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There are a lot of people that just can’t handle eggs – be it the smell, allergies or just religious or moral preferences! It’s okay, we have this fabulous substitute that gives the recipe the lift and the lightness and pretty much replicates the properties and texture of an egg,
Use it for cakes, cookies, or in savory dishes, and you will not miss the egg at all. Infact, stay tuned and watch out for a Cookie Recipe coming up soon, where we use this Aquafaba.

1 can Garbanzo beans
1/4 tsp Cream of Tarter

1. Strain the liquid into a bowl.
2. Save the Garbanzo Beans for another dish.
3. In the Liquid, add the Cream of Tarter.
4. Use either a hand blender or a stand alone mixer and whip the Liquid till it gets to the stiffness and the consistency needed for your recipe.

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