Glimpses Of India – Tea Factory

The process of making the tea leaves is always so fascinating for folks who enjoy their “cup of tea” in the mornings. The two areas that majority of tea is grown are Assam and Tamil Nadu (Cunnur / Coonoor). The simple looking factory situated in the beautiful rolling hills of tea plantations churns out amazing amounts of tea everyday. Here is a glimpse into the fascinating world of Tea making – a little noisy, a little dusty, but enjoy the process and understand from where your ‘cup of tea’ originated.

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0 thoughts on “Glimpses Of India – Tea Factory

  1. It was interesting. At the end the noise was a bit too much but good information. I did not know that tea was grown in the southern part of India too. Nice to learn.

  2. My experience when visiting England was that the best tea in the country is exported abroad. There were few places I visited that served really good tea in Tamil Nadu. I love all kinds of tea, so I was a little disappointed. However, the preparation at the factory looks perfectly good.

    1. My mistake. I should have said when visiting INDIA, not England, as much of the tea I drink was imported from India to Great Britain. My mistake. Sorry.

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