Spicy Gin and Tonic Recipe

During my trip to Los Angeles, I had the chance to film with fellow YouTuber Hilah Johnson from HilahCooking. She helped me make a Spicy Gin and Tonic…for those craving some pizazz to their cocktail! If you are interested in adult beginner recipes with simple ingredients, please check out her YouTube channel.

"Spicy Gin and Tonic Recipe"

Homemade Chai (Tea) Masala Recipe

Chai or Tea Masala is a combination of spices that can be ground, blended together and kept at home and used over a period of time. When made at home, we are ensured quality and it is definitely a money-saver. Just to clarify, the Tea Masala does not contain any tea, it’s a blend of spices that go into making the tea a lot better! Mix it with warm milk and give the kids anytime…

"Homemade Chai (Tea) Masala Recipe"

Twisted Bloody Mary Drink Recipe – Virgin or Spiked!

Jazz up your regular tomato juice and make it not just fancy but delicious as well – and top it up with a beautiful name. Gear up for the summer and load up with anti-oxidants 😉 Cheers! Warning: If you are consuming alcohol, be nice and drink responsibly. Prep Time: 5min Serves: 1 Ingredients: Tomato Juice – 1 can Tamarind Paste – 1 tsp Worcestershire Sauce – 1 tsp Chaat Masala – 1/2 tsp Tabasco…

"Twisted Bloody Mary Drink Recipe – Virgin or Spiked!"