pinal,

      We used a pan that was about 7″ X 9″ and it made about 25-30 average size pcs.

      Regarding the videos, we are so glad people are noticing that…thank you!

      As always, thanks for your support and we wish you and your family all the best for the season as well.
      Anuja & Hetal

    2. I made this burfi over the weekend and it was simply delicious. The burfi looked store bought and guests were amazed.

      Only thing I will say is that when making the first layer, burfi would not solidify so the chocolate layer went right thru the center. I would recommend that after your first layer is done, freeze it for a little while. You can warm up the remaining mixture and add the chocolate and cocoa powder once you’re ready for the second layer. After you’re done, I recommend putting it in the freeze for few hours for easier cutting.

      Over all, excellent recipe, great taste and presentation!

      1. Hi Maryam,

        Though we have never tried it, we think it is possible to make this on the stove-top. Our suggestions would be to use a heavy bottomed pan and make sure you keep stirring it and please stay close it it!

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