Fruits and Vegetable Summer Salad Recipe

In the middle of summer, we are always striving to eat cooler things, this Summer Salad is fresh, light on the stomach and very colorful. It’s a great salad to take-along for picnics, BBQs, cook-outs, pot-lucks or just a quick, healthy snack. Enjoy this salad by using the fruits that are in season and you will find that this is one dish that never gets old. Enjoy your summer and stay healthy.

Here is a list of some, or all, of the ingredients that can go into the salad:
Cabbage – chopped
Dried Apricots – soaked for 30 min in warm water and then chopped
Raisins – soaked
Figs – chopped
Apples – chopped
Banana – sliced
Seedless Grapes – halved or quartered
Tomatoes – chopped
Green Beans – blanched and cut
Cucumber – chopped
Pears – chopped
Peaches – chopped
Apricots – chopped
Mango (raw or ripe or both) – cut to cubes
Cashew – chopped
Walnuts – chopped
Pecans – chopped
Pistachios – chopped
Hazelnuts – chopped
Pine nuts – chopped or whole
Almonds – chopped
Salt – to taste
Sugar – to taste
Red Chilli Powder – to taste
Chaat Masala – to taste
Fresh Lime Juice


1. Add all or any of above ingredients in a mixing bowl.
2. Season according to taste.
3. Mix well.
4. Cover and chill for an hour and serve cold.

1. Bananas taste great in this salad but if you are adding it, the shelf-life of the salad is a lot shorter and it needs to be consumed quickly.

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0 thoughts on “Fruits and Vegetable Summer Salad Recipe

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the wonderful recipe. I prepared it excluding cabbage, me n my hubby liked it a lot. Thank you once again.

  2. Emily, if you’re still watching this show, it means you must be enjoying it thoroughly, just as we do. Otherwise, you would have stopped watching it after the lovely ‘marble cake’ video.
    We love Hetal and Anuja and enjoy watching their videos, I check this site everyday, though I’m an experienced cook I learn so much from them. I’m sure you do too, but you’re one of those who tries to be different. SMTC adds a pinch of spice to their recipes, you add lot spice to the comments.

    1. Hahaha… Ikr I add the best spice to the comments. Awwwee Thankss guys! 😀 And they’re just trying to mess up out classic American recipes. They need to do their curry crap, and not mess up our food.

  3. I would add honey instead of sugar and crushed black pepper instead of red chilli powder.
    But.. great recipe. Thanx.

      1. Hi Emily,

        If you don’t like the food, then why are you here? Nobody is forcing you to like it. There are many people who will like what you may not. Please don’t get race into this. This is website dedicated to good, healthy food. Millions are benefiting from the tasty dishes these two are painstakingly creating for us. Please don’t leave such crass comments here.

      2. I am glad you finally got that trash out of your system…I will explain to you what any adult or caretaker in your life has clearly failed to when you were a child. (BTW you remarks are pretty juvenile in nature so I have a hard time believing you are an adult). I am also going to use baby talk so you understand – you see people with good manners “never say YUCK to someone else’s YUM”. Hopefully that sentence was easy enough to understand. You don’t have to love each and every recipe a website puts up. But there is absolutely no reason to stoop to this level and leave repeated nasty remarks. What’s missing in your life that you felt the need to visit a site and spend time writing about something you didn’t even like? I wish you knowledge and empathy.

      3. You do know u r at the site of 2 Indian cooks right Ms. Emily? I question your intelligence on being here if u think our food is crap! Kindly take your insults else where! Nobody asked you to stay and watch these videos!

        1. Well, they’re trying to copy our types of food also. Marble Cake ain’t Indian, and they just ruin the whole recipe by not adding eggs, and make it with water. They should make their own “indian” food, and not steal our most traditional things and turn them into a piece of junk as I like to call it.

    1. I think you make a valid point Emily – chaat is a particular taste and not for everyone, especially those that have not developed a true Indian palate.

      That said, there are ways of expressing yourself that don’t cause offence to millions of people that do happen to enjoy chaat. The recipes on this site are diverse, and I’m sure you’ll find plenty here that does suit. Time spent browsing the site is more useful than annotating every single response to this recipe.

      1. Totally agree Milady! I am not too fond of chaat masala on my fruit either. But that’s the good part, no one’s put a gun to our heads and said we must make the recipe. And one can always be polite about the responses.

  4. Very different recipe! Looking forward to more healthy breakfast recipes.Also, can you please show us some basic soup recipes – tomato/broccoli etc? Thanks in advance. Keep up the good work.

  5. If it was not for your site, and I look forward to it, I would not cook so good, I follow and the recipes are always just right, stay healthy, and keep the wisdom from Pierrefonds, Quebec, Lily

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