Regenerating Drink

Submitted by:Mamtha

one cup yogurt
one handful mint leaves
half the quantity of coriander leaves
half the quantity of curry leaves
small piece of mango
small piece of ginger
2 green chillies
one cucumber


1. Add all these ingredients and add one cup water in the mixie and blend.
2. Strain and serve cold.

ShowMeTheCurry Notes:Mamtha, thanks for the recipe, it sounds great for the summer!

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0 thoughts on “Regenerating Drink

  1. This is a user submitted recipe so we are not too sure but we think it would taste good with either or the ripe or the raw mango.
    If you use the raw mango, the drink will have a sour and spicy flavor and if you use the ripe ones, sweet, sour and spicy! Both ways sound excellent. Let us know whick you try and your feedback!

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