26 thoughts on “Tip – Roasting Suji (Sooji)

  1. I absolutely adore your recipes and appreciate the way you demonstrate cooking techniques. Could you please provide some guidance on how to make homemade bread crumbs using raw bread purchased from the store? Thank you in advance for your assistance!

  2. Can you please also write the instruction in text along with the videos. Sometimes the videos do not work (specially if I am checking this from work or some other place). If there is a written version, at least it helps me for the time being…

  3. This tip is awesome!! I am a bachelor in the US and I survive on stuff like upma, poha… especially during weekends. It was always such a pain roasting the Suji. Required a lot of patience which I almost always ran out of and eventually burnt the Suji.

    This microwave tip makes sure I eat delicious upma every other Sunday. Thanks a ton!!


  4. hello ladies..

    thanks for sharing tis wonderful tip..
    but, do i have to roast it a bit again b4 makin upma,sheera etc.. or just directly use it??
    and after roasting n storing it in an air tight container, can i jst leave it outside on a rack rather thn refrigerating it..


    Deepal.. 🙂

    1. Hi Deepal,

      You can use the suji immediately — no need roast again. Just store it in an airtight container on your pantry shelf. If you really don’t use it that often, you can even store it in the refrigerator. Make sure it comes to room temp before using.

  5. Dear Ladies

    I love the time-saving tips you offer and also that you make a concerted effort to keep your recipes lower in fat and healthier than the originals. I am the Grammy of a sweet little girl born in Chennai who is now 8. She loves your recipes and so do I. I am teaching her some of the methods you use and letting her help by grating carrots and measuring and grinding spices so that she is learning how to prepare her beloved Indian food. Keep up the good work!

  6. Hello Hetel and Anuja,

    Thanks for this wonderful tip, very useful.

    Can you also tell me how to clean stove tops especially the grills, they tend to be sticky after cooking,how do I clean them. Please help.


    1. Currently, we only allow login to http://community.showmethecurry.com. So, if you are logged into the community, your information does not translate to the We apologize for the inconvenience.

      You will have to enter your name if you want it to show up in the comments section. Also, if you enter your email, it will not be public but you will get an email response when we answer your question.

    1. Hi Jackie,

      When you say you cannot open an of the tips, what exactly happens? What error message do you get? Are you able to open any of our other videos other than tips?


  7. Hi Hetal and Anuja,
    I luv ur recipes and luv the way u show to cook them.Can u plz guide me how to prepare bread crumbs from scratch.i mean from raw bread that we get from the store. Thanx in advance.

  8. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    This was the gr8 tip.. I specially tend to forget roasting sooji before hand and start hurrying when I need to prepare upma. now with this gr8 tip I can start chopping vegetables and simultaneously I can roast sooji in the microwave…Thanks a ton:-)


  9. Wow.. you definetly read our minds. I was wanting to ask u to show a video abt roasting sooji. I do it very often but still wanted to see the professionals do it.. 🙂
    Thanks a million..

  10. This one was an okay tip. Sorry…
    You guys didn’t mention about roasting on the stove on low to medium heat gives wonderful result instead of high heat. Also, you guys forgot to mention that people need to allow the sooji to cool down before storing it in a container.

    1. Hi R,

      That’s why we love our viewers…you guys always keep us on track 🙂

      Thanks for pointing out 2 very important facts about sooji.

  11. Hi

    Thanks for this excellent tip. I do the samething, but in a oven. Preheat oven to 200 degree F for 30 mins and switch it off. Now keep the store bought suji inside oven and leave it like that. You can take it out after 4 or 5 hrs. It doesn’t get burnt. And keeps the suji fresh and insectproof for almost 4 to 5 months. This is not only for suji, we can use any groceries, eg, toor dal, chana dal, moong etc.,
    During my visit to India, I get groceries from there, which likely to get sopiled here if we don’t use it immediately. If we keep in oven as mentioned above, we can save a lot of money and time. 🙂

  12. Hi,

    I like the tips you share. From the title I always feel Ahh I know this, but when watch the video everytime I learn something new, So thanks for sharing the tips,


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