0 thoughts on “Chinese Noodles How-to Video

  1. Hi good day to you all. can I use Basmati rice instead of noodles,with cooking in the same way with noodles..

    1. Hi Majid,

      Yes, you can…it will be like a fried rice. Be sure to cook the rice in advance and let it cool down completely (1 day old rice works best) before adding it in.

  2. Where can I the egg noodles from? Would you recommend any brand? I have tried so many noodles but none tastes like the ones you get in India….I think I have never tried egg noodles…I want to give it a try….please suggest where should I get them from and what brand or if you can point me to something on web, that be great…are these the instant egg noodles? I am confused.

    1. Hi Shalu,

      We get our Egg Noodles from our local Asian market. We don’t have the package anymore but I could make out the words “Noodle House” as the brand on the package in the video. They are not instant noodles but they do cook very fast.

  3. Hi Hetal & Anuja

    I really love all ur recipes as they r very easy n even a learner can try.
    Is it necessary to use sesame oil? Or can I use olive oil/ veg canola oil ? Will it make any difference to d taste? And also, a friend of mine told me that there is some special kadhai with thin base used for making noodles.I don’t want to buy one more kadhai just for noodles. Can I use regular aluminium or non stick kadhai ?

    1. Hi Anikita,
      You can use any oil, we showed Sesame Oil because it is more authentic but don’t go out and buy that just for this recipe.
      Regarding the Kadhai, it is called a “wok” and it is good but again, don’t buy just for 1 recipe and use any wok style of kadhai.

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