0 thoughts on “Meat Cutting Tip

  1. Hi Hetal and Anuja,
    very nice work,Thank you,You both for sharing so many recipes and tips with us.I learn so much from you both.
    Thank again.

  2. Hi girls, I am having a real hard time finding a recipe for Dhodha burfee. I’ve looked everywhere on the web. Some sites say it’s a secret recipe.

    If you guys have this recipe, can you guys do a video or post it sometimes.

    Really appreciate your help.


  3. hetal ji,
    please post the recipe for undhiyo…i thought it was a main gujrati dish for the winters…im dying to see the recipe from you guys…

    keep up the good work…

  4. Hetal, can you pls show us how to cut the meat with bones…I knew the method for cutting boneless meat, i really mess-up cutting the ribs & bone meat. Pls show us…

  5. Very nice tip. Thanks, Hetal and Anuja for sharing so many recipes and tips with us. We all have learnt so much from you both. You both are naturals!

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