Ultimate Paneer Wrap Recipe

For all of you who have been waiting to try out our Multipurpose Marinade, here is the perfect Ultimate Paneer Wrap recipe. We recently had the opportunity to share this delicious recipe with the Tasted Channel on youtube for their “My Ultimate Sandwich” series. And if paneer is not your thing, feel free to marinate chicken for the Ultimate Chicken Wrap.

Prep Time: 10 minutes, plus 30 minutes marination time
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Makes approximately 6 wraps


Multipurpose Marinade – click here for recipe
Paneer – 14 oz, cut into 2 inch strips
Red/Green Bell Pepper – 1 each, sliced
Red Onion – 1 medium, sliced
Jalapeno – to taste (or optional), sliced
Oil – 2 Tbsp, divided (for sauteeing veggies and paneer)
Naan – 6 (tortilla or pita bread can be substituted)
Lettuce – shredded, for garnishing

For Dressing:
Cilantro – handful
Green Chilies – to taste
Lime Juice – to taste
Salt – to taste
Sour Cream – 1 cup
Grind first four ingredients to a smooth paste and mix with sour cream


1. Place Paneer in a zipper bag and add Multipurpose Marinade.
2. Mix thoroughly to coat the paneer and marinate in the fridge for at least half an hour (can be marinated overnight).
3. Heat 1 Tbsp Oil in a skillet or griddle.
4. Sautee Veggies until lightly caramelized, but still crisp. Do not overcook. Remove onto a plate and salt lightly.
5. Add 1 Tbsp Oil to the skillet and sautee marinated Paneer until caramelized on all sides.
6. To assemble wrap, heat a Naan on the skillet or over an open flame to soften.
7. Spread a generous amount of dressing on the Naan and top with Lettuce, sauteed Veggies and sauteed Paneer. More dressing can be added on top.
8. Fold the Naan and enjoy hot!

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0 thoughts on “Ultimate Paneer Wrap Recipe

  1. Hi Hetal,

    very nice recipe.
    Can i make the filling few hours before and just before serving reheat it in the microwave? Should it stored in the refrigerator?
    Thank´s for Answer.

  2. treat this as urgent as i have a party lined up. you did not get me.

    it was cooked right but i did not like the taste of the flat noodles.
    i asked one of my friends she told me buy rice noodles that are not very wide they do not taste good buy something else, so i was wondering whether vermecilli rice noodles have a good taste, i would totally count on you.
    first time the recipe failed cannot risk it second time thats why first try it then please tell me.

  3. Hi treat this as urgent please .yesterday i tried quesdillas for dinner very nice they turned out to be.

    but i tried flat rice noodles also which were awful.
    maybe i did not like the texture simly flat in texture they were. can u tell me how to prepare pad thai noodles please. do not mention items like lemon grass or lemon leaves please.

    1. Hi Richa,

      Usually, if you buy fresh flat noodles, they can be added directly to hot oil and stir fried. The dried ones need to reconstituted in hot water…usually the package will have instructions for that particular brand. Please note that they should not be cooked for a very long time. Some packages instruct you to simply soak them in boiling water for about 3-4 minutes, not actually boil them.

  4. OSM OSM OSM recipie… Thanks a bunch for this …two things I want to many more recipes like this do you know any place where I can find recipes for veggie wraps like this and second thing I want to know how do I do this in the stove ….. You guys rock

    1. Hi Shobana,

      You can use a skillet to sautee the paneer and veggies if you don’t have a griddle. They even sell griddles that sit on top of your stove.

  5. Hey Hetal,

    A quick question… Can I use Chappathi instead of Naan. Not the phulka type but slightly thick ones. We dont like Naan that much as its made out of Maida and its hard to get tortilla wraps here in India… so was wondering…
    Looking fwd to hear from you sooon and start to make my own wrap!!

    Good job!!!

    1. I Made thick chappathis and the wrap was WOW!!! It did not sog and was very very taste!!
      Thank you so much !!!!

    2. Hi Sanchitha,

      Yes, any kind of covering will work with this wrap recipe, provided that it holds up to the filling.

  6. Substitute low-fat Greek Yogurt for sour cream and whole wheat pita for naan. It’s healthier and you won’t sacrifice any flavor.

    Another amazing recipe.

  7. Good simple recipe, but where is Anuja, Hetal why are you not answering anyone on this BIG QUESTION.Has Anuja left the show???

    1. Hi Rupa,

      No, Anuja has not left the show. She was unavailable for this shoot that was done for the Tasted channel on youtube.

  8. really great recipe..will try this. This video does not seem to belong to SMTC. Was this for some tv channel? (like how you guys were featured on good morning texas? I miss Anuja..But seriously Hetal, you have a great screen presence.

    1. Thanks Sandhya! The video shoot was for the Tasted channel on youtube which is a joint venture by the Rodale/BermanBraun company. The production was similar to what you would see for TV shows so the end product looks really professional :).

  9. Has Anuja left the show, your ans was rather vague.Both of you did gell rather well.I hope she returns & both of you can start doing some new recipes.
    Good luck whatever…………

  10. Hi Hetal
    I want to make paneer roll,can i use this kind of marinate in shreded paneer?
    this roll looks yummy,can’t wait to try………

    1. Hi Devina,

      Yes, you can use this marinade with shredded paneer but keep in mind that it is very intense in flavor and you should probably use it sparingly. With the method we showed, the marinade has a chance to get cooked on the skillet or griddle and tone down the intensity. If you use it in a roll, the inside may not get as cooked and the flavor will be very strong.

    1. Hi Sri,

      This wrap will be fine for a lunch box if you send the dressing/sauce in a separate container and they can add it right before eating.

    1. Hi Milady,

      I was not always a vegetarian but decided to become one when I was really young. My reasons for being a vegetarian have nothing to do with anything religious/spiritual. I like to think of myself as a tolerant vegetarian, so even though I don’t eat meat, I don’t expect everyone else to adhere to my beliefs. Finally, my whole family, besides me, eats meat so I am always around non-veg food.

  11. Quick question for Hetal what kind of blender are u using on this video? I am looking for small blender that can make nice smooth paste like chutney. Can u help please. Thanks

    1. Hi Gira,

      My blender is a Sumeet. I got it from India a long time back so not sure if they make this model anymore. I know Premier makes a similar one with a small jar (as well as big jars) to grind smooth pastes and chutneys. You can find it online. The Vitamix is also a really great blender for making smooth chutneys/pastes, though is a bit pricey.

  12. Excellent video! Lovely background piece! Lovely Hetal! Missed Anuja..
    Plz keep it the same…with Anuja though!

  13. I love your website, and how you make the recipes so easy. I enjoy the recipes with video on your mailing list. Keep those wonderful recipes coming.

  14. Awesome recipe!!! Though must say that it’s never the same with either one of you missing!!! We’re so used to seeing both of you together!!!

  15. This video looks so fresh and it’s like showmethecurry revived!! with music and all (I haven’t been able to watch a video since a long time..so maybe i am the lat to notice…)

    Nevertheless…I loved the recipe…will try this different version soon…

  16. Nice receipe.

    Hope Anuja is feeling well. Never seen u doing videos alone so little worried about Anuja.


  17. Hi Hetal,
    Are you a vegetarian ?
    it just suprised me that you being a vegetarian you have come up with such yummy chicken recipes

  18. by chance – would parsley be able to be used at all instead of cilantro? i know totally different flavors but just wanted to get your thoughts. Not too keen on cilantro but love parsley! And thoughts on using tofu instead of paneer?

    1. Parsley has a very strong flavor in comparison to cilantro. You could probably use it, but I would definitely scale down the amount. You could use tofu but of course the taste and texture will be very different, even though it may look the same.

  19. I meant to watch just enough of the video to catch a glimpse of the finished sandwich which is usually shown at the very start, but this was so well-produced, I couldn’t help but watch the whole thing, darnit! Thank you for yet another excellent video. And for making me hungry well before lunch. Now what? ;o)

  20. Oh goodness- this looks absolutely scrumptious! I can’t wait to try this recipe!Thank you!
    Question- do you usually buy paneer from the store or make it yourself?
    Thanks again πŸ™‚

  21. Hi Hetal, watched your above recipe and already decided to make it for lunch. Very easy to follow and it’s presentation is a secret to all your recipes. Thanks..!

      1. πŸ™ you did great alone as well! Love watching you ladies. Great recipes:) best wishes to the both of you.

      2. Hi Hetal,

        Has Anuja relocated to India? I remember seeing her post in a group on Facebook. She had mentioned that it’s been a few months since she moved to Gurgaon. I hope the move is only temporary & she returns back to US soon!

        1. Aaaaaahhh my guess was right! Will miss you Anuja. Hope you are able to do many more episodes together!!

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