Spinach Paratha

Spinach Paratha is a perfect way to enjoy the goodness of spinach. This Indian recipe for unleavened flat bread is a little different from the traditional stuffed version of paratha. The kids will love the fun presentation and they won’t even have to know they’re eating a leafy green vegetable!

"Spinach Paratha"

Puri / Poori

Puris are such a treat to the eyes and to the taste buds. The sight of a well puffed up Puri excites everyone (not just kids). Some great combinations are ‘Aloo-Puri’, Chole-Puri’ or ‘Halwa-Puri’. It is made on special occasions from religious functions to weddings to birthdays. Enjoy this awesome South Asian unleavened bread that will take your breath away!

"Puri / Poori"

Pesarettu (Green Moong Dal Pancakes)

Submitted by: Vaishali Ingredients: 1 Cup whole green moong dal 1 green chilli 1 cm piece ginger 1/2 cup cilantro (coriander) A pinch of hing (asafoetida) Salt to taste Method: 1. Onions finely chopped to add over the pancake (optional) and keep aside for later. 2. Soak green moong dal for about 5 hrs or best overnight. 3. Grind with all the ingredients to a smooth dosa like batter with some water. 4. Make dosas/pancakes…

"Pesarettu (Green Moong Dal Pancakes)"