Remove Microwave Odor – Household Tips

Microwaves tend to hold on to lots of odors. Watch this week’s tip video for a quick and easy way to remove those pesky food smells and deodorize your microwave!

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21 thoughts on “Remove Microwave Odor – Household Tips

  1. What are common smells in a house?
    If you notice bad smells in your house, you’ll have to sniff out the source in order to get rid of the stink.
    Kitchen. Stinky dishwasher. Garbage disposal. …
    Living Room. Stinky carpet. New furniture.
    Bedroom. Stale sheets. Smelly closet.
    Bathroom. Musty mildew.
    Laundry Room. Stinky front-load washer.
    Mud Room. Shoes and outerwear.

  2. Put a tablespoon of white vinegar in a microwave safe bowl with ½ cup of water. Microwave this for approximately 2 minutes and allow the door to stay shut for 15 minutes. The steam will allow any smell-causing particles stuck to the interior to be loosened and the vinegar will absorb any odors.

  3. The wet towel in the microwave for the egg odor did not work for me I still had that stinky smell in my microwave I guess burning a bag of popcorn will be my only solution I would rather smell that than stinky eggs thanks for the chance though.

  4. Hi,
    Can you please suggest which microwave is best for a family of three, keeping in mind that I am an Indian and would like to experiment with baking and cooking Indian dishes.
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Akansha,

      Unfortunately, our microwaves came with our homes so we did not really shop for one. You may want to ask the store clerk as they usually have a better idea about the brands that they carry in the shop.

  5. Hi i had been struggling with microwave odor since long, thank you so much this tip worked like a charm 🙂

  6. I’ve been doing this for years. It works especially well at the work place where people from all over the world heat their food and you’re not used to some of the smells.


  7. Hello Hetal and Anuja,

    I have a question about anodized cookware. Do you know how to keep them clean inside and outside with all the oil drippings. And clean the Karahi especially after deep frying few times the sides of the karahi becomes all hard oil build up which is so hard, that even if you scrape it won’t go and the cookware loose its coating. After making oily parathas the tawa is also hard to clean up because of those oil build up.

    Any suggestions to keep anodized, karahi and tawa clean…


    1. Hi here is a great tip to clean your anodized cookware. add some salt in your washing soap and scrub the vessels. or put salt generously into your scrubber and rub the vessels.

  8. Hello,

    I have a question about pooris. If this is not the right place to post the question, sorry about that.

    I want to know how to reheat pooris without losing their puffiness? I heard about wrapping them in a paper towel and reheating them in oven or microwave, but this procedure would make them flat. I want to make ahead around 30 pooris for a saturday party.

    Any suggestions?



    1. Unfortunately, pooris are best had hot and fresh off the stove. You can fry pooris and lay them on a paper towel lined baking pan but they will stay puffy for only few minutes. For a party, you may want to consider another type of bread unless you are able to fry them and serve them fresh.

      1. After asking your question to a few other people, we got one suggestion. You can try to lay the pooris on a baking tray in one layer and keep them in a warm oven. They may stay puffed for a longer time. Again, we have not tried this method so you may want to experiment before your party.

        1. Hi all..

          Nice to find so many tips and ideas in ur website..

          just a small suggestion for the puffiness of the puri…just mix 1-2 tsps of sugar in the puri flour and then do the normal procedure as u do for puris..they stay puffed for a pretty good long time..I do this at home…and surprise all..may be u guys can try it too..

  9. Hi Anuja and Hetal,
    I always look forward for your wonderful tips.. I want to ask a solution for bad odor in the refrigerator.. Hope to hear from your side..

    1. Hi Harsha,

      For the refrigerator and the freezer, get a couple of boxes of Baking Soda, open them a little on one side and keep them there. Baking Soda absorbs the different odors.

      1. Hi…Another suggestion…Just cut half a lemon and place it in the fridge or freezer wherever the odour has to go off…the odour just like that goes offf….

        Another suggestion for microwave a bowl add water and 2 tsps of vinegar , keep in microwave for 1 minute…smell shooos off…

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