Kale Subzi – Indian Style Vegetarian Recipe

Kale has recently come to finally get it’s dues as a very healthy leafy vegetable. It is very high in fiber and low in calories, contains many vitamins. Kale is not associated with Indian cooking so it is great to be able to incorporate it in an Indian meal. This recipe is quick, easy, has lots of textures and you get to use every inch of it. Live happy and live healthy.

"Kale Subzi – Indian Style Vegetarian Recipe"

Winter Sheera Recipe – Home Remedy to build Immunity during the Winters

This simple quick and easy drink is perfect for the Winters and to tide you over the cold days. A typical “nanima-ke-nuske” (grandmother’s remedies) & I am here in Chicago right now and it is just perfect for this time of the year! All the ingredients for Winter Sheera have a lot of health benefits: Ghee – considered the liquid gold, Haldi/Turmeric – considered one of the healthiest spices, Besan – great for the winters…

"Winter Sheera Recipe – Home Remedy to build Immunity during the Winters"

Green Papaya Subzi – Vegetarian Recipe

Ever gone for groceries and been bored just looking at some of the vegetables? It’s okay, it happens to all of us, try this unripened Papaya Subzi or Curry and add a new and interesting dish to your usual dishes. The other good news is that Green Papayas are available all round the year and health-wise is great for you too, it is full of anti-oxidants, great for your digestion and immune system…enough reasons? Prep…

"Green Papaya Subzi – Vegetarian Recipe"

Pineapple (Anannas) Raita – Indian Vegetarian Yogurt Recipe

We love the trilogy of savory, a bit of sweet and a hint of spice in our foods and if you do too, this is spot on for you! The pineapple provides a beautiful sweetness and freshness to the usual raitas we end up making. Enjoy layers of flavors and tantalize your taste buds! Prep Time: 10 min Cook Time: 5 min Chill Time: 2 hours Serves: 4-8 Ingredients: Yogurt / Curds / Dahi –…

"Pineapple (Anannas) Raita – Indian Vegetarian Yogurt Recipe"