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I had been watching the short trailers of ‘Gandhi, My Father’ in awe. There something about Gandhi that always catches my attention and something about the title- Gandhi, My Father….WOW! I just realized I knew nothing at all about his children. Trying to remember what I had learnt in my history classes (most of which I slept through) did not prove fruitful either. I finally turned to the almighty- the net, the Internet! No luck, not much there either….

Movie – Gandhi, My Father

Director – Feroz Abbas Khan

Producer – Anil Kapoor

Writers – Chandrulal Bhagubhai Dalal & Feroz Abbas Khan


Gandhi – Darshan Jariwala

Kasturba Gandhi – Shefali Shah

Harilal Gandhi – Akshaye Khanna

Gulab Gandhi – Bhumika Chawla

Right from the get go of the movie one is thrown into power-packed acting, with no unecessary dailouges and songs (it would be hard to digest watching Gandhiji and Kasturba running around trees!). We, all our lives, have put Gandhi on a pedestal (rightly so), but we all forgot and overlooked the fact that he was also a human being. Akshaye Khanna was a fantastic Harilal and manged to convey the emotions and the pain very well. Bhumika Chawla was good and held up her end of the deal well. But I am saving the best for last – Shefali as Kasturba was par excellent. As a wife/mother being torn between her husband and her son, she beautifully potrays the emotions, the pain, the sense of failure and the helplessness. She is the one that shines the brightest in the movie.

Gandhi, My Father is an absolute must see, wheather you are an Indian or not. The movie is not a history leasson about India’s freedom struggle as I had expected but about the relationship struggle between a father and a son and yet another reminder that we are all humans and not perfect (phew, Thank God, the pressure is off). 

Recommended Reading:

Harilal Gandhi, A Life

By Chandulal Bhagubhai Dalal 

Watch the preview:

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