Tea Rusk – Perfect for Dipping!

All of us have some nice warm memories of dipping rusks in our tea on rainy days and the satisfaction that goes along with that homely feeling, mmmm! Then wanting to recreate that ever so often and getting a sticker-shock at the store. Yes, it can get expensive! But, ever thought about making it at home? Well, we have the recipe, it’s so simple and easy and let’s not forget, so inexpensive!


Buttery Spread or Butter


1. Half the buns horizontally.
2. Spread a thin coat of butter or buttery spread on the inside.
3. Sprinkle some sugar over the butter.
4. Cut into strips.
5. Preheat the oven to 275 degrees Fahrenheit/ 135 degrees Centigrade.
6. Lay the Bun strips on the baking sheet, butter side up.
7. Place the tray in the oven and bake for 1 hour.
8. If there is more than one tray, 30 minutes into the cooking, swap the trays to ensure even cooking.
9. Allow them to cook till they well done and dry.
10. Once out of the oven, allow them to cool down to room temperature.
11. Store in an air-tight container.

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77 thoughts on “Tea Rusk – Perfect for Dipping!

  1. Hi, i’m nuts about DIY and have a hearty dislike of most things store bought. i feel this should work with homemade bread/buns. Going to try soon. i’ll be using organic wholewheat flour, honey and unrefined sea salt, topped with pastured butter to max the nutrition. I might even try soaking the dough and bake a sourdough bread, even more nutritious!! Hope it’ll be good without the tea, for the record, i’m not a tea/coffee drinker.
    To those who are, please be aware that non organic tea is very high in fluoride!!

  2. I made it the way you mention, and it turned out fine. However, I find that Hawaiian sweet rolls work great for me, because the rolls are already sweet. No need to add sugar on the top. I also do not butter my rolls since I don’t want butter in my tea ๐Ÿ™‚ I think about your show every time I dip my rusk in my tea and send you a silent thank you.
    I use the hamburger buns since they are shaped like biscotti/rusk.

  3. Thank you for an awesome and superquick recipe. However I have a quick question: the Rusk came out great but really under-sweetened.. I guess I used too little sugar. Is there a way to fix it now? can i put some more sugar and re-bake it?


    1. Hi Divyaa,

      I don’t think you can re-bake them. The sugar mixes with the butter and cooks into the bread. If you add it now, it will just sit on top and probably burn.

  4. Hi
    I tried this at home yesterday!I cant believe it is so easy and the taste is just the same as store bought or even better!
    Thank you so much for this post!

  5. hi hetal and anuja, i tried the recipe for the tea rusks,they turned out beautifully and soooo easy to make .my family just loved them especially my husband.any luck with the recipe for dried chikoo burfi r halwa?keep up the good work and look forward to your recipe e-mails

  6. Ladies,I love rusk and it is pretty expensive here in Indian grocery stores. This recipe is so simple. I just got a few packets of hamburger buns. These are fresh. So, would you suggest that I wait a few days before making rusk or can I start right away? Thank You

    1. Even before, you replied I went ahead and tried it out. I just could not wait! The rusks came out very well. Thank You for the wonderful recipe

  7. Hey Hetal,

    The rusk came out very delicious. I made the recipe out of Hot Dog wheat buns. You are simply great.. :}


  8. i made tea rusk from the italian baugette beacuse in our grocery store in uk bus are expensive and baugette are very cheap so tried oh they turned excellent smell delicioius with butter and sugar,same we get in india.love u both

    1. Hi Aditi,

      Honestly, we have never tried making rusk in the microwave. However, we do know that bread can be dehydrated in the microwave (for breadcrumbs, for example) so it may work. You can try it out on one or two buns and see if it comes out ok.

  9. hi hethal& anuja
    i watch ur site regularly GOOD JOB i live in canada my father coming from india he always take rusk daily morning with tea so ur thanx for help me to tell this reciepes what i just wany to know may i use margarine instead of butter.plz reply soon .one thing more plz one of from both of u use hindi to explain becoz sometime i cant understand what u saying or it will make wide cirle of your fans
    thanx both of u to spend time for us

      1. hello anuja
        thanx to reply me so quick sorry i have one more question i forgett yesterday i have pizza tray can i use it to toast rusk becaz ihave not baking tray at time plz tell me thank you so much

        1. I tried with wheat flour and it was not as spongy as focaccio bread.I believe something needs to added or omitted.Just thought of droping a line.

        2. Hello ladies ,

          I love all your recipes . My kids love to eat the rusk but I am always trying DIY. I started making ladi paw at home . Can these rusks be made from paw or home made breads ?

          1. Hi Kriti,
            Absolutely! Any kind of bread can be dried up and made into rusks. You will have to check on the cooking time as it will depend on how thin you slice the paos.

            If you have a great recipe for Ladi Pao, would you be willing to share with us…we are experimenting with it these days. If you are ok, please email it to us : showmethecurry@gmail.com.

            Thanks and Happy Cooking!

  10. First of all let me thank you both Anuja and Hetal for your help.I have made so many recipes and they turn out to well.If you know to make whole wheat bread please post it,no hurry though.Take your time.Yes you guys do add pinch of spice to people who watches or makes your recipes.God Bless.

  11. Hello Hetal and Anuja,
    Too good and very easy to make. First time when i made it i made only one tray and it’s gone in 1 hr and since then i made it couple of times. Thanks once again coz my daughter [8 years old] she loves it.

  12. hi dear Hetal/ Anuja,

    hope you both are doing well.
    we like many of your recipes, also this one. we tried & got good result.
    also we tried to give it slightly Italian flavor. repeated all same steps except adding pinch of italian herbs (seasoning) OR garlic powder and 2-3 drops of olive oil. turned out very tasty & one of favorite snack of my hubby.
    THANKS for this wonderful Idea…

    one request : i would be very thankful if you could post the recipe of dum aloo.

    regards & love
    Sadhana, Jeddah, KSA

    1. Hi Sandhya,

      Glad you and your husband enjoyed the rusk. We have a video for healthy Dum Aloo coming up this month so stay tuned!

  13. Hi hetal and Anuja,,,,
    today I tried rusk….it was amazing!!!!But just one thing that I bake it for 1 hr ..it was crispy but I didn’t get the same color as u have…so I put it on broil for 5 -7 minutes…and its all done!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much,

  14. You guys are doing great!!… excellent recipe. So easy, other recipes out on the net start off from scratch (flour, yeast, etc), which is scary!
    I love u’r site for its simplicity ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I tried these and they came out GREAT – be sure not to burn or it will ruin the entire batch. Next time I will try sprinkling a bit of powdered anise for even more flavor. Thanks for a wonderful recipe – you ladies ROCK!

    1. So I made these again (first batch ran out pretty quick), but this time I used Dinner rolls (big bag from Costco). You HAVE to try this – they came out just awesome, so much flavor (I did add a light sprinkle of anise powder). Held up better in the Chai too, since they are firmer than the hamburger buns. I could not stop eating…

  16. Hi Anuja and Hetal

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank Yoooooooooooooooou.

    Can’t wait to try them. My daughter loves her bun with milk. I am pretty sure she will love this one.

    You know i was waiting to ask you about how to make khari biscuit for tea. After seeing your rusk idea, I am wondering will it be possible to make kari biscuit with phyllo pastry sheets.

    Just take 3 or 4 sheets, spread butter and sprinkle with cummin. Cut them into desired stripes and put in the oven, same as the break 275 deg. What do u think ladies. Will it work?


    1. Hi Sujatha,

      My mom makes khari biscuits with Puff Pastry sheets. Phyllo sheets will probably be too thin and crispy. Pillsbury makes the Puff Pastry sheets and they are available in the freezer section where all the desserts are kept. Just follow the directions on the box for the baking time and temperature. You can even add the cumin and lightly roll it into the dough, cut them into strips and bake.

  17. Hi Hetal & Anuja,

    I looked this recipe..gr8 post..i have been watching ur videos from long time.. and to be frank i learnt cooking tasty food after following ur recipes..U both r doing gr8 job..
    In UK we get baps which are like buns only..i was wondering can use them for making rusk? I use those for Pav bhaji..

    1. Hi Seema,

      So glad to hear that you are finding ShowMeTheCurry useful! We have never used the baps buns you are referring to, but as long as they are plain bread with a little bit of thickness (more than sliced white bread), they should work just fine. If you are really unsure, you can experiment with just a few of them to see if it works before you try a whole batch.

      1. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

        I tried making tea rusk, I followed all your instructions carefully, they became crispy but not brown.I was wondering how you ppl got brown colour to them.Do I need to add anything else to get brown colour?

        1. The rusk will only get brown while the oven is on. If you turn the oven off before they get brown and then keep them inside, they will dry out and become crispy but will remain white.

  18. hi,
    your recipes&tips r really great.I tried lasagna and my family loved it.can u pls send me the recipe for homemade applepie.

    keep sending more recipes,the how-to video really makes it easy for us to try the recipes without worrying.

    Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. We use buns because of their thickness. As the bun dehydrates, the size becomes smaller. If you use regular thinly sliced bread, it may become too thin and then fall apart when you dip it into the tea. To answer your question, yes, even regular bread will work, but buns work (and taste) better.

  19. Is this the hamburger buns that you are showing? if not what is the name and where will you get these ? in indian store or in regular american grocery?

      1. Thanks Anuja. Yes I was watching with out the volume(at work) and so i was not sure what bun it is.
        I made this yesterday and everybody in my family loved it. Thank you so much for both of you. My daughter who is 11 year old told me that she is going to try this rusk with hot salsa.
        You both are very friendly and i am getting the reply right a way for my questions. Thanks a Lot!

  20. Hi,
    Thank you very much for this excellent recepi…
    i want to try out this…
    can u tell me where can i find the baking tray… and for which other veg. recepies i can use that?

    1. The baking Trays are available at most grocery stores or kitchen appliance store. In the US, they can be bought at Walmarts, Targets, Krogers, Bed Bath and Beyond etc.
      Hope that helps/

  21. Hi
    Anuja n Hetal
    How u both doing? must say your recepies n tips are very helpful and unique,Please give us some good tips in saving coupons of grocery and other ways ,as i recently came to know about the entertainment book 2009 i found lots of travel,hotel,attraction tickets,restaraunt coupons and if u have any better idea about coupons please share with us may be u can make a tip tuesday video on it.Eagerly waiting for ur tuesday tip.

  22. hi hetal and anuja,

    i would like to try this recepi out. as i was looking for it. as my husband needs tea rusk with tea everyday.

    thanks so much for the recepi.keep up the good work ladies.

  23. Excellent! I love these rusks. I will definitely make them. Thank you so much for such an easy recipe.

    For butter, do you recommend salted or unsalted butter?

    1. Hi Pinal,

      Really, any type of butter will do. The combination of a little bit of salt and a little bit of sugar is not such a bad thing. If however, you are sensitive to salt, you can use unsalted.

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