Vitamin C – Keep Greens Green!

Tired of seeing your beautiful green vegetables lose their vibrant color during the cooking process? Watch this week’s Tip Tuesday video and learn how to make Vitamin C work for you. It is not just for your colds anymore.

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38 thoughts on “Vitamin C – Keep Greens Green!

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  2. Hetal
    Can we use the citric acid powder instead of the vitamin C? It is readily available in powder form in the stores, but I have not used it.

    As always, your shows are great.

  3. Thanks for that tip. It would have been nice to see the difference in colour in the video actually. Cos I am reasonably happy with my green.. never thought much about it. But I have heard people say this often. Greens looking green sounds like the “mark of a good cook” for whatever that may be worth! ;D If you make some leafy vegetable in a future video and mention using Vit C, I will keep an eye out to check out the colour! 🙂 Cheers!

  4. i follow vahchef along with showmethecurry and i remember he had said that if u cook greens without cooking they stay green and had myself used the tip. It works. So 4 those who don’t want to use VitaminC, you can try this method.

  5. Vrunda,
    I have tried Tarla Dalal’s recipes, infact, I too have many of her recipe books.
    Anuja is absolutely right in saying that how different can indian cooking get. Take any recipe for that matter, there are slight twists to the same recipe. Try Sanjeev Kapoor, manjulaskitchen, vahrevah, or any other cooking site blogs, and u will not see much of a difference.
    Kudos to Hetal and Anuja for their recipes and the wonderful presentation, and step by step method of cooking.

  6. Hi Hetal and Anuja
    Thanks foreverything.
    How to use unused coconut milk after opening can? because if I freez it and use it no good.

    Please teach us how to make molagapodi please

    1. Hi Priti,
      It is best to use the whole can of coconut milk but if you do have some left and you are planning on using it over the next couple of days, transfer into another container and store in the fridge. We have frozen coconut milk a few times and it works out well for us. Just FYI: a few Indian stores carry coconut powder as well which is very good.

  7. Hi…

    I have small question. What is I want to make vegetable green in INDIA?? whr I can buy such king of Vitemin C ??? I know my question seems stupid. The reason behind such stupid question is one simple & straight question. “DO YOU HAVE ANY NATURAL WAY TO KEEP VEGETABLES GREEN, WHICH I CAN USE ANY WHERE” ????

    I would say anybody can copy from anywhere, In fact people can search it in their own way. Show us the variation rather just COPY-PASTE.

    1. When I was in India, I used to cut them and kept them in plastic containers wrapped in serviettes. Thanks. Overseas it is hard to get greens and that is why and since we do not have much choices we work hard to retain them. And people like Anuja and Hetal help us.

      1. This is reply to “Fan”. We will stop watching it bt first you stop watching other ppl’s comment. Actually you do not deserve to re-comment us. I am commenting to Hetal & Anuja , not to you. OR let me know IF you are Hetal or Anuja by name of “fan” .

        1. Hey Vrunda,

          Why are you being such a rude person to two people who do things in a simple and an time saving way?? don’t you feel about yourself..

          I generally do not write comments on web sites.. But reading your comment i honestly felt you deserve serious help.. if i talk back in your language i must say “a tight slap”!

          Go refresh your childhood manners your parents thought or whatever you learnt from school!!

          – Mini

    2. u definitely have a right to express your opinion but it might be nice if you could inject some politeness into it.

      also, even if it turns out that the recipes are similar to tarla dalal – the MAIN differenceS here seems to me are – Hetal and Anuja taking time to demonstrate the recipes to us and its FREE. At Tarla Dalal’s website I have not seen any videos and half the good recipes are only visible to PAYING members.

      Let us give credit where credit is due and if u r a Tarla Dalal Fan then thats fine that you are trying to find out if these are TD recipes but you do not have to be so offensive about this website.

      I have also followed TD’s recipes but sometimes it is hard without an actual demo here in the U.S. Some of us do not have our moms or even mom-in-law to guide us in the exact procedures.

      Let us be cordial to each other and to Hetal and Anuja for doing such a great job.

  8. hi hetal n anuja,
    hey thts a gud tip… n thts nt a medicine friends…
    its vit-C…like in d same way we people use citric acid n many powdered things tht comes into their originals jst after dissolving into d water…
    thnx once again SMTC…

  9. lol I was not talking about chapati…but anyways, I appreciate your answer. Like I said I was just curious, nothing else. I hope it didn’t come out in any offensive way cuz that was not the intention at all. I love this site and I really like both of yours work. Both of you are very professional.I know it takes a lot to maintain the website as well as both of you taking time out for videos and lot more the prep time before the videos. So just want to make it clear that I was just curious thats why I asked that question. Hope any of you didn’t take it other wise and there are no hard feelings….thanks a lot again for your time and work.

    1. Hi NP,
      No offense taken! We used Chapati as an extreme example and just to drive home a point.
      We are always humbled with the support we get from everyone and we try and answer all questions we can very honestly 🙂

      Cheers and we appreciate your support!

      1. I support to NP… Even I also found your receipe directly copy…With you own twist, sometimes it becomes horrible. I know many people don’t know the original taste, hence they would like it.

        In Fact, I am strongly believing that you both are not aware of original taste practically.

        1. Vrunda, please do not use such comments for the people who are doing such a great job. HAve you watched all their videos? They are bringing their mums’ experiences and if there is something in the recipe that needs changes (most of viewers ask for substitution or quantity) the tip comes from experienced ones. If they do not have published books that does not mean they do not their job.


    1. I agree. Even though it is vitamin C tablet, kind of sounds different as we generally do not use anything from medicine closet in the cooking.

      As above comment says, will lemon juice or tamarind juice do the same magic? Thanks

    1. Hi Namrata,
      You would have to use a LOT of lemon/lime juice and at that point it may become sour. You are better off leaving it out 🙂

  10. Hi,

    I just have a question?

    Why does most of all your recipe matches with Tarla Dalal’s recipe with little twist here and there? I am saying this cuz I have over 50 cook books of Tarla Dalal and I been watching your vedios too and seems like there is nothing different here…please don’t take this in offensive way, I am just little curious. Thanks all.

    1. Hi NP,

      Hmmm..interesting! If you have watched our videos, you would have noticed that when we borrow a recipe or get inspired by one, we always acknowledge the rightful owner. Could it be the fact that we are making Indian cuisine and that most of the techniques are similar? Honestly, how many different recipes can there be for Mung Daal or Chapatis? It’s the “twists” that make every recipe unique and special.

      1. Anuja is right. Most of the Indian dishes remain the same, however they are versatile.

        I didn’t know about this tip (and many more) and what matters is people like us are learning from it. It’s good they are taking time & effort and sharing these fantastic recipes n tips with us. Keep them coming ladies!

        Thanks Show me the curry!

      2. Being a loyal and delighted follower of SMTC, I have to jump in too. Hetal and Anuja demonstrate Indian classics with brilliant tips for success. Have you seen their recipe for Gulab Jaman? For years my Mom tried to show me how to do it and while I did get recipe down pat, I thought it was difficult. Hah! Hetal and Anuja make it look as easy as pie. In all recipes, their method works out all the logistical sequencing for you. That’s the SMTC difference! Adding a pinch of spice to your life!

      3. Hmm.. i would agree with Anuja .
        and also giving the recipe with instructions and ingredients is one thing and cooking it in real time is other..SMTC rocks..

    2. Hi NP

      I had been looking at Tarla Dalal’s recipe but they are not same. To name some, Paneer dishes, Pav bhaaji (I can only remember these) are very much different than hers. And of course SMC has suited best to North Indian palate. Not only northers but I have suggested SMC to my Gujarati friend as well and even she felt that SMC beats original taste.

      Please do not feel offended. Thanks.

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